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new phone, great tool

i've had a blackberry for about a year (7230) and liked it's use a lot...A LOT.  the email, calendaring, battery life (i could go about a week and a half without charging), etc. was perfect.  only thing that wasn't...the style/size.  after a while i started using the email a little less so the keyboard wasn't much of a draw anymore... so, i looked at the new smaller blackberry...but the loss of the full keyboard made me think back to my smartphone roots (i had the mpx200 and hated it)...low and behold the audiovox 5600 was out (pic below).  this phone is...

ccia chief gets half

source: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/6576342/ ccia chief get's nearly half of the recent settlement from microsoft.  what sounds like a community property divorce settlement seems to be true based on other reports. this is appalling that a single individual would get the benefit of that settlement as a “bonus” for his efforts...sounds like corporate crap to me.  knowing that he may get portions of this settlement wouldn't you think that introduces an incredible conflict of interest over the settlement discussions?

migrating to asp.net?

here are some helpful documents to assist in converting from asp, php, jsp to asp.net -- might not be perfect, but it might help those that are in need: get it here: http://www.asp.net/migrationassistants/

send sms directly from outlook

a new add-in for outlook allows you to send sms directly from your client! get it here: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?familyid=240080b4-986e-4afb-ab21-3af2be63508b&displaylang=en update: okay i installed this....lame.

which glasses would you like sir? the 128MB or the 256MB frames?

that's right...oakley has integrated music into their glasses (maybe they'll call it iWear--get it ;-)). check out the oakley thump frames available in 128 or 256MB versions.

web part test checklist

a recent msdn article for those web part developers on testing the web part... checklist for testing web parts


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