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solitaire, the killer app

while messing with virtual pc for some testing, i came across truly the killer app (bug free)...throughout modern times it remains unscathed remember: solitaire, circa Windows 3.11 solitaire, current day (Windows XP) remember the days when you could shutdown windows from the file menu...

sputility class library

if you haven't seen/used the sputility class before, you might want to take a look at some useful, built in functions that may come in handy from time to time...here are some highlights:ChangeAccountPasswordCreateDateTimeFromSqlStringEnsureSiteAdminAccessGetAllAuthenticatedUsersGetFullNameFromLoginGetNTFullNameandEmailfromLoginGuessLoginNameFromEmailMapToIconSendEmailSendRequestAccessToOwnersome good stuff...

sharepoint templates - ghosting

well, i'm pretty swamped and haven't had an opportunity to finish my template 101 whitepaper.  i came across new uploads on the gotdotnet sharepoint samples and found a presentation from mikefitz regarding site definitions. as some of you may know (what i was writing in my little whitepaper) is that frontpage editing breaks the ghosting of your template...here's an excerpt from the presentation (forgive the copy/paste formatting).  check out the presentation and other stuff on the gotdotnet sharepoint space Pages and list schema are read from the site definition files and cached at IIS process startup Page source is on the...


i came across this webdeploy tool today by author matt hawley and thought it was a nice addition to a toolbox.  while waiting for whidbey that will have some better integrated deployment tools (ftp sync, etc.), this seems like a good start.  set up a profile for your project and run with it...


i thought i'd have more to say about the devdays conference.  unfortunately (for me at least) it was lacking “developer” content.  yes, securing applications is important, but developers want to see new things, hear about what is the cutting edge.  not enough time was spent on whidbey or other core dev skills.  it was unfortunate that the whidbey demos that did occur in the final keynote were not working...i wanted to see the reaction of those in the audience to what is coming down the stream... the smart client track received a lot more attention than i expected...i guess i underestimated...


well, i just finished my presentation on “defenses and countermeasures” at devdays...i wish i was a better public speaker to get people more enthused about boring topics. i think it went “okay” but i got tripped up on a couple things and didn't know the answer to a few questions...but the best thing i did was be honest about that...if you don't know, don't pretend. i'm looking forward to the final keynote to see how people react to any news about whidbey...


well after a long night of regretting procrastination, i'm prepared for my presentation at the phoenix devdays. i have to say that i think the theme of the conference should have been “where's whidbey” [insert picture of whidbey island in red and white striped shirt here -- ala where's waldo] -- very little will be discussed about the new dev tools for developers at a developer conference. the focus of the presentation agenda is security...a good thing for us all, but it would be nice to tickle the developers with the “cool” stuff.  hopefully some discussion in the presentations will generate more...

sharepoint backup tools

while corresponding with a client regarding backup/restore woes, i came across this tool: http://www.nse.com/SPManagerEE.asp i don't know anything about it, but the description sounded nice.

being john malkovich

i'm a huge john cusak film fan (i want my two dollars!!!) but have never sat down and watched being john malkovich (guess i'm not that huge a fan then)...but it was on television today. i don't think his best work, but a good film nonetheless...you've gotta give credit to a film where the flashback scene is from the mind of a chimpanzee

i'm increasing becoming less of a dell supporter

i have yet to have a positive experience with dell customer support recently.  last year i bought a new laptop and had a question about my screen resolution only having certain options (at the time i thought i had the upgraded video adapter).  after several email exchanges with dell support (remember, i just had a question), the “resolution” (all i was looking for was an answer) was “we are sorry you are having the problem” [what problem?] “please re-install your operating system” -- are you kidding me?  that was the “solution” to my question? more recently, i decided i was going...

another rss reader...but integrated with ie

i just came across the pluck rss reader...installing now, but looked like a good reader alternative for those spending time in ie a lot.

whidbey/yukon delayed

cnet reporting: yukon/whidbey delayed until 2005

hooray for mikew...

kudos to mikew for pointing this out to everyone...i've explained this to numerous clients time and again, and for some reason it just doesn't get through all the way.  that's okay though, just part of consulting. thanks mike for the entry! read it here: sps is wss

mike walsh reviews feedreader and tim comments on why it exists

famed wss expert mike walsh had a chance to post about feedreader, you should check out his comments.  one thing he points out that is interesting is the last comment about writing competitive freeware products when free ones already exist.  it is an interesting point to ponder...like, how many different types of plain text editors can you have and are the feature gaps enough to warrant saying “it's better”? at any rate, i've seen a bunch of rss web parts come out recently for sharepoint and thought i'd note on some of them.  most of them seem to be a derivitive...


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