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Tagged: June 2004 Blog Posts

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real "rounder" wins the champ

amazing...as if the guy doesn't have enough money, ben affleck wins the commerce casino poker championship... c'mon ben...give the “regular” people a chance...or maybe you're just trying to get on tv because your j-lo video won't be playing much anymore... hmm...note to self: if you ever date a famous person...don't tape any aspect of it...not just the “paris hilton” moments...none of it...i wonder what ben's new girlfriend thinks when seeing the bennifer moments on mtv...

how ntrights.exe just saved my hide

okay, so what happens when you get the call that a netadmin changed the local security policy and they can't get in anymore. no problem, log into another machine and terminal service in, right? “interactive logon denied by local policy” -- uh oh. okay, manage the machine (not part of a domain) remotely and add a new user that is in a different group and grant remote login rights. “logon denied” -- hmmm...uh oh. me: “did you change the policy to Everyone?”netadmin: “i think so”me: uh-oh. thanks to a little googling and the resource kit i was able to find something i wasn't aware of before...the...

great addition to ipod

for us windows users...the anapod software is a great tool...check it out!

feedreader minor update

the download of feedreader has been updated to be section 508 compliant with regard to images (thanks to EdwardB for noting that), so this should aide in using in government environments requiring that compliance. additionally, since the technet bulletin feedreader has been downloaded quite a bit.  the proxy server issue is still paining us.  we've made some minor updates to some passing of authentication credentials and encourage those to uninstall/download/reinstall and see if that helps.  anyone with ideas of making proxy server (especially user-authenticating ones) better, please feel free to send us suggestions.  from a technical standpoint, the server is actually...

technet security feed

i was just informed via e-mail that technet is offering rss feeds for their security bulletin updates...cool!  and they even recommended using feedreader for sharepoint users! here's the rss feed: http://www.microsoft.com/technet/security/bulletin/secrss.aspx

United States Postal Service (USPS) 'tracking' sucks hard

i've recently purchased an ebay item where the seller used the usps priority mail to ship it...and kindly enough sent me the tracking information for it... so naturally i go to the usps.com site to get tracking information...what a lie.  the tracking information only appears to get updated once the package is delivered...so much for the usps to provide up-to-date tracking...i wonder why it is even offered...


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