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upcoming presentations

here's some upcoming presentations of where i'll be at: Wednesday, April 20 @ 6:30pm -- Tucson .NET User Group: http://www.tucsondevelopers.net/meetings.aspx Thursday, April 21 @ 7:00pm -- Las Vegas .NET User Group: http://www.dotnetgroup.org Tuesday, May 17 @ 6:30pm -- New Mexico .NET User Group: http://www.nmug.net

re-create sites directory

from my www.kbalertz.com notices, i thought i'd share this one: http://www.kbalertz.com/Feedback_896147.aspx

airport madness

i've been traveling a bit lately...and officially decided i hate the airports... disclaimer: i firmly believe in ensuring the safety of everyone when traveling i think the random screening process needs to be examined and the algorithm fixed...i kid you not, i saw an elderly gentleman who could barely walk get the full security check/screen/pat down/search/etc. meanwhile me with 2 laptops, pda, smartphone, backpack full of cds, two wireless devices, cables, etc. has no problem getting through. oh yeah and try getting through the security screen now...i followed all the posted rules, took my laptop(s) out and in a spearate container, stripped myself of...

technology summit recap

rather than provide my view or a ms-slanted view of the event, here it from an attendee himself -- a Java enthusiast and founder of Javalobby.org, Rick Ross: http://www.javalobby.org/eps/summit/ (about 20 minute narrated presentation)

ms devs are smart

so spending the last week in redmond gave me a lot of insight.  i was able to do a few key things that were important to me in the first few weeks of working with ms. it must be fun to work at ms campusone walk around some of the buildings and you can see it must be fun for most to work there.  relaxed, yet professional and focuses environment.  everyone is able to establish their own identity of their office -- one woman had a tiki bar as her desk, which i thought was cool.  there is significant dining experiences...

technology summit

so today wrapped up our technology summit where we invited key people in the competitive industry to come and have some time for an open discussion with a lot of key people...here are some of those key people to name a few don box anders hejlsberg martin taylor eric rudder chris anderson scott guthrie rick rashid clr team there were more, but as you could imagine, these are some big names at ms -- people who have influential capability.  this was a great event in my opinion, allowing me to better understand the competitive landscape as well as get a feel for some...

where am i and who am i with

this week i'm in redmond all week with what we call “competitive influencers.” -- that's right, i'm sitting in a room of about 35 guys who are the most talented, articulate, and intelligent guys in the community...and they represent java, linux, mac, macromedia, etc. ms is engaging in more dialogs with individuals in competing technologies...not to convert, but to understand and education -- from both sides of the fence. this is hopefully going to be a great event...some really good key speakers are lined up: michael howard, don box, eric rudder, etc. -- key people within ms. if you want to learn more...

first week

well, it's been a busy week (last week).  i started at microsoft in my new role.  i can say that i honestly underestimated the flood of resources and information that i would need (and want) to absorb.  this had an impact on finishing up the stuff i needed to finish in other aspects of my life. as with any job, the first week is somewhat of logistics and hr “stuff” -- the cool thing about ms is that a lot of it is automated and online.  very little need to sign/fax/print, etc. -- the resources available at the company are amazing...truly...


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