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msdn events in tucson

msdn events is coming to tucson… on october 4, 2005, msdn events will be in tucson, az at the loes catalina theater. topic: Rule the Web with ASP.NET 2.0 register: tucson msdn event

free asp.net training

AppDev is offering some free training materials on asp.net v2: http://www.appdev.com/promo.asp?page=sn00027

travel observations and tips

i’m traveling again…but as i continue to travel i notice things a lot more…especially in airports. today at sky harbor, i waited in the security line as they asked me to ensure my belt buckle was removed and my shoes removed.  as i’m doing this i notice all airline employees and pilots able to pass through freely, not being required to do the same…and they have shoes (note: i travel wearing my birkenstocks now in hopes i don’t have to take them off — hasn’t happened yet).  i felt a little odd that certain people get special treatment.  shouldn’t security be...

regional director michael palermo on dot net rocks

the Microsoft southwest Regional Director, Michael Palermo, is on the .NET Rocks! show today.  go check it out at http://www.dotnetrocks.com

got code snippets?

have you used code snippets in visual studio 2005 yet?  why not? want a place to share, contribute, and download code snippets? well, now you have one... http://www.gotcodesnippets.net -- a new THE online repository for visual studio code snippets.  it will officially launch at PDC, but we are wanting to fill the repository now...so visit and upload your code snippet today!

who said it's hot in arizona?

ahh….arizona in august…

security guidance for .net v2

the patterns and practices group just released some documentation you should look at: security guideance on .net framework 2.0

PDC Underground

going to PDC?  why not take in some geek stuff…join us for the PDC Underground… come for some drinks and food, followed by a Grok Talks Live! session by Regional Directors, MVPs and MS staff… Register for PDC Underground!

google talk

google enters the IM/VOIP arena with google talk: http://www.google.com/talk/

visual studio will see public rc

as noted in somasegar’s web log, visual studio 2005 will see another public drop of the visual studio 2005 product lines.  some important notes to point out: Visual Studio 2005 will release an RC1 in September, available to MSDN subscribers, early adopters already identified, and beta customers. Team Foundation Server (TFS), the core collaboration, source control management, etc. for the Team System product lines will have a Beta3 release, including Go Live licensing support. TFS will ship within the first quarter of 2006  

asp.net performance

a great post on asp.net, web services, and remoting performance: Performance of ASP.NET, Web Services, and Remoting

visual studio 2005 web project system

scottgu just posted the details on the what/why of the visual studio web project system: VS 2005 Web Project System

beta2 to rtm changes for asp.net

want to know some of the beta2 to RTM changes for asp.net? look below…we’ll be putting up some other API changes shortly as well… beta2 to RTM changes

but it's an easy fix!

when we look at shipping products and feedback from consumers — we have to weigh all the possibilities and challenges. i too, found myself in that “why not just fix it and get it in the final product, it’s like a 10 minute fix” response when using some features and issues with the vs beta products. here’s a good perspective on some (not all) of the “whys” around that question: shippin’ ain’t easy

the history of the ball point

so i’m waiting in a customer lobby (which happens to actually be the human resources department) and waiting for my appointment — i’m way early — one of those “haven’t been there, not sure how long it will take to drive from the sticks where i live to civilization” situations. there was a guy here waiting in the lobby as well, then suddenly gets up and starts working behind the desk with the receptionist.  he’s an older guy…i have no idea what he’s doing, but it sounds like the receptionist just gave him some menial tasks to do…then i heard this: receptionist:...

community technology preview (ctp) madness

with all the different ctp and beta drops for visual studio, here's a tool to show you what's compatible with what: http://channel9.msdn.com/ctpmadness/Default.aspx

asp.net security practices

check out the ASP.NET Security Practices at a Glance...a good guide to bookmark!

changes in asp.net 2 addressed

scottgu takes a siesta from vacation to answer some concerns regarding the asp.net v2 changes implemented: web project concerns  

sharepoint template project

check out the sharepoint template project: from greg hughes: template project

sharepoint echo

i just became aware of this...know nothing about it, but conceptually it sounds cool. i’m guessing it uses “unsupported” methods for doing some of the work though (i.e., direct db access) from their site: Once your portal is designed and deployed how do you make changes to it? How do you do it and still preserve all the valuble production data? winapp echo

101 samples in vs 2005

cool site: 101 samples in visual studio 2005

new mexico .net user group meeting - august

join us for the next .net user group meeting in new mexico! more details: aug 16 new mexico .net user group presented by Microsoft Regional Director, Michael Palermo: Would you like to write code faster with fewer errors?  Tired of manually typing repetitive blocks of code?  Do you wish there was an easier way to enforce coding guidelines or implement design patterns?  This presentation shows how Code Snippets in Visual Studio 2005 can solve many day-to-day developer woes.  First we explore what snippets already exist.  Then we tackle how to create or own snippets, and how to use the new Code Snippet manager.

arizona .net user group meeting - august

more details: aug 16 meeting join us at the next az .net user group meeting on august 16, presented by community member Lorin Thwaits: Using the features of GDI+, it is easy to generate GIF, PNG, and JPG images on-the-fly in ASP.NET.  The first part of the meeting will showcase simple charts and other graphics rendered with the standard web-safe color palette.  We will examine strengths and limitations of the various available image formats.  In the second half, we get down and dirty with the raw bitmap data itself for more advanced rendering.  C# is used throughout.  Come on out and let's...

another ajax-ish implementation

Midnight Coders releases the WebORB Presentation Server - a development platform for connecting AJAX and Flash clients with .NET applications. Supported clients include JavaScript and Flash, while server-side support includes any J2EE-compliant server, Microsoft.NET environment, ColdFusion Components, as well as any XML web service. Rich Client System

a plea to isv's

please please…if you provide an installer with program group shortcuts…make a program group shortcut to the uninstaller! but, windows has an uninstall control panel where you can get to it sure, but you provide program group shortcuts to help files that are also in the products, so the “you can get to it another way” isn’t a valid excuse if you already provide shortcuts to things you can get to in other ways. also…if you develop .net components, please strong-name them.  if you claim to be fully CAS compliant, then you must…otherwise you lie ;-) — and if you think i’m lying, you’re...

speed aspnet perf

some tips on how to speed asp.net performance http://shrinkster.com/798

sharepoint templates displayed

after posting the note about the new sharepoint templates, here is another site that shows them each so you can see them… http://sharepoint.bilsimser.com/pages/templates.aspx  

teched content online

couldn’t make it to teched? well all the asp.net content is now online: ASP.NET TechEd Content

30 new templates for sharepoint

thanks to robertk, i was pointed to 30 new templates for sharepoint… ms now has a site listing them out as well: new templates now if someone would just host them all so we all could see them in one place ;-)

free training on vs2005 and aspnet

Training dump for you... Essential ASP.NET Web Castshttp://www.microsoft.com/events/series/essentialaspnet.mspx Microsoft E-Learning for Visual Studio is free until Nov 8, 2005:Special E-Learning Offers      E-LearningClinic 2551: Introduction to Visual Studio Team System<https://www.microsoftelearning.com/eLearning/offerDetail.aspx?offerPriceId=66794>       Summary: This clinic will provide both Business Decision Makers (BDMs)and Technical Decision Makers (TDMs), Architects, Developers, Testers,and Project Managers with an introduction to Visual Studio Team System.This introduction will explain what the product is, how it relates tothe software development lifecycle and how processes such as MSF fit it. Audience: Developer Available Offline: Yes Price: $45.00 NOW FREE for a limited time only (90-day subscription)      Course 2924: Building Data Components in Microsoft(r) Visual Studio(r)2005<https://www.microsoftelearning.com/eLearning/offerDetail.aspx?offerPriceId=66795>      ...

pdc: birds of a feather

the birds of a feather comments are now open for suggestions: http://commnet.microsoftpdc.com/ login and suggest!

aspnet 2 provider toolkit

for those up on the provider model…the provider toolkit went “live” on msdn today — parts of it have been available recently, but not as public…here’s a central place to watch…from bgold: The ASP.NET 2.0 Provider Toolkit went live on MSDN today. It contains the source code for the Access database providers (which were cut from B2 and will not be in the final RTM product either, we are pushing SQL Express as the new defaults).  Coming in mid-month will be the detailed Provider Toolkit whitepaper (probably around August 15th, it is like 75 pages in Word!!) that explains how developers and...


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