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hp releases ipod? okay, i don't get it...why would hp release an “hp+iPod” branded iPod that is the exact same thing as an iPod and nothing looks or acts different, the software isn't different, the prices aren't different, etc. sorry, i don't get it. http://h10049.www1.hp.com/music/us/en/ipod_flash.html http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/5839491/

templates, definitions, frontpage, oh my!

i recently read a good article [”what you don't know about frontpage could hurt you”] (one that i had promised to write a long while back) which is basically part of the “templates 101” speech i give to people all the time with regard to sharepoint templates. and then i also read a good rebuttal from dustinm to that same article. both have excellent points and each should be thoroughly understood.  after having come back from a large enterprise implementation of sharepoint which was heavily dependent on site definitions, etc, i side a bit more with the anti-frontpage editing for *some* situations (no...

whidbey beta 2 featureset


google toolbar blocks its own gmail functions

have a gmail account?  have the google toolbar with popup blocking enabled?  try to compose a message using the “c” keyboard shortcut.  unless you already marked gmail.google.com as a safe site to allow popups from, you'd be presented with this: funny, that google is “grr”-ing their own software ;-)

powersearch for WSS -- search across multiple wss sites

check out PowerSearch for WSS searching across multiple sites, customized results, etc.  good stuff here.

customer satisfaction is worthless

"A person who seems to have all the answers, usually isn't listening." - Jeffrey Gitomer, author, Customer Satisfaction is Worthless, Customer Loyalty is Priceless

homebuilders that suck


slipstream xp2

just a reminder to those creating standard images, that with the release of windows xp sp2 (due to release on automatic updates on monday/tuesday, but available for download now via msdn), use the “slipstream” model to embed sp2 into your new boot cd images...easy steps: tools needed: IsoBuster Nero (or some other tool capable of creating bootable cds) steps: use IsoBuster to extract the boot image from your Windows XP cd-rom (or iso image) copy Windows XP files into a folder on your hard drive (i.e., c:\winxp) run this command from your sp2 setup location: xpsp2.exe /S:C:\winxp the setup will install in “updating windows share mode“ use Nero or...

linux runs windows

thought this was pretty funny... LinuxWorld Expo Site Powered by Windows Server 2003 in their defense...it isn't actually a “linux” company running the sites, but it is pretty funny that their conferences are hosted on them...


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