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flight attendants, bags o' pretzels, and ear infections

traveling?  if you are using america west airlines, bring your food...apparently earlier this year (i didn't pay attention), they eliminated all main cabin food service (not that it was the greatest, but hey it was something)...which would have been a nice item to know before hoping on a flight from arizona to new york over the holidays. and for those who look at kids on the plane who are screaming...hey, the parents can't help it...yes, this was the case for me this holiday...two solid hours of blood curdling screams from the 1 year old...with staring/glaring eyes from everyone...listen up people...the kid...

run your own geek business?

erik sink gives some thoughts... finance for geeks

blog vs. newsgroup

so i consider myself a geek...let's get that out in the open (which explains the reason for the random thought that will follow). i was reading the blog of scott watermasysk and came across this post regarding CommentRSS.  it was prompted from him reading a post about comments on blogs and how it becomes increasingly difficult to “keep up” with the conversation: “One items (among many others) that came up is it is sometimes hard to keep up with secondary discussions (ie, comments) via blogs. Agreed. One thing .Text and a couple other blog tools now support is CommentRSS.” [scottwater.com/blog] another interesting point...

c# whidbey preview

here's a doc outlining some of the new technologies in c# whidbey... a preview of visual c# and c# whidbey (word doc)

asp.net process thread information

just released article about asp.net process identity/thread “stuff”. http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?familyid=040224de-3980-4683-8ebf-71030e4954cd&displaylang=en

web parts in development

i get a few emails about some asking what other web parts i may have...here's what i'm working on: “document library explorer“ aka “doclib explorer“: this is going to be a windows explorer like view for all document libraries (security integrated) within a site.  at first pass it will support wss only and not sharepoint root sites (maybe).  some functionality will include showing the pending/rejected documents for those who have permissions, as well as showing which ones are checked out “pop3 explorer“: this is a simple utility tool...not meant to be a pop3 client at all.  i've been working on this one...

feedreader 2.1 release

i've been working on minor enhancements/changes to feedreader and 2.1 is tentatively scheduled to include the following: pre-authenticating user request to allow user authenticated proxy servers moving the proxy server and cache settings to shared web part properties only this is so that each user would not be required to change (or be able to) this information for more granular control over performance changing the feed url listing in the toolpart to use newlines instead of separating each url by a “;“ character (note: some url's have a semicolon as a legitimate character) adding the ability for the description to only display N number of...

iis6 anonymous password sync

wondered where the “allow iis to manage password” feature went for anonymous access on windows 2003 server machines? here's an article about iis authentication and sub-authentication that may be helpful.

are you not using stored procs

sorry for the crosspost if you read rob's blog, but this is a good one...worth repeating. don't use stored procedures yet...?

new ie6 patch can cause new flaws

a recent eweek article points to a possible new flaw in a recent ie6 patch from ms.  if you are a designer and especially utilize dhtml/javascript functions, you should be reading this article. [Source: Nick Bradbury]

a hefty penalty...even for ms

patent infrigment ruling against ms...ouch

az.net user group meeting

for those in az, i'm presenting at the .net user group tomorrow night...an overview of asp.net whidbey. www.azdnug.com

one of those days...

so for the past three days my entire family has been sick...no flu symptoms (thank goodness), but enough of all the good stuff you can read about on a nyquil bottle.  this included my 1 year old daughter, and as new parents you could imagine the paranoia setting in my wife every time the little one caughs through the monitor... i got up the nerve to go to my client's site today as there just were some things that could not be done through vpn (thank heavens for vpn).  earlier in the week, one server crashed...hardware failure...a flicker of the windows...

wss sdk download avail

not sure if this is a repost for microsoft or not, but it showed up as a new download today... windows sharepoint services sdk

sharepoint microsoft operations manager guides avail

using mom? -- get the sharepoint management guide...

longhorn bits avail for download

...on msdn download site for msdn subscribers only...

sql best practices analyzer

ever want to automate your best practices auditing?  now you can with sql server as well with this tool.  it is in beta mode and i have not used it to speak to the validity, but it looks like it acts similar to fxcop where you set rules to check against.

great resource for windows port usage

just posted on ms download site...a list of ports used by windows...

new google technology

if you're a fan of google, and have the google toolbar, you may want to also check out the newly released google deskbar...

list of locale ids

responding to a post in a newsgroup, i thought this also might be helpful for others developing localized applications (if you didn't know the codes already) http://www.microsoft.com/globaldev/reference/lcid-all.mspx

got.net got.rss

the gotdotnet team has a new rss feed for new resources...(didn't seem to be working as of 06NOV2003-11:39AM MST) http://gotdotnet.com/community/resources/rss.aspx

sharepoint team has gotdotnet

after a month of 'it will be up in a week or so' notices ;-)  the sharepoint team has their gotdotnet space...check it out.

great examples on web part concepts

check out this site...good examples on building web parts and using user controls as well...this has also been posted on msdn previously...thanks to robert k for pointing me to this...


i finally broke down and purchased tivo.  glad i did. if you don't have a dvr yet, get one.  i debated about the windows xp media center edition, but to me, a “real” pc just doesn't seem like the form factor for a home theater component...i could imagine myself getting mad staring at my tv and a clunky pc looking hardware somewhere nearby making fan noises...aside from that the cost of a “media center pc” was prohibitive.  yeah, i could've used the msdn version of media center edition...but that would violate the license agreement now wouldn't it ;-) i took a look...

need your wss site available on the internet?

check out this recent article/whitepaper...download it here

update on whidbey/wss web part compat

from the pdc: Web Parts for WSS/SPS today will work in WSS/SPS tomorrow Web Parts for Whidbey tomorrow will work in the next releases of WSS/SPS Web Parts for Whidbey tomorrow will also work in the current releases of WSS/SPS after an update is released

pdc sessions feed

subscribe to the pdc sessions feed to get a listing of the presentations...

why developing web parts now is a good thing...

after getting back from PDC last week, i can tell you that sharepoint developers implementing web parts now is a *good* thing.  after seeing whidbey at pdc, an interesting roadmap emerged with regard to web parts, asp.net 2.0 (whidbey) and windows sharepoint services.  web parts is a core technology in the next version of the asp.net framework...providing a “portal framework” technology. good news: all web parts currently developed for wss will continue to work under this framework! better news: web parts developed under whidbey will work in wss!* there is a slide deck presentation from pdc that you can download...i encourage all to...

never thought i'd see this again...

napster is back...and i never thought i'd see it promoted on microsoft's site!


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