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PDC Bloggers using SharePoint? Get the RSS WebPart!

if you are using sharepoint (either portal server or just the windows sharepoint services) and want to list some news feeds on your sites...check out my rss feed web part for windows sharepoint services. i wrote a little web part that lists rss feeds in a single web part view.  some features included: cached results to avoid continuous http requests (configurable duration), proxy server support (except for user auth proxies), description preview, date sorting, etc. check it out and let me know what you think...given the whidbey stuff, this should work in asp.net whidbey as well! download it here

get involved in whidbey discussions

need more asp.net whidbey info...go to the forums (soon to fill up fast)

sharepoint sdk download

has finally arrived in downloadable format... Microsoft sharepoint Products and Technologies SDK

microsoft pdc.

I'm here with others at the PDC and thought I'd send a message: WOW. In all seriousness, I was blown away by a few demos in the keynote as well as completely blown away by Scott Guthrie's "overview" of ASP.NET Whidbey...which was much more than an overview. For those actually in AZ and who couldn't attend the PDC, the next meeting will include Russ and myself (haven't seen Russ here yet though) discussing the new Whidbey stuff.  I'm going to try to reproduce ScottGu's discussions on the overview, new tips/tricks, and new caching information...things I felt were golden.  Mark your calendars. To clarify...

got guid?

i must have been the only one that didn't know this, but if you didn't, then here's a handy feature of VS.NET 2003... ever need to attribute your assemblies with a guid and needed a quick method of generation?  go to the tools menu and choose the create guid function... i can't believe i've never seen that before...oh well, anyhow if you didn't know about it, it is realy handy.

clock web part

clockwp - a vector dhtml clock web part for sharepoint download the vmlclock today.

messenger 6.1 released

msn messenger 6.1 released... download it

slideshow web part

jason noble has a new web part out...a slideshow web part that lets you view items from galleries on your site and galleries form other sites as well...you should check it out. UPDATE: A reader points out that unfortunately these links are no longer valid.  I do not know where to obtain this web part, but you may want to look at some of the Silverlight-based slide shows that may be able to integrate into Sharepoint.

official ms office system launch

watch the launch here...http://www.microsoft.com/Office/launch/billgates.mspx

gates gets a little personal

some interesting comments about the future of the industry...and how many times gates does the dishes...http://www.msnbc.com/news/767146.asp#031016

how to not get sued by the riaa

(1) http://www.eff.org/IP/P2P/howto-notgetsued.php (2) don't post articles on how not to get sued... ;-)

file explosion with .net 1.1 and sharepoint

urgent: thanks to bert for sending this to me... for those using sharepoint 2003 or windows sharepoint services alone: http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=824629

quality, inexpensive SSL

need an ssl certificate?  want it to support just as much as thawte/verisign? check out www.instantssl.com for options....$49?!?!!?!? you can't lose...and unlike thawte's free email certificates, these are truly free, with your name in it instead of the “thawte freemail member” tag. -th

alternative .net ide also free?

check it out...www.xmlrad.com

so what is "5 nines"?

a recent isp issued caused me to remember just exactly what “uptime” means...here's a little taste: guarantee % allowable downtime annually 99.9999 holy crap < 1 minute (six sigma) 99.999 5.2 minutes (famous "5 nines") 99.99 52.5 minutes 99.9 525.6 minutes (8.76 hours) 99 5256 minutes (87.6 hours) if you are "lucky" to have a provider giving you a 90% guarantee, congrats, you could be down for an acceptable 36.5 days per year

changes in ie to affect flash and activex

if you develop sites that leverage activex (yes, that includes the flash movie player) or some variations of java applets, you should know that microsoft is making changes soon on how ie deals with them. plan ahead and take a look now. since macromedia flash is a popular one, they have also updated their faq on the issue. wonder why this is happening...isn't litigation great?

favorable .net faq

after reading SNIMTA's faq about there software, i found these quotes amusing: Q. Do I really have to install Microsoft's .NET framework?A. Yes. Quit snivelling, or purchase the source and port it back to whatever neolithic pre-.NET environment you want. Q. How do I change the "SNIMTA_SPAM" subject tag to something else?A. Purchase the source and do it yourself.  (Or turn off WussMode, you pansy!)  tell it like it is SNIMTA...

feed demon

just found out about feed demon...this one is great and has an awesome user interface...check it out

web based rss reader

a cool little web app for reading rss feeds... check out www.myblogroll.com

doclib utils 2.0 released

the doclib utils 2.0 web parts for windows sharepoint services have been released. these web parts provide some utility value for document libraries, providing a list of pending approvals and checked-out documents across all document libraries within the site the web part is placed on. this web part if provided as shareware, please read provided license agreement. you may download them from here.

complete web part (.dwp) properties

ever wonder what properties can be set on a .dwp file? take a look at this download and see all the possibilities.

good article on vss and vs.net

good article on setting up multi-project solutions in vss...on msdn

free sharepoint book chapters!

Looking for a start on customizing/developing sharepoint solutions.  Supplemental chapters in a recent book are FREE.  That's right, download the supplemental chapters from this book and several of the sections (mostly the latter) reference sharepoint development and are a good tutorial. The book is Programming Microsoft® Outlook® and Microsoft Exchange 2003, Third Edition" from Thomas Rizzo

sharepoint account lockout?

If your account being utilized for your search/index crawl jobs keeps getting "locked out" of Active Directory, check your SPS proxy server settings.  If you utilize a proxy server, set your proxy server settings in your form to "Do not use proxy server" even if you have one.  As of 07 OCT 2003, Windows sharepoint Services contains a flaw in the proxy/search configuration where the stored credentials get mangled which could result in a lockout of the account.

build your own segwey

want to own a segwey but don't want to spend the dough?  build your own

tasting their own medicine

chris sells wrote about this regarding telemarketers and i had to mention it as well...great, great stuff for the consumers to laugh about!

undoubtedly the best new show on tv

"If I hear 'animal' and 'rights' in the same sentence, 20 of something is going to die."-Ted Nugent you have to check ted nugent's new show...it is great.  the best part about this show is the animal rights activist living on ted nugent's farm...great stuff.

it's official, godaddy rocks!

check this out...$9 for domain registration and dns control included...holy crap what a deal! Change of Registration Parked Page Domain Locking Status Alerts New! Forwarding / Masking New! "For Sale" Page New! Total DNS Control New! 100 Email Forwards and they are a local company...what are you waiting for...start using them!!!

running win2k3 and need some fixes?

post rtm fixes are here

wireless g brings b prices down

802.11b component prices are dropping...but according to some people But unless you are geeky enough to connect your VCR to your computer, or plan to set up some kind of automated nightly backup of all your PCs to a central home server, g is really overkill, Yunker said. “In most circumstances, consumers don’t even max out b,” he said. and i agree...wireless for the average home users wouldn't be imacted and would never notice their email made it to their laptop nanoseconds faster...so pick up the cheap equipment now...

ms steps up shield technology

look for something soon from ms and/or partners to help aide those in managing more secure systems...news here

vml clock web part

want to put a clock on your sharepoint pages?  how about a VML clock for starters? download it here


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