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pdc keynote news

from the pdc guys… We're very pleased to announce that Bill Gates will be opening PDC05 on Tuesday, September 13th. We're also very happy to announce that Jim Allchin will also be keynoting on Tuesday. and that additional keynotes will be hosted by Eric Rudder and Steven Sinofsky, on Wednesday, September 14th. register if you haven’t: http://www.developerpowered.com

vsts july release

the july ctp of the visual studio team system is released available on msdn. one note: if using the vsts july ctp, you *must* use the june ctp of sql 2005


just came across this: PowerCollections.NET:With .NET 2.0 comes the ability to implement what has been known in C++ as template classes. Generics are like C++ templates, only better. Leading the development effort is Peter Golde, formerly a Lead Designer for the C# language. Peter is currently building the starting set of classes as well as incorporating ideas from the community into a set of collection classes to be made freely available to the public. download here: PowerCollections.NET

componentart and webui 3

the folks at componentart have done it again.  they just announced their webui 3 component suite in beta.  if you already use their existing webui platform, you know how great their stuff is!  if not, install it and see what you are missing. more info on the webui 3 release: http://www.componentart.com/whatsnew.aspx#news26 view live demo: http://webui30.componentart.com Highlights are a super functional Grid, Callback (AJAX) controls, and Calendar controls are added to the already great WebUI suite!

are you a .net beginner?

are you an absolute beginner to .net and visual studio 2005? here’s some videos (free and over 10 hours) for you to peruse… http://lab.msdn.microsoft.com/express/beginner/

asp.net web dev helper

okay, definitely one of the coolest dev debug tools i’ve seen… nikhil updated his helper tool and i finally got around to using it — VERY cool… want to see view state, done.  want to view cache stuff, done. those are two minor things, but it is super cool… install it: http://shrinkster.com/710

nice little config tool

a free tool from rick strahl to config/deploy your asp.net apps... http://www.west-wind.com/Tools/WebSiteConfiguration.asp

open source: ./configure | ps f grep -bite_me

i’ve recently been getting more into open source technologies, specifically those that tough .net a bit in some way shape or form — mono, cocoa#, ruby, struts. i’m frustrated. check that…i’m pissed. okay, fine, i get it — open source is cool because you always get source code and for the supergeeks, it is cool to see how things work… but take someone who is a developer but hasn’t done development on alternate platforms before…wouldn’t you want an easier way to get them adopted?  wouldn’t you want the learning process — or at least setup process — to be smooth so that adoption would...

TechNet and MSDN: SQL 2005 and ASP.NET 2

September 1: Las Vegas location: Regal Green Valley Ranch 10, registration links: Las Vegas September 1 TechNet Las Vegas September 1 MSDNAugust 30: Phoenix location: Hilton Scottsdale Resort and Villas, registration links: Phoenix August 30 TechNet Phoenix August 30 MSDNRock Solid SQL: Strengthen your SQL Servers with SQL Server 2005SQL Server databases provide the foundation for your business solutions, so dont you want to build the finest groundwork possible? The new SQL Server 2005 will enhance security, reliability, and performance to give you a solid, dependable base. Think about your current SQL system: Can you still access your database if...

another ajax lib

rick strahl just turned me on to another ajax library -- a variation of the Ajax.Net library out there already. Here it is: My Ajax.NET

wine.com case study

wine.com has recently participated in a case study about their deployment of ASPNET 2, ClickOnce, and other whidbey goodies: http://shrinkster.com/6zn


pretty cool site for the product launches... http://www.escapeyesterworld.com/

ANN: ASP.NET Upgrade Center

This site will serve as the single content point for all upgrade related collateral to help customers who are already using ASP.NET today easily move forward onto ASP.NET 2.0. As part of this launch, we have created a brand new whitepaper that delineates in detail lessons learned, best practices, and techniques that will help our developers upgrade there apps in several hours. In addition to content, the product team has done significant product work to increase the quality of the upgrade wizard. http://msdn.microsoft.com/asp.net/migration/upgrade/default.aspx and a whitepaper on upgrade issues, tactics: http://shrinkster.com/6yo

Free VS2005 Training - Vegas

You are invited to attend a Visual Studio 2005 training class. Microsoft is pleased to offer this training to our customersno charge: What's New in Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 for existing Visual Studio .NET Developers This two-day instructor-led workshop will provide the student with a focused environment to experience the new features and functionality of the Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 product. Audience This workshop is intended for experienced, professional software developers who are already skilled in building software using Microsoft Visual Studio .NET or Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003,including those employed by independent software vendors or those who work on corporate enterprise...

30 degree difference

i'm in portland for the portland code camp, and realized there is a 30 degree+ difference in temperature where i just left... see:

thought this was funny

if you are using an aggregator and can't see the image, click here.  

abq travels...

for some reason albuquerque takes me the longest time to travel.  i still don't think the tsa has it down in airports for consistency.  don't take this wrong, but i've never seen abq as a hotbed for travel, but i suppose with tourism, interest in the southwest culture, area 51 ;-), etc. it might be...but my point being it isn't a “busy” airport most of the time. this morning i'm leaving from abq after a great meeting with the NMUG.  as i approach the airport, i go through the standard security line, first stopped by the tsa rep to check your...

hands free?

while traveling in the rental car bus recently, i thought this gentleman's use of his “hands free” setup was particularly innovative. when using your hands free setup, it is essential to have one hand covering your empty ear, one hand ensuring your microphone is stuffed in your other ear, while at the same time holding up the microphone closer to your mouth. dude, unplug the setup and put the phone up to your ear in loud areas...  

the perfect bug

If you've ever done testing for organizations before or been on the other side of testing (having to solve issues found), you can appreciate the value of full disclosure of information. This is a really good description that any QA department, tester, etc. should understand: http://shrinkster.com/6ss Being able to completely reproduce bugs is essential to their resolution…I can't tell you the number of times I've received an email, support call, etc. with the "we're having problems, the third step of the form doesn't work" -- yeah, that doesn't give me a lot to go on…

sql server report pack for sps

i won't re-list what thom has already done, but check out the details: http://blogs.msdn.com/trobbins/archive/2005/07/12/438112.aspx and then download here: http://shrinkster.com/6my

17 hours of free asp.net training

get it here: http://msdn.microsoft.com/asp.net/learn/asptraining/

MS CEO speaks to Channel9

if you aren't aware of channel9, you might want to take a look every once in a while.  they do some pretty cool interviews with various people behind the walls at MS -- as well as industry events and key people. most recently, the c9 group was able to grap about 10 minutes with steve ballmer...someone who i admire for his enthusiasm and committment to software developers. take a look here: channel 9 speaks to ms ceo note: is it me or did scoble misread what ballmer said? ballmer said “the future is so bright we need shades” and to which scoble replied...

Access Provider Model Samples

Interested in writing your own providers for ASP.NET 2.0? Need some guidance and sample code? Check out: Access Providers  These are the Access providers that were pulled from the "official" release, but are being distributed above.

AZ MSDN Event in August

Register Now Rule the Web with ASP.NET 2.0 ASP.NET is a powerful framework for building dynamic, high performance, data-driven Web applications. ASP.NET 2.0 improves on its predecessor by helping you become more productive, reducing the amount of code you need to write, making your Web sites easier to manage, and improving your Web site's scalability, reliability, and performance. In this three-part tour-de-force, you’ll explore valuable aspects of ASP.NET 2.0 – from user interfaces to data access to performance – that will help you create better Web applications with less hassle than ever before.


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