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.NET Rocks Roadtrip - Phoenix

the .NET Rocks! show is coming to Phoenix.  as a part of their roadtrip, they will be stopping by and enlightening us on mobile technologies and visual basic 2005.  they will have stuff to give out as well! registration is required and limited, please only register if you plan on going so that others may have a chance. register here

MSDN/TechNet "Best Of" events

okay, i’ve posted about these before, but here’s a final consolidated place to get some of the information. if you aren’t in a “key city” launch area, rest assured, the MSDN and TechNet team will be coming to a city near/around you… check out the information at MSDN: http://www.msdnevents.com/launch/TechNet: http://www.technetevents.com/launch/

visual studio 2005 release candidate - asp.net

on some level i like to think i had input on getting this feature in: the “publish” link is for those who want the precompilation option.  prior to RC (in beta2) it was hidden more than a few clicks away — which was a shift from those used to the right-click “build” option in today’s asp.net projects… so if you are looking for the precompile option — it’s at your fingertips now.

explaining generics and collections in v2

saw this good explanation of some of the new v2 collection/generics and the definition of different implementations. generics definitions

best of launch 2005 - nevada

join us for the best of launch 2005 event Best of Visual Studio® 2005 Launch | 1:00pm - 5:00pm Powered by MSDN Events Register Here FREE ADMITTANCE Attend this FREE Special Edition Launch event and learn how Visual Studio 2005 will boost your power and creativity. We'll explore the Visual Studio Team System, which significantly cuts the complexity of delivering high-performance, collaborative applications. We'll also discuss how Visual Studio 2005 makes it simple to develop and deploy smart client applications, access key features of ASP.NET 2.0, and create rich, mission-critical solutions. COMPLIMENTARY SOFTWARE Don't just learn about the new software. Walk away...

code camp is coming to seattle

from jmauer Seattle Code Campv1.0 – October 22 & 23, 2005 Code Camp is coming to Seattle!This is your invitation to attend the premier developer event in the Seattle metro area – Code Camp.Code Camp is a weekend of software developers talking to software developers about software development. No marketing, no fluff – just code. It’s the weekend of October 22nd and 23rd at DeVry University in Federal Way. It is a mini-conference and is totally FREE. It's About the Developer CommunityCode Camp is a community-run activity organized by local developers, user groups, and development-related organizations. Presenters are all volunteers from the developer...

aspnet 2 security guides

New documents are available on MSDN to guide you through best security practices in ASP.NET 2.0: ASP.NET 2.0 Security Guidance Index ASP.NET 2.0 Security Guidelines ASP.NET 2.0 Security Checklist ASP.NET 2.0 Security Practices ASP.NET 2.0 Security How Tos

tired of navigating phone menus? find-a-human

from steve borg... this is a great list of phone systems and the shortcut to talk to a human... find-a-human

Best of Visual Studio 2005 Launch - Phoenix

Register here for the "best of launch" MSDN show in the Phoenix, AZ area...

PDC05: Day 1 - keynote, no more NDA goodnes

so the keynote we’ve all been waiting for has finally happened…this was a great first day in my opinion… Highlights: BillG video with Napolean Dynamite — we saw this at some internal training and despite some parts being cut out, it was still hilarious (unless you have no idea who napolean dynamite is) Don Box making fun of the memory space VS2005 is using What we saw: Vista: aero glass effects, sidebar & gadgets, parental controls, peer networking (people near me), stacked documents, virtual folders, etc. Office12: i’ve been waiting to say something about this for a while.  what a revolutionary change to some of the...

PDC05: wireless woes

as usual…get thousands of people with laptops in a room:

PDC05: Day 0

UPDATE: 1:20 PM PDT – Power goes out in the entire valley area.  PDC03 was fires, this year it is a power outage! today is my first official day at PDC, however, there really isn’t anything “official” going on today unless you are in some of the pre-conference stuff. who says you can’t have enough eggs: here’s the main expo hall with the community lounge: i’m meeting with the regional director team — which are community experts from across the world.  there are 68 RD’s represented from 26 different countries…that’s pretty cool.  the RD team are the ones helping out with the PDC Underground...

PDC05: Day -1, part 2

we finished up our west region de meeting and went out on the town. we ended up at some saddle ranch restaurant at universal citywalk. one of my counterparts, jmauer, got motivated to implement a “windows vista” inspired mohawk (it seemed appropriate to leave the red-eye in): prior to a late dinner, i caught up with some phoenix guys (scott cate and brad meade) and scott showed me a bit of what he’s going to be showing at PDC this week with myKb.com:    new UI and features — ajax style ;-) we went to some saddle ranch place for dinner…that just happened to have...

PDC05: Day -1

“…on the road to PDC…” — seems like a common posting these days.  well, i shall be no different. i’m actually going to PDC earlier to meet with my team prior and get some things hashed out with our goals for the year. i’m really excited about this year’s PDC.  a lot of local community champions are going to be there and even two of them are exhibiting: Axosoft (Hamid Shojaee) and myKB.com (Scott Cate).  it will be really cool to see these guys exhibiting at PDC — it’s a large cost i know, but i think they’ll get gret value, exposure, etc. out of...

internet at 35,000 feet

from one of my friends heading to Copenhagen…an email: Tim, I am onboard SAS 937 flying across the Atlantic.  They have satellite wireless connectivity, and it really works. now that is cool.

october southwest msdn events

Tucson, AZ MSDN Event: Registration Link10/04/2005 1:00PM 2320 North Campbell Ave.Tucson, Arizona 85719 Albuquerque, NM MSDN Event: Registration Link10/06/2005 1:00PM 10000 NW Coors Blvd Albuquerque, New Mexico 87114

ipod nano

now this is cool…

ms online virtual training -- free

While nothing can replace in-room training (especially with SimonA!), a few people have asked if we will be repeating the VS2005 courses in the future. While the short answer is "yes" -- here's an immediate alternative for you to look at. I personally prefer getting in-class training (and that way I can give out some books/swag as well), but these serve as a supplement and alternative for those whose schedules cannot make it. Visit this site: http://www.msvirtualclassroom.net/ for a list of upcoming online virtual classes.


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