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Tagged: February 2004 Blog Posts

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sharepoint/project server add-ons

check out www.lmrsolutions.com for some enhanced tools for sharepoint workflow and project server enhancements.

feedreader 3.0

i've just posted the latest version of feedreader to my site for download.  there are some things you should know: there is no compatability between any prior version.  yes this sucks, and i'm kinda mad about it myself, but hey, it's free.  there are good reasons for this break in compat, so deal with it ;-) new syndication library with broader support for feeds (and improved performance) international language support (yeah, special characters! --vi kanne se våre omgangsspråk nå!) removed the branding/copyright from the initial user view (moved to toolpane...hey, it's still free) changed option on how to filter feeds (can...

caller id for email

check out the proposed specifications for “caller id for email”: caller-id for email

workspace treeview and other stuff

as some of you may recall...i had a web part which was the first navigational web part developed by a third party.  since then several others have come out with varying results and features.  i was quite disappointed that i couldn't distribute my enhanced navigational component, but for various reasons i simply couldn't.  i've had a version that has been “laying in wait” since september of last year (see screenshot below).  i also have been holding onto (and already talked about it) a document library explorer...just been procrastonating in releasing! one thing that most have neglected in the navigational components have...

weird rss links needed

i've been doing some testing lately, but was hoping others could help me out... if you know of “odd” rss feeds (foreign languages with special characters, old rss formats, etc.) can you send them to me?  using the contact form or a direct email would be fine. i appreciate it.

need to explain ms collaboration to your peers?

here's a decent article helping to sort out the technologies microsoft has (and had) regarding collaboration: sorting out microsoft's collaboration technologies

stsadm.exe gui helper

sick of remembering all the parameters for stsadm.exe? i just checked the ms webpart library and found the stsadm gui tool

excel/spreadsheet error in wss

a recent kbarticle (kb835162) outlines the reason for receiving the “incompatible spreadsheet format“ message when using the import from spreadsheet function in lists. a few of my clients have seen this, so in case you are experiencing it, here is some reasoning.

another sharepoint explorer

RobertK pointed me to another sharepoint explorer utility here.  he also pointed out the fact i'm lacking in my sharepoint posts...(thanks ;-))... well, truth be known, i am not currently working on a sharepoint project at this time (other than continuing to fine tune my web parts and create new ones), but rather on some new whidbey stuff and also trying to fine tune my poker skills ;-)! in addition to that, i'm preparing to speak at devdays in phoenix coming up...cool thing is, since it is national, ms prepares all speakers so the same message is being sent across the nation...last...

ensuring sps capacity planning

a decent article on sharepoint planning/capacity


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