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Tagged: August 2003 Blog Posts

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interesting article on clr stuff


sharepoint services sdk released to public

get it here



sometimes friends can be a-holes

yes, this means you todd...

jewel of a site

want a good deal on geek stuff...go here.

asp.net 1.1 hotfix

check it

create web parts using usercontrols

good article on how to use user controls as web parts... go here

are you kidding me?!

AZ Pipeline Fails Test so within all the hype and the idiots topping off their tanks with their $4 fill-up, causing the rest of us procrastonators who actually need gas to wait an hour in line at gold canyon because that was the closest place that had the gold that is petrol...now we have feds telling us what we can/can't buy? i had no idea it was regulated how much was allowed in, but that could be my ignorance...i don't pay attention too much to environmental issues...i just don't have time in between burning paint and throwing my car oil in the...

.text is great...use it

.Text has been released. Read about it here. [.Text]

sharepoint rtm!

so yesterday was a milestone for the office system 2003 team(s)...they rtm'd...for the lay folks, that means "release to manufacturing"...for the even more lay folks that means they are done and it will be about 30 days before you can get it.

what's up with blog?

so i've started keeping this blog...but what the heck is "blog"?a quick search on Google actually didn't turn up what i expected. i can't figure it out though, if it is a web-log, shouldn't it at least be called wlog?i'm sure there is a logical explanation for it, but then again, i don't really care...most of the way things get named ends up to be pretty stupid anyhow...and who am i to change mainstream? i guess if a harry potter word can make it in an official dictionary (go figure that...it really isn't even a word, so when...

great recap of .net langs

interested in knowing what language is best for you? http://msdn.microsoft.com/vstudio/productinfo/whitepapers/default.aspx#top

rss feed 1.3 released

a new version of my rss feed web part was released (v 1.3)...check it out...and add my feed

broke down, gone n dun it

okay, i broke down and started a blog...don't know what will be here though...


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