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i've been traveling a bit lately...and officially decided i hate the airports...

disclaimer: i firmly believe in ensuring the safety of everyone when traveling

i think the random screening process needs to be examined and the algorithm fixed...i kid you not, i saw an elderly gentleman who could barely walk get the full security check/screen/pat down/search/etc. meanwhile me with 2 laptops, pda, smartphone, backpack full of cds, two wireless devices, cables, etc. has no problem getting through.

oh yeah and try getting through the security screen now...i followed all the posted rules, took my laptop(s) out and in a spearate container, stripped myself of anything metallic-ish and proceeded toward the metal detector, only to be greeted by the “security officer” putting his hand up ala diana ross 'stop in the name of love' pose.

TSA: “Sir, I'm going to suggest you remove your shoes and put them through the scanner”

Me: “Do I have to?”

TSA: “No, but then you will have the full screening.”

Me (thinking): Then why don't you just tell me to rather than suggest it as an option--OR POST A NEW RULE!

keep in mind i wasn't wearing steel-toed doc martens or anything i would deem any “clunky” at all -- even the pa announcement system was saying shoes with soles over 1 inch should be removed...

and i'm pretty sure this is what you have to wear these days to bypass the “suggestion”:

argh, it's frustrating...


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