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The joy of running daily builds

It seems like a daily question I’ve been answering lately when working on internal email discussion groups and folks report an issue, my initial response is: what build combination are you working on?  As a part of my job, I like to ensure the fastest resolution (or awareness depending on how you look at it) to issues that affect our product.  This involves staying on top of ‘latest bits’ as we call them.  Every morning I come in and install the latest Windows build as well as the latest Visual Studio build.  We have an automated Hyper-V environment...

Anatomy of a good bug report

I was searching my archives for sending something to my team this morning after looking at various bugs logged from customers, internal partner teams and ourselves.  I had an old post from 2005 but it unfortunately used a Shrinkster URL that appears not to be working.  So here’s the mail I sent to my team this morning.  This is purely my opinion but things that I think make a great bug report for fastest resolution: ------ As we triage and such I know that there are likely times that you are frustrated with not enough detail to even...

licensing changes in team foundation server 2008

wow, some great news from the tfs group... i'm not sure how this slipped my feeds, but must have been while i was out...at any rate, if you want to hear some good news on the team foundation server front.  i love it when companies listen. from bharry's blog (emphasis mine): We made one significant licensing change for TFS with the release of TFS 2008.  We've gotten a lot of feedback over the past 2 years that there are classes of users who make very light use of TFS and for those users a $500 CAL (list price) is just too...

guide to team development and team foundation server

the patterns and practices team released the final version of the TFS Guide, a guide to using team foundation server effectively in development environments. it includes: fundamentals source control builds large project considerations project management process templates reporting setting up/maintenance vs2008 tfs pretty cool, check...


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