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Tagged: September 2003 Blog Posts

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doclib util release delayed

while still trying to work out some enhanced licensing capabilities for performance improvements, the release of the doclib utils 2.0 will be delayed....feature requests/feedback is welcome while this is still completing the “polishing” phase

rss feedreader 2.0 release

rss feedreader 2.0 (formerly rss feed web part 1.3) is now available. functionality included: installer for easier installation (must be a box admin and run on the machine) installer installs to all portals consume multiple rss feeds and display in web part implement caching (by the hours) -- default is 2 filter by number of past days to view preview headlines (if rss feed provided) this is a free web part and may be used commercially, granted it remains untouched. download it here


good article about @@identity and sql server http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/default.asp?url=/library/en-us/dnadonet/html/manidcrisis.asp

good news for telezapper


richest 40 under 40

wow, that's a lot of dough... http://www.fortune.com/fortune/40under40/richest

reality hits reality shows

Don’t have a reality show at your house. A Malibu couple learned that the hard way after they rented out their $4.5 million Malibu house to Warner Bros. for $45,000 so that “The Bachelor” could be filmed there. Kenneth and Marci Chyten returned to find their house in a “filthy, uninhabitable” condition, according to a $5 million lawsuit they have filed against Warner Bros., which is currently posted on TheSmokingGun.com. The Chytens are claiming there were holes in the walls, damage to irreplaceable limestone, a rodent and poisonous spider infestation, and the place littered with “cigarette butts, used matches, plastic bags,...

new asp.net server controls

some new server controls deployed with asp.net web matrix: http://msdn.microsoft.com/asp.net/default.aspx?pull=/library/en-us/dnaspp/html/ASPNet-NewSrvrCntrls-WebMatrix.asp

v2 web parts

informaiton about v2 web parts for windows sharepoint services

hurricane isabel

"The sea was angry that day my friend...like an old man sending soup back at a deli."-George Costanza

move over elwood

“Impress your friends with the Corvette LT-1 running gear that will peel your ears off at 145 miles per hour. Assist your fellow motorists with your service-issue push bars and floodlight. Say goodbye to high maintenance bills thanks to inexpensive, readily available, quick-change parts.” you too can live like a blues brother...find out how

scott mcnealy, take a seat

for some reason i find myself watching the recent webcast from sun with scott mcnealy as the keynote...he really shouldn't be speaking...or at least should spit out the marbles in his mouth, have a drink of water, and seem proud about his company... i'm not saying bill gates is the tony robbins of software, but at least he is proud of his company, and hires good writers to make a geek doing comedy “less geeky” -- oh yeah, the java desktop system -- good luck with that effort...

zwan iz zover

“I'm sort of out of the period of my life when I run around trying to generate news.”-Billy Corganread about it

i'm selling portions of saturn's rings too...


setting new icon property

ever wonder how to change the “new” icon duration in sps?  well, in sps2003, there is this command: stsadm.exe -o setproperty -propertyname days-to-show-new-icon -propertyvalue <your-day-desire>

despised worldwide

david blaine strikes again...but so do the onlookers...

happy birthday google

making “google” a household word...happy b-day google.

lamo warrant issued

'I have always said that actions have consequences, and this is something that I was always aware might happen.'-- Adrian Lamo


ever put a global exception handler and notice that your logs hit a page that you cannot find? maybe get_asp_ver.aspx?  go here for a possible explanation...http://bluebones.net/news/default.asp?action=view_story&story_id=50

web part components

a bunch (well, okay a few) of new web parts/templates/etc were posted to the sharepoint web part component gallery...the sharepoint admin explorer looks strikingly familiar...


if you saw the “legends of .net” -- you'll like this one.

ever have friends with parents like this?

pennysylvania mom “helps” her son out after failed birthday party


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