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performing admin tasks by typical users

when developing sharepoint web parts and applications, we use the object model and implement the public functions, etc that are available to us...after all there is quite a bit that are available and most are very useful. what the documentation doesn't always do a good job of, however, is telling us *who* can perform the task.  this is a common theme i see when working with customers and one i hit in my first sharepoint development project *way too late* in the game...we had to completely re-write areas because we made several key assumptions. developers typically run under administrator privileges in their...

reporting services web part

jan has some insight on the reporting services (sql server) web parts: http://weblogs.asp.net/jan/archive/2005/01/21/358073.aspx

new ifilter for chm files

IFilterShop is at it again...if you need more IFilters for sharepoint, check out these guys...they've just added a chm IFilter and have a bunch others like... chm wma/wmv shtml msg pdf+ zip vcard check them out: www.ifiltershop.com UPDATE: i didn't know about these either, but they showed up in the comment thread so i thought i'd bring them to the surface: http://www.citeknet.com/ (they have some free, fully functional ifilters)

sharepoint query builder

a new sample was posted on gotdotnet.com -- sharepoint query builder tool click here

are you sirius?

okay, so i've been looking at getting satellite radio for some time and i finally did it.  i settled on siruis for various reasons which i won't go into here. after a week of using it, here is what i have to say. what i got: sirus monthly subscriptionequipment: blaupunkt america ar04used in: my car (jetta) -- i converted my cd-changer to an rca auxilary (now i can use my ipod too!) # of channels:expectation: a lotreality: a lot variety of channels:expectation: a lotreality: most of the channels are arranged in categories, and from what i can tell, the categories seem to repeat themselves...

whidbey web parts

take a look at some concepts of developing web parts in asp.net 2 (whidbey): http://www.devsource.com/article2/0,1759,1751857,00.asp

sharepoint reporting tool

thanks to RobertK (he seems to find the good stuff lately), i was pointed to this tool: Admin Report Kit for sharepoint from Vyapin it seems like a cool little utility to get quick, concise information about your sharepoint environment in a one-stop shop place.  it isn't web-based and i haven't done much testing around on it, but it does a good job giving you a snapshot. since there isn't any screenshots on the site (you can download a free trial), i'm including one here (blacked out areas are there to protect the innocent ;-)).

trend micro portalprotect

looking for a good solution for antivirus protection to your sharepoint environment, maybe now is the time to look at portalprotect...they are having another beta release...check it out: http://www.trendbeta.com/index.php?get=47

web parts and cross page connections

so if you haven't been paying much attention to whidbey (.net v2) lately, and you are a sharepoint developer, you may want to start taking a look. whidbey will introduce the web part framework (called portal framework in whidbey for now) with .net v2.  all the skills you've learned as a web part developer will help you understand the development in whidbey...so you'll have an immediate head start already. nikhil kothari (a member of the .net team) had a great post today about cross connections on web parts in .net v2.  Read it here: http://www.nikhilk.net/Entry.aspx?id=53


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