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Tagged: October 2004 Blog Posts

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new adobe ifilter v6

for those using adobe pdf indexing... the new adobe pdf ifilter is out...get it here:http://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/detail.jsp?ftpID=2611

had enough of your job...well, phuket

had enough, then phuket: http://marriott.com/property/propertyPage/HKTJW UPDATE: yeah the island has a funny name to us...but help them out if you can: http://www.redcross.org/donate/donate.html

web development...

a pretty good post about web development read it here: http://twasink.net/blog/archives/2004/10/if_architects_h.html

sharepoint security explained a bit

thanks to RobertK for sending this to me...a good consolidation of information about security (and such) read it here: http://www.ftponline.com/wss/2004_09/magazine/features/bschneider/default_pf.aspx

what i want

my daily commute in the car is about 2hrs+ round trip...give or take 30-40 minutes depending on conditions, but most of the time it's about an hour each way.  this may not seem like much to most in metro cities, but it sucks for me and i hate driving...but i chose to live where i do, away from it all, so that's my penalty. but...radio also sucks where i live...filled with commercials that suck, dj's that suck, and music that is annoyingly repetitive.  so i bring my ipod on the trip...but then i have a mess of wires and things all...

"i'll put grape koolaid in the drinking fountains..."

“I'll put grape kool-aid in the drinking fountains...” that was my campaign platform when running for school government president at elementary school. no matter what side of the political fence you live on, you have to look at these debates and candidates with a grain of salt.  would i have ever been able to put kool-aid in the drinking fountains...probably not.  as an individual it would have been very difficult, if not nearly impossible.  however, with a strong voice (in my case other 12-13 year olds) behind me, it might have been possible.  at that is the important point in my opinion...who...


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