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Tagged: January 2004 Blog Posts

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sharepoint mvp

just got word i received mvp award for sharepoint technologies! sweet...thanks to those that nominated me...i appreciate it!

register now for devdays 2004

register now for microsoft devdays 2004!  devdays are local single-day conferences that are held nationwide during one week and all about the same topics.  this year promises to be a good one with topics on application security in web applications and using smart clients for new platform development.  sign up now and reserve the date in your area! register for devdays 2004!

msn toolbar

msn released a google-like ie toolbar for use ... just wish it had google search ;-) msn toolbar

sir gates...er..um...bill gates kbe

gates receives honorary knighthood...too bad he isn't a british citizen: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/4057742/

new project server utilities

i just came across the news today that there are a bunch of new project server 2003 utility tools and new/updated documentation.  for those using project server, these might be of interest to you... you can view a list of them in date order by viewing the project server recent downloads on microsoft's download site.

serge keeps an eye on sps documentation

good information about the ever changing (in a good way) documentation or sharepoint...keep this link handy blog: serge van den oever

a much needed viewer

ever had to put a visio image into a word doc so your clients could read it? not any more: finally, the visio viewer! send this link to your clients that don't have visio!!!

smartphone and dell axim

i'm selling a smartphone and dell axim5 pocketpc if anyone is interested (us only please)...they are listed on ebay right now...

firstrain web part composer

i came across this while catching up on some emails...the firstrain web part composer for sharepoint.  i know nothing about it and have not looked at the evaluation yet, but it sounds like an interesting concept to some relatively quick web part building for content aggregation...again, i could be wrong. at any rate, i thought i'd post it here for those that haven't seen it yet...go check it out and let us know how it works firstrain web part composer

thanks to ms for the mvp!

just got word today that i was awarded a microsoft mvp for community involvement with asp.net technologies.  i'm honored by this distinction and hope that i can continue my contributions...and reap the benefits! in case you don't know about the mvp program (i'll be honest, i don't know too much about it either), you can read more at http://www.microsoft.com/mvp

the best damn show on tv

go ahead and make fun of me, i don't care. i hate reality tv shows...except for one -- american idol.  but before you make fun, i don't even like the ending shows when it actually gets to a competition... ...but after watching the premier of the auditions -- hands down, the best show...those people are idiots. contestant: “with god by my side i tried my best”simon: “well, he took the day off.”

onenote ifilter for sps

a new kb article emerged with a simple change to make the sps indexer, etc. gather your onenote documents as well...if you use onenote for meeting note-taking, etc., this may be a good one to implement. implement onenote ifilter for sharepoint

sharepoint workflow aide

anyone looking for sharepoint workflow tools should take a gander at K2.NET and their offering. i saw an early version of this while they were still developing it and it looked awesome.  it has a workflow designer tool (similar to biztalk orchestration tools) that allows for gui design of the workflow and the integration is pretty good... so if you are looking for an easy solution or an easy solution to help you develop your own workflow, check out K2.NET

good comparison of features for wss vs. sps

looking for a “what does sps have that wss doesn't” and vice versa? go here for a comparison

clickonce for winforms

if you are a .net winforms dev person, this stuff is cool...very cool. check out the video: clickonce media on demand for msdntv

new sharepoint kb articles of note

KB830326 - manually remove sps 2003KB830424 - considerations for anonymous access


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