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why vs targets only one framework

john rivard explains why vs targets only one version of the framework

developing on winfx nov ctp

planning on doing some winfx stuff...the november ctp is available...check out this site and note the specific installation instructions... vista/winfx beta info

winforms controls for v2

the guys at componentfactory have released their krypton toolkit:     It provides user interface controls for Windows Forms     It is targeted at Visual Studio 2005 and .NET Framework 2.0     It is free for commercial use     Get it here: Krypton Toolkit really cool set of controls -- for free!!!

selling your launch dvds?

at some level i guess there is a capitalist in all of us visual studio launch software on ebay at any rate if you are one of them, you may want to read that not for resale license portion ;-)

step-by-step guide for converting v1.x webapps to v2

microsoft released a step-by-step guide to converting web applications that may be helpful. will it solve all cases? probably not.  but it may help understand some of the prepatory steps that could save time. get it here: download step-by-step conversion guide

gotdotnet is turning 5 -- come celebrate

and give feedback, see what's new, etc. for those in the seattle area, come join korby for this celebration The Gotdotnet team is throwing a Birthday Party and all Gotdotnet users are invited! The party will occur at the Microsoft Visitor Center this Friday, November 18, 2005 between 6PM and 10PM. For more event details, see http://blogs.msdn.com/korbyp/archive/2005/11/14/492390.aspx or visit the Gotdotnet homepage.

using sql express? need a management tool?

and don't have sql dev tools? sql server management studio express (whew, our names keep getting longer) or SSMSE is available in CTP format now. download SSMSE

ebay selling starter kit for vb

ebay has a starter kit for vb/vs 2005: http://developer.ebay.com/windows/starterkits/

want team system to try?

order it here: https://www.tryvs2005.com/

free vs2005 training until nov 17th

register quick for free visual studio training online: https://www.microsoftelearning.com/visualstudio2005/

asp.net web deployment projects

in case you haven't seen it yet...here is the web deployment project beta.

unintentional evesdropping

i'm sitting in the lobby of the mariott courtyard hotel in henderson, nv preparing for a customer meeting on visual studio 2005 in a few hours.  they didn't have a hotel room ready for me yet (got here real earl), and because i traveled on the plane in comfortable clothes (read: t-shirt, exercise pants), i had to change in the mens restroom into some decent attire ;-) anywhoo -- behind me appears to be an interview table.  earlier when i walked by someone else was there talking with this guy.  now for the past 45 minutes or so i've been listening...

paypal commerce starter kit for asp.net 2

check out the paypal-enabled commerce starter kit for asp.net 2.0

potential issue in visual web developer 2005

i ran across a potential snag some of you may be experiencing in visual studio web developer release version. one of the goals with vs2005 was “intellisense everywhere” — and it was incorporated everywhere, even web.config files.  here in lies the issue. create a new web.config file — by default it is created correctly and you should have intellisense.  save it and close it.  now open the web site administration tool (Website menu…ASP.NET Configuration) and make some changes.  go back to your web.config file and you may notice that the root node <configuration> now has an xmlns in it (which is the...

san francisco observations

i’m in san francisco for the microsoft launch activities and while waiting to check in to my hotel i thought i’d just wander around. getting off the plane i decided to take the bart system to downtown rather than the typical taxi (and now that i have, not sure why i ever took a taxi).  i wish i lived in a city with major public transportation all over the place.  the ride was $4.95 (versus a $40 taxi) and got me there in about 10 minutes.  getting off the bart i noticed the station (powell station) was flooded with ipod advertisements...

java vs .net 2

some tests of java versus .net v2 from the tests: This indicates that on the whole .NET is a more efficient platform, with perhaps at least one area for improvement – native type memory efficiency. java vs. .net 2.0 results

Kinko's and color copies

i was putting together a flyer promoting community user groups and i had some color in it — nothing fancy, just red and blue (note: the flyer was ALL text, no photography or anything — picture word doc with some text in color). so i waited to the last minute and kinko’s would be the only one able to get it done in time (aside from another place about an hour from my house that i wasn’t willing to drive). color copies: $.89/each — are you friggin kidding me?  for the 1500 copies i needed, that is $1335 for paper.  okay, so...

.net rocks...rocks!

well, we just finished yesterday with the .net rocks roadtrip visiting phoenix.  it was great to host these guys and i appreciated palermo4 setting it all up for our community. after the show, which was well attended and a different audience than our normal phoenix crowd, carl and richard invited us into the “boat” to record a show. a few of the smart guys from terralever where there to chat about integrating asp.net web services and applications into flash applications and some of the challenges faced with that implementation.  We also had noah in there who was trying to get richard’s job, which...

will code for launch ticket

while at our local .net rocks show tonight, this guy (noah) showed up wearing this shirt:

hey, i'm not the only one with fulton problems



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