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Lunch w/Microsoft - FREE Virtual Labs

Want FREE virtual labs and webcasts when you want them? check out www.lunchwithmicrosoft.com

FREE .NET Web Seminars

Check it out! Free .NET Web Seminars Presented by Dan Wahlin in June and July Several free .NET Web Seminars covering a variety of topics from new .NET version 2 features to emulating master pages Website templates in .NET version 1.1 will be presented in June and July. The seminars will be presented by Microsoft MVP Dan Wahlin.  If you're interested, sign-up for free using the links below (watch for URL wrapping): Extending the DataGrid - June 22nd New XML Features in .NET Version 2 - June 29th Master Pages in ASP.NET 1.1? - July 13th Seminar details can also be viewed at...

TechEd Day 4 - Part 1

Another day at TechEd.  I met early this morning with a group from Los Alamos National Lab.  Obviously I don't want to divulge any customers plans, but it was good to meet with this group and I hope to help them out in the future.  I'm glad that my Regional Director, Michael Palermo was able to introduce me to these people. I'm hoping to attend some sessions today on sharepoint best practices as well as .NET internals -- apparently there was a great session on ASP.NET internals yesterday that I missed. Michael Palermo is also giving his Grok Talk today on code...

TechEd Day 3

Today was a lot of good sessions on ASP.NET 2.0 (where I find most of my passion).  Scott Guthrie is certainly packing the house in every session.  The technology is really slick and all the features in the framework as well as the VS2005 tools are incredible. I also spent some time today with other Regional Directors across the US, trying to get ideas on how to better engage with the developer community through programs. In the evening we had the “influentials” party.  It was okay -- a lot of the same bar scene with finger foods...not exactly my 'thing' but we...

TechEd Day 2 - Part 2

Well, I'm learning that most MS employees don't attend most of the sessions because it is a chance to network and hunt down those people you've been emailing the previous few months! At any rate, the day continued with a meeting with the folks of Pearson Technology Group -- you may know them better as Addison-Wesley and SAMS Publishing.  I had a great lunch meeting with them and will be coming out with something pretty cool (I hope) for the community in the very near future. The rest of the day was spent with our “influential” community -- those individuals in the...

TechEd Day 2 - Part 1

The day started out with more wireless woes at CommNet – the coverage here is terrible.  It’s an easy target for complaints and I’m lucky I brought my Verizon aircard (which is still terrible), but you would just expect that resolution on the internet access to be solved ASAP and all attention to be on it whenever there is an issue. We started with the keynote with Paul Flessner.  He's the corporate VP of server products and had a lot to say about SQL Server 2005.  Finally in the messaging he showed some competitive benchmarking against Oracle.  It isn't often any...

visual studio launches!

okay, well, not yet, but paul flessner announced today at TechEd that Visual Studio 2005 (along with SQL Server 2005 and BizTalk 2006) will launch the week of November 7. http://msdn.microsoft.com/launch2005/

get snippy

writing vs2005 code and using the snippet library? get snippy.

are you certifiable?

if you haven't been watching the certification radar lately, you didn't notice that ms now will have a “Microsoft Certified Architect” distinction to the mix. big change here, however, is it won't follow the typical certification route (i.e., test only).  read more about the Certified Architect to determine if you are interested and how to prepare yourself!

TechEd Day 1

DAMN!  Despite all pre-conference materials and inside info, Steve Ballmer *was* the opening keynote (he was originally going to be the keynote for Tuesday).  And because of the late night previously…I chose to sleep in a bit and missed it completely!  ARGH!  I was hoping for a bit of enthusiasm in the morning and possibly another “Developers! Developers! Developers!” rant from SteveB.  Oh well, guess I’ll watch the webcast. I registered (now carrying around two bags – including the one they give you), which is pretty nice.  We also got the convention shirt in advance (smart move) as well as a...

TechEd Day 0

I arrived at TechEd one day early – coming from the west coast this was necessary or I would have missed the first day! (In case you didn’t know, TechEd is in Orlando, FL this year). My flight sucked.  Not because of the airline, but because the fact that someone sitting around me smelled pretty bad – normally I don’t care…but multiply “normally” by 5 hours.  We also flew into a lightening/thunderstorm in Orlando, so were placed in what seemed to be a figure 8 holding pattern for an additional 40 minutes. I finally got there and met up with some team...

teched 2005 - orlando

i'll be at teched 2005 this entire week soaking in all the new microsoft goodness -- keep posted here as i'll keep some daily logs (hopefully more frequently) about the happenings in orlando. i'll spend most of my time around the mvp and community cabanas in between sessions if you want to stop by and chat.


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