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i was putting together a flyer promoting community user groups and i had some color in it — nothing fancy, just red and blue (note: the flyer was ALL text, no photography or anything — picture word doc with some text in color).

so i waited to the last minute and kinko’s would be the only one able to get it done in time (aside from another place about an hour from my house that i wasn’t willing to drive).

color copies: $.89/each — are you friggin kidding me?  for the 1500 copies i needed, that is $1335 for paper.  okay, so they’d give me a bulk discount — $.59 = $885.  i asked for the company discount and it wasn’t much less.  point being that i could have bought 2 color printers for less than it would be to print out these copies (sure paper and toner in the long run, blah blah, but i’m trying to make a point here).  i decided i couldn’t justify it and opted for the b&w copies — how much you ask? = $45.  that’s right, color copies were going to cost me at best 16X more than standard copies (same paper mind you).  unbelievable in this day and age. i remember when kinko’s first started offering color copies and they were roughly $1 — now probably 10 years later, that price has only dropped 11 cents.  unbelievable.

Here you can get 5¢ Color copies- books, post cards, envelopes, newsletters, flyers, bulk mailing DocuCopies

[UPDATE (27-JUL-2010): I thought I'd check in again, here we are 19 months since my last check.  Kinko's still has pricing at $.59/sheet standard color copy and $.39 for bulk (online lists bulk at over 5,000 copies now).  That's still outrageous.  Those same 5,000 copies would cost $1,650 LESS at DocuCopies where they offer .05/copy for the same job.  Amazing.

[UPDATE (27 JAN 2009): Since this post has caused some discussion, etc. I thought I'd do a check up on Kinko's pricing.  I called my local store with the same specifications as my original job 3 years ago.  Updated pricing: $.59/sheet standard color copy and $.39 for a bulk discount of 1500 copies.  So that is still $585 or 13 times the cost of B&W copies.]

i also used their “print online” capability for a different one (that i would get color — there were only 4 of them) — convenient seeing how i live in the boonies and wouldn’t have to drive just to drop it off and have them tell me to wait 45 minutes for 4 copies.  i hate consumer companies that take the cable company appointment approach (you know, “we can be there between 8–12 or 1–5).  i know other customers are waiting — but it seems to me, you’d be able to get the small 4 copy guys out of the way and make them happy so you can get on to the 3000 copy, fold, binding, box jobs that those customers know are going to take a while — needless to say, i put my order in at 8am and as of 3:30pm it still isn’t done — 4 color copies people.

that color printer is making more sense by the minute.

7/9/2008 5:29 AM | # re: kinko's and color copies
That's real, you could just buy an inkjet printer and let it take its time. It still probably would have been much faster than taking it to kinkos
7/10/2008 1:47 PM | # re: kinko's and color copies
I can print and ship your color copies to you at a much lower price.
Get ahold of me next time and we can work something out.
I own a small digital print shop and have a highspeed color copier.

7/24/2008 10:48 AM | # need color copies
I need 300 color copies mailed to Oakland CA. How much would it cost?
10/5/2008 8:44 PM | # re: kinko's and color copies
I didn't know that anyone still went to Kinkos for copies. try mycolorcopies.com
11/15/2008 1:08 PM | # re: kinko's and color copies
I can print color copies for under 30 cents call us next time
Sir Speedy 954-584-2850 we can also ship them
11/22/2008 3:33 PM | # re: kinko's and color copies
Here is a company that starts out at .12 per color copy with no minimums. Shipping Extra
12/2/2008 4:50 AM | # re: kinko's and color copies
89 cents....that's a great price. I own 4 color laser printers...One toner cartridge is $100...each has 4...not counting the paper...buy your OWN and see how much it costs you.Those people are in BUSINESS, so get a LIFE! A toner cartridge does not go as far as you think. Its NOT buying the printer, the printers are cheap its the TONER. Thats how the printer manufacturers make their money on the ink and toner.Stop whinning and pay the price. I am, a professional photographer and KNOW all about the cost of printing!
12/4/2008 6:10 PM | # re: kinko's and color copies
I'll have to say, Kathy, your response is much too emphatic. If you actually read and understood the context of what he is saying, you would know that he's referring to the ridiculously unreasonable markup on a simple document that has a little color, not a full-color photo print of the same size. The "toner" requirements and, therefore, overhead cost is quite different in each case.

I worked for a print shop that also had a few color laser printers and replaced $500 toner cartridges on a regular basis. If you play your cards right, ink for color copies generally costs less than 20 cents on that type of setup. And since Kinko's obviously has a larger amount of resources, it's safe to assume their overhead cost is similar or less. So the real problem here is an insane amount of markup that protects them from losing money on prints that require a lot of ink, but doesn't cater to people in Tim's position.

So, no Kathy, I don't care how professional you claim to be, but 89 cents is not a great price; it's a terrible price. In fact, I know several people who run into these same types of problems and end up wasting a ton of money on feeding corporate greed.

I am a student and KNOW a little bit about how to socialize.
12/5/2008 1:10 PM | # re: kinko's and color copies
Kathy, are you insane? Do you have any idea what you're talking about?

How can you say you know all about the cost of printing if you think 89 cents is a good price? And then you tell him to Get a Life??

I work for Docucopies.com and we have the cheapest prices on the Internet. We also have excellent customer service support, unlike Kinko's, and free shipping. Anyone who thinks 89 cents is a good price for regular color copies (not photo prints, whic are obviously more) has probably not done any research on it. That seems steep even for Kinko's prices.
1/9/2009 5:21 PM | # re: kinko's and color copies
Anyone who thinks .89 is too high doesn't own there own business. The expense to provide the service for you involves a building loan, employees, workman's comp., insurance, equipment service agreements, attorneys to handle the person who feel down in the store and tore their shirt, signage, electricity, taxes, etc., etc., etc. Talk all you want about "corporate greed." I own a shop on Main Street USA and out of .89 I might put .10 in pocket.

1/13/2009 7:54 PM | # re: kinko's and color copies
You don't need to pay 59¢ or anything close to that. A friend of mine recommended a site, http://www.bestvaluecopy.com/ to me, and not only was the price the lowest that I could find but the quality was great and it was shipped fast. I don't need to go to Kinkos anymore.

Good luck
1/14/2009 2:45 PM | # re: kinko's and color copies
Don't waste your money at Kinkos. I own a UPS Store in New York and will do them for you at .29 each with free ground shipping. Most UPS Stores are .39 with a walk in price...and the machines are faster than Kinkos and there isn't gum stuck to the bottom of the counters. www.theupsstore.com/5012.htm.
1/14/2009 2:57 PM | # re: kinko's and color copies
Well, being a printer in New Jersey, I can tell you, Printers are dropping like flies around here. I figure in the next ten years you won't really be able to walk into a print shop and actually talk to a person to do your printing. I do all the graphic design work here and I can tell you 99% of the people think they are designers, unfortunately they are so wrong.

If you think it looks great . . . great, BUT IS IT RIGHT? Probably NOT, but you saved a couple of bucks and it shows.

We had a carpenter come in and order bumper stickers, which I though was really cute, "Just because you have the same tools as a professional, doesn't make you one."

I believe this also applies to Kinko's, Staples and all the other places that offer printing...it's not printing.
So, if it cost cutting, you want, the don't complain when somebody does the same to you...i.e. plumbing, electrical, auto repair, etc, etc, etc...
1/15/2009 12:43 PM | # re: kinko's and color copies
The thing to remember about digital printing (copies) is that there are no economies of scale. A copy is a copy is copy. Whether it's $.89 or not, you don't get a break the more you print. With 1500 pieces, I recommend finding an offset lithographer (commerical printer). In offset printing, once the set up is complete, you only pay for paper, and paper is cheap. 1500 pieces is a great quantity for a printer that specializes in short to medium runs. At my company, PrintingForLess.com, for instance, we could have gotten those printed and shipped for you for $.25 each. On top of that, given you all the support you needed from professional who want your project to succeed. Check more on the differences between offset and digital printing here: http://tinyurl.com/9mdrcl
1/18/2009 1:33 PM | # re: kinko's and color copies
I concur with many of the comments. You don't need to go to Kinkos, Staples or UPS to get a good deal on color copies, black and white copies or digital printing nowadays. The internet has lots of companies offering better deals. I found this website, http://www.bestvaluecopy.com/ where I bought great quality color copies for 8 cents on one job and just 2 cents on a black and white copy job. I saved a lot of money and it was easy. I would have paid much more at a retail store and it was much easier to order.


1/24/2009 12:16 PM | # re: kinko's and color copies
I work for Kinkos, and by the way color copies went down almost half the price of what is being discussed on this page over two years ago. Color copies start at .49 cents. We have no way of pricing it cheaper if it only has three lines of text in color. Are we to charge by the square inch of color? If you say yes then you would be in a even longer line and be dealing with even unhappier customers. Concerning UPS stores , I have just recently seen color copies from them . They looked terrible , not glossy , very flat and undefined. Also we offer price matching at Kinkos. Stop bitching and get a quote from a competitor , bring it in and get the same if not better price and a better product. All of our machines are serviced on a regular basis. Machines are not left in unorking condition for more then 24hrs. Our machines are up to date and changed out with newer models every two years. The UPS store close to me has to purchase his own equipment because he is franchised, and thus is using a outdated machine with bad quality. Many team members at kinkos get bogged down with projects and do roll their eyes or ask you to do it your self if you come to the full service counter asking for four copies. IT IS A FULL SERVICE COUNTER FOR A REASON. Come to the counter , give print instructions , get a turn around time, and leave your project to be completed. If it is a small job why not take care of things yourself ? As for the lady that brought in the script she had written herself, I would think you would be pleased that since the guy at the counter noticed a copyright he was protecting your document. You offered your license for proof, but upon first observation he surmised that you were like many other customers that show up at that counter with copyrighted work that don't know or don't care if a document is copyrighted.
1/27/2009 4:20 PM | # re: kinko's and color copies
First I must say, I find it hilarious that we are all on here commenting on a blog post from four years ago, trying to drive more traffic to our respective color copying and digital printing companies, each of us insisting that our company is better than Kinko's (and I don't think any of us have been wrong in that respect).

Why do we do this? It's obvious: we're all jealous that for some reason this completely irrelevant blog post always comes up number one or two for our most coveted keyword, "color copies." Like the old saying goes, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em -- so we're all on here posting links to our websites, trying to create more "link juice," thereby raising our respective positions in the search results.

The irony of course is that in posting here we are keeping this blog post fresh with new content, thereby perpetuating its position at the top of the search results! This is not good for any of us. Well, maybe for Tim, but not us in the business.

I urge Tim to turn comments off on this entry so that we all stop this bogus charade. I'm sure when he originally wrote this post and lambasted Kinko's for their terrible pricing and services, he didn't expect his blog to become a battlefield for search engine placement among Kinko's competitors. Perhaps he didn't even realize the significance of it until reading this comment.

Regardless, I think I speak for all of us when I say (with a touch of ol' Ron Reagan in my voice), "Mr. Heuer, tear down this comments section!" Let it expire and turn to dust. We need your totalitarian intervention here, because we will not, cannot, stop on our own -- it would be bad for business! But without a doubt it will be better for all of us in the long run.

Docucopies.com - color copies and digital printing
1/27/2009 4:27 PM | # re: kinko's and color copies
Oh yeah... for the record, we still have better prices than anyone mentioned in this comments section...

Ha! Zing!
1/27/2009 4:34 PM | # re: kinko's and color copies
Roe - I find it amusing that people think this is irrelevant :-) -- it's only irrelevant because the companies that write me monthly, comment here with their URI's, etc. are not showing up on search results and their trying to find ways to change that. I get requests at least every other month for paid advertisements, or people offering to pay me to remove this post. Why? It's totally relevant. It's a blog. It's my opinion and rant about my experience with color copies and Kinko's pricing model at the time. So should I take something down and break search results? No, as an Internet professional, I value the concept of permalinks and ensuring that history is preserved when people link.

So you can rant all you want. People who are searching are searching for opinions, etc. Frankly I *want* people to share their experiences with Kinkos, et. Al. It is that type of citizen feedback that changes things. I had for a long time a post about a homebuilder and issues they caused me. Guess what, the homebuilder didn't get many sales for a while, had to change the way they serviced customers (as a result of my blog post), etc. Eventually there was some legal intervention that took place and it isn't here anymore. So if someone wants to provide some basis for that here, send your attorneys my way ;-).

Until then let me explain some search engine optimization 101 to some folks. The more you visit this post, the more people add comments, the MORE relevant it becomes to the search engines. Why? Because you just logged a click-through indicating that the result was relevant. Then you just added a RECENT comment indicating the information was still good (again, to a computer), etc., etc.

If color copier people want to comment here, then please feel free. I do, however, delete comments that are SHEER advertisements. I appreciate, at least, your note about the post and you actually read it :-)...oh and the Zing!
1/27/2009 4:46 PM | # re: kinko's and color copies
Interesting points, Tim, and I certainly respect your position. Nobody wants less hits on their blog, website, or whatever. And you're right -- all these posts do make it more relevant. Not just to search engines, but to consumers and readers as well.

I will however make a strong effort to avoid commenting again... the point's been made, and it only hurts us more to keep doing it... so good luck to you and your blog! (Ironically, I know one of our tech guys here is a frequent reader of yours so keep up the good work)
2/1/2009 11:45 AM | # re: Kinko's and color copies
I agree that it is insane to pay more than $0.15 cents per color copy depending on paper weight, Our company sells color copies for $.08 cents each, and shipped the same day, we even offer free saddle stitch booklet making.
2/3/2009 1:19 PM | # re: Kinko's and color copies
I have a Kodak Nexpress 2100 plus and a Heidelberg DI Pro Digital press...

1000 pieces printed 4/0 with bleeds on coated - $227.00
Color copies as low as .09 on 60# offset.
Mailing service, full inhouse bindery...

Oh and did I say customer service? You are dealing with the owners, not some kid who could give a rats ass.

[email protected]
2/3/2009 1:29 PM | # re: Kinko's and color copies
Oh, and by the way.... .89 cents? .50 cents? Ridiculous.

This has become a commodity. The only thing you can do to differentiate yourself is to provide excellent customer service. The value is in the finishing. Anyone that can push button can sell you a color print on a old color copier. They key is can they sell you a superior print on 120# coated cover, color dead on, three scores, no cracking,with variable information, direct imprinted for mailing, wafer sealed in 4 hours at a competitive price, then delivered to the post office and still make money.

We can.

If you haven't invested in your business, you will be out of business.

Kinko's sucks. If you want to put your livelihood in the hands of someone who doesn't care. Go ahead. I think you need to support your local small business. There are plenty of people that still care and are more competitive that the local chain variety or online whore we have come to know. Walmart, Kinko's and the like have destroyed small business and America as we know it...
2/4/2009 4:42 PM | # re: Kinko's and color copies
Yes! .89 is way to much! Check out this site they only charge .09 per color copy.
It's called www.justcolorcopies.com. Thanks for the post! B~
2/16/2009 10:56 PM | # re: Kinko's and color copies
Hell I am glad I stumbled upon this site! I couldn't dream up a better price comparison/color copy review site. Thanks Tim!
2/17/2009 12:29 PM | # re: Kinko's and color copies
Tim, I have really enjoyed reading this blog and getting a snapshot view of the color copy business. We love Kinko's (now FedEx Office) and all the other national chains. They keep their prices on the high end of the scale and we can beat them all day long on price, service and turnaround. Next time you have a similar situation come up check us out. wwww.mycolorcopies.com
2/24/2009 3:01 PM | # re: Kinko's and color copies
I just stumbled upon this site because I needed a cost comparison for a job I did. I have a color printer and printed 17K pages for a non-profit org. I am charging for the ink, but wanted to be sure they understood what a deal they are getting. With the best prices listed here (no shipping, taxes or other fees considered) my charge to them is at least half of what it would cost. Given, I am not charging for my time, electricity, etc.

But I wanted to point out that my printer gives me a reoprt about the amount of ink used for a job, so I can charge less for a text document with a few color lines than for a full page photograph. YES, I believe the technology is in place for us to be charged according to the cost. All of you copy/print companies need to get with the program! And Paul, that language was not necessary.
3/2/2009 9:02 AM | # re: Kinko's and color copies
For being a blog that is over 3 years old, the topic is highly relevant. It's no wonder why it is in top listings for color copies.

Anyway, Tim, if you haven't had enough pitches on color copy prices, let me put my two cents in. You can definitely find color copy prices well under $0.89 per copy, but there are few options for competitive prices and great customer service. Color copy prices at Color Copies USA range from $0.14 to under $0.05 per copy. They have very friendly service and always looking out for their customers. http://www.ColorCopiesUSA.com

Thanks for the blog post, Tim.
3/11/2009 10:31 PM | # re: Kinko's and color copies
I had a calander printed by A&I in Hollywood on an Indigo Digital press, four colors and it turned out great. This same press offers 4/0 for .50 each on the basic order of 50, it gets cheaper as it goes up. The print quality was far superior to any of the Laser copiers at Kinkos, UPS etc.
By the way, I have my advertising banners and signs done at Kinkos on Vine and Sunset in Hollywood, this is the only Kinko's shop in Southern California that knows what they are doing...seriously....I was in the print trade for 30 years. But eveyone needs to bear in mind that each reproduction technology has its limitations and capabilities. And Marcia...heres a rats ass to your politcally correct rats ass....Holy Moly!!! Good luck in the business world.
3/12/2009 10:41 AM | # re: Kinko's and color copies
Kinkos is way over priced. My company sells 19 cents color copies with no minimums and resonable shipping. www.FreestateCopier.com
3/20/2009 11:26 PM | # re: Kinko's and color copies
I went to Kinko’s for Copies today in San Antonio they wanted .69 each color I laugh and said are you kidding me, the minimum wage worker just shrugged. SO yeah Kinko’s Copies are a Joke. I'm actually considering getting the INK refills for my little HP all in one and 2 reams of paper this should actually be a little cheaper than even the online offering .12 a copy.

Now a days with everyone having a printer and if you don’t know YES u can refill your cartridge JUST DO IT YOUR SELF.

Blake Lemoi Computer Services

IF ANYONE IN SA needs computer repair and references this Blog 25% of the Ridiculous-less-ness of Kinkos and Large Corperations Stealing our MONEY aka Geek Squad is my sworn Nemesis kids and computers dont mix
3/25/2009 9:20 AM | # re: Kinko's and color copies
Kinkos here in Houston is promoting .49 color. Copy Doctor will do it for .29 on 28/70# paper. They have all new Xerox equipment too. No service issues there and great customer service! I have also seen that they ship. Check them out! www.copydr.com
3/31/2009 7:44 AM | # re: Kinko's and color copies
I don't think one needs to add any more comments about Kinkos, Staples or the local copy shops concerning their high prices. I thought some readers of this blog might be interested in our experience on the internet. We are publishers of financial documents and tried a couple of different online printers/copiers. Some of the online companies we used seemed inexpensive at first glance but were not and some did not have good quality or timely deliveries. We discovered this site, www.bestvaluecopy.com. We gave them a first test job which was small and it was shipped right away, was inexpensive and top quality. We tried them again with a big job and got the same excellent results. The internet is full of companies that are not providing what they promise, this company so far has done so.

4/4/2009 5:38 PM | # re: Kinko's and color copies
That is amazing how high in the Google rankings this blog is :)

Anyway, I do wonder why:

A) Color printing at places like FedEx is so much higher than B&W, at this day and age of printing technology.

B) *IF* printing colors other than black (and mixing them to create photo-quality images) are so much more complex and expensive, then surely printing machines could calculate, to the smallest spec of ink or toner, just how much is needed for each print job, and price it accordingly. E.g., enter a digital file into the machine, and then it calculates the cost.

Printers do indeed need to make a profit, otherwise they go out of business and cease to exist. And most people who've never run a business have no idea about the real-world costs involved, and the difficulty of staying in black each month. But by the same measure, if a huge company like FedEx is sticking it to customers big-time on some particular type of print job, customers too have to watch their wallets and look to competitors for more reasonable pricing. That's the good thing about capitalism, competition, and the free flow of information (as can be found on internet blogs :) )
4/21/2009 12:57 PM | # re: Kinko's and color copies
I’ve looked at other sites too and one thing that I’ve noticed is that most of these sites offer color copies on cheap copier paper which in my humble opinion doesn’t look very good. I tried these guys and their standard paper is that good laser paper that you get from kinkos’ and those other guys at great prices. With no minimums orders and no hidden fees they make it really easy to order as well, you might want to try them out. WWW.Colorprintsonline.com
4/22/2009 11:07 AM | # re: Kinko's and color copies
Forget the other guys. www.copydr.com is the way to go!
5/1/2009 6:46 AM | # re: Kinko's and color copies
I would like to say that kinkos color copy prices have gone down to .49 cents a piece for 8.5x11,But I found a print shop/copy shop in west st.paul,mn that offers .25 color copies that are of excellent quality and .04 cent black & white copies with Free shipping of orders of $70.00 or more, check them out you want be dissapointed. www.newvisionprinting.tc
5/14/2009 2:28 PM | # re: Kinko's and color copies
Well I can tell you as an Office Depot employee that our color copy cost is about 20.6¢ a copy. Black and white costs us about 2 cents. So even though OD/Staples/Kinko's charge 49-59 cents a copy, we are still making a good amount of money on our copies.

"Anyway, I do wonder why:

A) Color printing at places like FedEx is so much higher than B&W, at this day and age of printing technology."

Well speaking just from Office Depot we make a lot of IMU (initial markup, or in layman's terms, profit) out of the copy center. Most of the stuff back there has a huge markup to make up for other areas of the store (like technology and furniture items on sale) where we make little to no money, or even lose money when we can't get attachments on the sale. I can probably assume that Staples copy centers are the same way. There is a cost involved though, as I stated before. I do not know what factors go into the 20.6 cents a copy. I can assume that part of it is the cost of the rental of the machine, in addition to the toner cartridges, fuser modules, drums etc which are all very expensive parts. Hope this helps a little.
6/3/2009 9:18 AM | # re: Kinko's and color copies
Just wanted to say, please don't take this blog down, I'm doing research to find out the best solutions re: color copies for my company and this really helped out a lot. I just found out about 5 options (other than kinkos) that I can now go research. Huge help and these are 5 options I have never heard about before. For me it was the Kinkos $25.00 courier fee to deliver approximately 5 miles that sent me on a search. Each copy was approximately .60. Thanks for the great info.
6/9/2009 6:57 AM | # re: Kinko's and color copies
Ditto, Michelle. I googled cheap color copies and up this popped. Thanks for the info.

7/18/2009 10:57 AM | # re: Kinko's and color copies

This thread is hilarious. Why would someone keep this discussion going for a posting made 4 years ago.

If you folks have a suggestion for cheap color postcard printing, then let me know.
7/18/2009 8:36 PM | # re: Kinko's and color copies
We've blown away Kinko's pricing for over 3 years now:

We offer color copies for .10 each side;
If you want great paper: .13 each side on 100# glossy text.
$5 shipping anywhere in the US any size order.

our only drawback is a $25 minimum and a 1-2 day turnaround.

Online ordering only at this price. PDF must be provided and payment by credit card. Happy Shopping!
7/20/2009 5:01 PM | # re: Kinko's and color copies
Which company has this deal? Thanks...
7/21/2009 11:35 PM | # re: Kinko's and color copies
I order my color copies from good impressions. I pay $107.00 for 500 colored copies (tax included), and $130+ for 700. BUT! I'm in the local area of this printing business and just pick my order up. I don't know how much it would cost for shipping. Check their website out.

I've been getting my flyers done with them for the past year and have been COMPLETELY SATISFIED!! They are honest and convenient.


7/29/2009 9:13 AM | # re: Kinko's and color copies
You need to understand operational overhead, payroll and contracted click rates before you start complaining about "frigging" prices. Go print your newsletter at home for the next 16 hours and do some multi-tasking.
8/13/2009 8:08 PM | # re: Kinko's and color copies
Check out www.connectionsprinting.com. This is a sheltered employment program that provides employment and training for behavioral healthcare consumers. The proceeds from the printing we sell all goes to the not-for-profit organization. $0.11 color copies plus shipping. 1000 full color 4"x6" UV-coated Postcards only $54.00 plus shipping. 1000 full color UV-coated business cards only $29.95 which includes shipping anywhere in US. [email protected]
8/15/2009 6:25 AM | # re: Kinko's and color copies
I can print your color copies at .30 cents for 1500. Plus ship them over night to you for a good good deal.
8/27/2009 10:39 AM | # re: Kinko's and color copies
I responded to this blog a few months ago with my experience ordering copies online and was interested to read the various comments since then. I have ordered from www.bestvaluecopy.com many times since I first responded to this blog and every job has been perfect and shipped really fast. The prices are great, color copies are only 8 cents with no minimum and they have excellent customer service.
8/28/2009 4:34 PM | # re: Kinko's and color copies
I can Do way Better than KINKOS.
Business cards for $20.00
9/2/2009 10:11 PM | # re: Kinko's and color copies
Virtually all the big box stores are gouging on pricing of all the products they produce. They are also staffed by lower level, undertrained and underpaid employees. No one should ever buy from them. Kinko's, Staples, Office Max, whatever, your local print/copyshop (like me and many others who commented here) will do a much better job at a lower price. We actually care about our customers and the files they send. I would also run 1500 color copies on 60# white for about $300. By the way, there are business color machines, which print 12 shades of each toner and commercial color machines, which print 256 shades of each toner. I have a 50 per minute commercial color machine with a Creo rip which cost $38,000 and service is TEN times the cost of b/w machines. This is why color costs so much more.
9/21/2009 7:00 AM | # re: Kinko's and color copies
I've got an HP 2600 Laserjet printer. It doesn't print photo quality, but prints pretty close. Most of my printing is text documents with one or two small thumbnail images or some color text or something like that.

Cost of the printer- 299 wth a $40 rebate
cost of the toner-$80 each

I do a ton of printing so keep rough track of whats being printed and how much its costing- the last 5000 pages i printed averaged out to 4.1 cents per page (again, color was in a lot of these). so even after i throw in some overhead for electric, inital cost of the printer, etc... the cost is still way below what you're going to find in most brick and mortar stores. I say get your own printer and do it youself.
10/23/2009 10:01 AM | # re: Kinko's and color copies
I consistently get color "printing" done. 10,000 81/2 x 11 full color copies runs me around $500. I also get a 5200 quantity for $358. They are very color intensive and even have a couple photos on the piece. A few years ago I shyed away from printers, since I was getting B/W copies for 2.1 cents each at Office depot. Their prices have gone up considerably since, and I love splashing some color on my advertising with 2 color, or going all the way with full color!

Not all "printers" are offering these low prices, but I have found 2 in my area that are around .05 for full color printing.

My .02 ...look into your local printer next time.
10/26/2009 1:39 PM | # re: Kinko's and color copies
Just curious, does anyone know of an inexpensive company who prints 2' x 3' and 4' x 6' window banners? I'm in commercial real estate so I am always needing "Available" signs. I've paid upwards of $100 for these signs and I'd like to try and do it cheaper.

10/28/2009 10:11 AM | # re: Kinko's and color copies
Actually the pricing for a little bit of colour never really changes when it comes to full colour copying and printing. The way it works in print shops (not to defend Kinko's high prices) is we have a deal with the printer and copying manufacturers for a set click rate. Fortunately this means we will pay the same cost for a full page with every colour of the rainbow. The downside is we'll pay that same fixed rate for 1 itty bitty little red dot on the page.

Vs. your idea of using the home printers....paying for toner can be a real nightmare depending on coverage. They will say that you will get 1,200 pages out of a $100 cartridge...but one must be aware that means 5% of the paper covered in toner. I've rated some full colour laser printers as being as much as $6 per page in toner costs (with 100% coverage...kind of puts it into perspective)
11/3/2009 10:32 AM | # re: Kinko's and color copies
Tom - you are right...doing it at home can be pricey. We have a poster that we were given by HP last year - it estimates that a color copy with 50% coverage is .91 cents. Even 50% coverage isn't as much as people think it is. I love the guy at the top from Kinkos saying that UPS Stores are "stuck" buying machines. I find that ironic since my color volume is so high that we get a new machine every year. I am a small shop and have twice as much technology as corporate owned Kinkos....I'd guess that's the case with 90% of the other commercial printers on here. Stick to locally owned businesses in your area - those are the people that are paying your school taxes and your friends and neighbors paychecks.
11/6/2009 3:11 PM | # re: Kinko's and color copies
I surfed onto this sight a few months back to research some cheaper companies to get our printing at. After a couple trials we decided Docucopies was the best choice. They had the best prices and didn't hide their actual prices by jacking up the shipping cost like some places do. There booklets are the same price as there color copies! And shortly after we placed our order, they even sent us a coupon for 10% off our next job. Plus whenever I go to the site it seems like they have another special running. Sometimes its on envelopes or business cards, sometimes it's 10% any job type, and they even were running a special a couple weaks ago for 10% off just for churches, which was great for us. Plus when I called in with questions I actually talked to a REAL PERSON. They were cordial and professional in dealing with both me and my receptionist, which is a huge difference from going into the local Kinkos branch. I would highly reccommend them to anyone trying to save $$ on color copying and printing.
11/24/2009 11:52 AM | # re: Kinko's and color copies
I found this site helpful. Found online printer Best Value Copy from recommendations and we were very satisfied with quality and prices.
11/30/2009 2:48 PM | # re: Kinko's and color copies
I have tried every color copy shop on the planet (not really, but you get the idea). I have the same issues with all of them- color consistency, cracking on solids, customer service....I then stumbled on a company that gives me the best of both worlds (high quality product and great customer service) ....TwilightPrintZone.com They offer runs of 100, 250, and 500. The turnaround time is reasonable but not as quick as traditional color copies because its printing...the quality is better than any color copy you will get elsewhere. I get all my documents done on a 100# glossy paper with some special coating they call aquaeous. The cost is more than the 8 to 10 cents that you will find elsewhere but if quality is very important then I would contact TwilightPrintZone.com ......by the way, for pricing you have to click "Estimates" on the menubar of their homepage....their response time is incredible
12/1/2009 11:00 PM | # re: Kinko's and color copies
After just today supporting my local printing/copying establishment for worse than Kinkos-esque pricing and not even being able to get them double sided color (mom has worked in reprographics all my life, going from Diazo blueline to Xerox tech - I know what specialty chains can do this for, and how their shops are managed) I couldn't stomach doing it again, even if it WAS supporting the little guy. Thanks to all the info here I've ordered five times as many prints, exactly how I wanted them, and for less than half what I paid today. Granted, I have to wait for them to ship, but I usually plan far enough ahead to be able to work with that. I've emailed my mom to see what her shop would have done it for (they have no online ordering option). Thanks for a great commentary thread/source of info.
12/3/2009 1:41 PM | # re: Kinko's and color copies
In response to Stacy...

There's definitely something to be said for supporting the "little guy." Unfortunately the little guy also has to support himself, and he needs to know what he's up against. If he can't even do double-sided color, I find it amazing he's still in business at all. Economic Darwinism is not kind to businesses that don't evolve... survival of the fittest is in full effect.

One of the nice things about some of the online companies in our price range is that you are supporting the little guys. I can't say this for all of them, but I can honestly say we're a small business in every sense, except that we have a huge volume output which helps us keep our prices at or near the lowest on the net on most products. We have a close-knit team of well-trained, knowledgeable printing professionals who view their positions more as careers than as 9-to-5 "jobs." That makes all the difference in the quality of service you can expect.

We also help the little guys stay afloat. Hundreds of small, neighborhood mom-n-pop shops outsource much of their work to us, which is great because they can up-charge significantly to make a profit, and most of their customers will still think they're getting the deal of a life time.

So if you want to get great quality color copies and printing, and know that you're also helping pump money back into small businesses (America's economic backbone), stick with us at Docucopies for your color copies and printing.
12/9/2009 4:47 PM | # re: Kinko's and color copies
There is a basic misunderstanding here. The original poster wanted spot color and any full color printer is overkill. My business has a HP LaserJet 4600 that does full color and it is wonderful quality and we charge .28 per page. If someone is doing a flyer and wants some spot color, we can print it on one of our Risograph digital presses for pennies and switch color drums for spot color in a minute or two. There is also a big difference, by necessity, between a retail location where you can walk in at any time, that does limited numbers of copies, etc., and a firm online that does big volumes and is not paying for retail space and people to stand around all day. If you want to walk in and get it done right away, there is going to be a premium for that. The internet has changed a lot of price points for stuff. But the more specialized your need, the closer the pricing is going to get and especially if you it takes any hand work.
For instance, we print a coupon book twice a year that has to be stapled and trimmed and then inserted into plastic doorknob bags. This is a lot of hand work.
Dan, Blue Planet Offices, Inc. Key West, FL
12/13/2009 10:38 AM | # re: Kinko's and color copies
For those saying it's cheaper buying you own printer and buying it yourself...and before you post that to the writer of the article, why don't you do that and tell us how much it cost?

I have a printer and recently decided to print my own color copies,,
do you know how much color cartidrage costs?!
I would get 16 at most 18 pages out of ONE color cartidrage that cost me $25 dollars plus tax!
I spent $75 dollars on just ink color for only 48 copies.= 1.56 dollars.

I rather pay $89 cents or the $56 cents that kinkos is charging now.
12/30/2009 6:58 AM | # re: Kinko's and color copies
WoW! I was searching the web on ask.com just to get a general price on color and black and white copies and this site pulled up. Thanks guys for all your input, i have had a wonderful time laughing at most comments, it's interesting, and helpful because i'm able to get different prices through all the competitors. Plus, i get a good laugh.
1/22/2010 11:07 AM | # re: Kinko's and color copies
I have to agree with Kathy, seeing as how I have been in the printing business for over 20 years.

What makes the initial post so pathetic, is that cost was never even considered in the first place. Now that you're out of time, you want to complain about cost. Your first mistake was you procrastinated on the design, the second mistake was you ignored cost. Kinko's offers a service, not printing. You were paying for service and convenience because you approached the entire project like an idiot. Amount of color is irrelevant, so the fact that it had a "little" color is meaningless. It's either color, or it's not.

Now considering a lease on a color copier can run several thousand dollars a month, or a high click charge depending on the deal, $.89 is not terrible. What's completely laughable is your comparison of buying a couple of commercial grade copiers. Unbelievable ignorance. They are in business to make money, and considering how difficult it is to make money in the printing business, it's a completely fair and reasonable price. They cater to idiots like you who are too ignorant to understand printing costs money. They make their money on short runs, of between 1 and 250. You wanted 1500, so if cost was considered, you would have shopped. Why didn't you shop? I'll tell you why, you assumed printing was about hitting the print button on your computer, and it's not.

The bottom line is, you know absolutely nothing about the business.

Here's an idea, plan your project better next time. Decide whether you want a toner based product, or traditional offset. At 1500 pieces, you could have went offset and gotten superior quality. Then again, you don't understand quality either most likely.

1/22/2010 11:39 AM | # re: Kinko's and color copies
The worst part is, I'm really not a big fan of Kinko's to begin with. I produce commercial printing, not short run copy work.

Just so you might better understand, a top of the line production copier can be as much as $1,000,000+. The Kodak NexPress and Xerox IGen are a couple worth mentioning, although you might be able to find a used one for about $250,000. Typically, a business will drop about $250,000 on the initial lease, and pay upwards $8000 a month plus the click charge. This doesn't even take into consideration square footage, employee wages, benefits, overhead, etc.

The smaller copiers sell for about $50,000 and up, or work similar lease agreements at smaller numbers.

Personally, I prefer a decent 28" Heidelberg 6 color with an aqueous coating tower (about $3,000,000), but I have to admit, our little Xerox docu-color242 works pretty well. We sell color copies at anywhere from about $.50 each, to a minimum of about $50. Why? Well, we're professionals, and it takes more to administer a job than it does to produce it sometimes. We're competitive where Kinkos is not.
1/22/2010 2:04 PM | # re: Kinko's and color copies
Kinko's has its purpose in life. It was developed on the idea of the short run walk in business model. Yes, they do business to business, but anyone with a clue in the printing process would not choose Kinko's for 1500 pieces.

Sorry to keep ranting, but the printing industry has taken a beating over the years, and is not making money. Kinko's is not a printer, it is a service provider. Copy's are simply one of their services. They are looking for the client that needs 20 50-page reports for a meeting, or proposal, and doesn't concern themselves with cost primarily. The client likes the fact that Kinko's is everywhere, and offers a consistent service anywhere they go. Kinko's wants the walk in client, who wants 10 copies now. They're selling packaging materials, and shipping, or computer time. They are not printers.

That said, Kinko's has been a very successful model, and has been around since the advent digital printing. They survived because they didn't try to compete with every Tom, Dick and Harry with a copier. The problem is not Kinko's price structure, the problem was you didn't know how to buy printing. You also backed yourself into a corner, because you procrastinated on your design work. You didn't feel like driving an hour, and you said that yourself. You also said you waited until the last minute, which is exactly why you went to Kinkos in the first place. You certainly can't bitch about Kinkos price because of your poor planning and lack of understanding of the industry.

I never in million years thought I would ever find myself defending Kinko's.

Pretty damn funny when I think about it.

1/25/2010 10:36 AM | # re: Kinko's and color copies
This says it all: "so i waited to the last minute and kinko’s would be the only one able to get it done in time (aside from another place about an hour from my house that i wasn’t willing to drive)."

The only one able to give you the service you need, because you're too lazy to drive an hour, and also procrastinated in the design, and you have the audacity to complain about the service they offer. We pay for service, and that's simply a fact of life.

This is the other part that just gets my goat...

"i decided i couldn’t justify it and opted for the b&w copies — how much you ask? = $45. that’s right, color copies were going to cost me at best 16X more than standard copies (same paper mind you). unbelievable in this day and age. i remember when kinko’s first started offering color copies and they were roughly $1 — now probably 10 years later, that price has only dropped 11 cents. unbelievable."

What's so unbelievable? America has gotten so used to paying for cheap products produced in countries that offer workers a bowl of rice, and no benefits, that they forget what they're paying for in this country. It doesn't surprise me in the least that prices haven't backed off much at Kinko's, considering the value of our dollar keeps dropping at a much faster rate. We're so used to seeing product cost's plummet as we lay off our workers in the states, and ship production over seas, that we really don't comprehend what we're doing to ourselves. Is everyone really this naive? It's no surprise our unemployment is out of control, considering we don't produce anything in this country. We've even taken things further, and ship out customer service, and software development. We end up with a glut of workers in a particular field, which drives the value of that field down, and unemployment up.

$0.89 per copy? Well, it's a fair price when you gotta have it, and they're the only ones willing to commit, and the only one standing at the time of the need. Business 101 actually, find a need and fill it. Unfortunately, they have to deal with ignorance sometimes, like the author of the original post.

I really don't mean to dump on you so hard, but Kinko's didn't deserve a shot across the bow on pricing. They were there when you needed them. Yes, you pay a little more, but that pay goes to supporting all the staff behind the counter. It's bad enough I have to compete with a printer in China, or Mexico, but to complain about a local service providers pricing is absurd. They aren't ripping anyone off, and as a matter of fact, they'll probably fall victim to overseas subcontracting themselves eventually. You'll get your $.05 color copy at that point, but you probably won't be able to afford it, because you may not have a job by then.

1/30/2010 3:09 PM | # re: Kinko's and color copies
The market price in the San Francisco Bay Area as of this writing is $0.72 apiece. Realistically, copies are always a loss leader, which means anyone who is charging off the bottom end of the bell curve won't stay in business long enough to learn all the buttons. That's the problem with Kinko's. You can't have that much employee turnover with a 2010 savvy clientele--it takes me about a year before I can leave my employees alone on a color copier, and most of them have degrees in art. Anyway, I charge 59 cents (I won't even leave my name), and so do most of my neighbors. I don't even raise an eyebrow to the undercutters because they literally never stay in business for a year--I've been the biggest in the area for 40. So let me tell you the real answer: you could buy yourself a laser printer, but the colors will be off, the process will be agonizingly slow, you'll spend retail on paper, there will be inconsistent lines in the middle, it'll be even slower because you won't know what filetype the machine prefers, and you'll have to throw the machine away at the end. There's just too much risk and hassle involved with your idea. The math doesn't really work out. Believe me, a whole lot of my corporate customers own some really nice machines, but they still pay me to do it, because in the end $0.59 is cheaper.
2/5/2010 11:48 AM | # re: Kinko's and color copies

I saw so many people defending the position of the initial post, that the ignorance of the group as a whole amazed me. It hit a nerve I suppose, after losing my printing company to 9-11. I estimate for a living as well as MIS duties now, and see pricing at an all time low. It's worse than what happened when I owned a printing company, because it's been a slow steady decline. My sales dipped 40% after 9-11, and I did a crash and burn. The market is weeding out the conventional printing companies again, and low pricing is a sign of the throws of death for many. Printing is really transitioning to a full out commodity, where service and quality is expected, not paid for as in the past. Kinko's offered the original post a service, and one he really needed at the time. They were the only ones that could meet his needs. Instead of admitting he couldn't afford the service, and that he procrastinated on the design, he proceeded to bash Kinko's. He was wrong, and anyone siding with him is wrong. It's the typical mindset of many people out there now, where they expect to be ripped off 99% of the time, when they aren't. The average margin for printers in today's market is a mere 3%.

The printers that survive this market will be the ones that are automated, or the ones that have found a niche.
3/8/2010 1:06 PM | # re: Kinko's and color copies
If you want to be "serviced to death" then try MasterCopy 24/7.....This company offered me a cost-effective alternative that was a bit more than color copies but it was well worth it. Instead of digitally duplicating my project (5 orig, 250 cc each...and collated) they suggested I try printing it...the job was beautiful...and much higher quality than ANY digital copy. I don't have their phone number but you can reach them at [email protected]
4/28/2010 2:45 PM | # re: Kinko's and color copies
I googled "average market price for color copy" as I am trying to decide what to charge at our copy center in our college. HAHA. We're non-profit so we are just looking to recover costs and slightly over. This was not helpful, but entertaining nonetheless.
5/3/2010 9:35 AM | # re: Kinko's and color copies
I'd like to second Matt, this thread has been very informative! I work for a small business, and have made a note to get a printer's input on our ad layout. Thanks to everyone for providing such great info.

Oh, and Roe? You're hilarious.
6/16/2010 2:10 PM | # re: Kinko's and color copies
Awesome blog! I'm doing wedding programs for my brother's wedding, and was looking for a way to print cheaper than just kinkos. I've already copied several links, and will be seraching them all for the best prices. Thanks!
7/10/2010 11:42 AM | # re: Kinko's and color copies
Just trying to add a comment to keep it fresh and relevant. Keep it open and let the people blog.
7/19/2010 6:04 PM | # re: Kinko's and color copies
I only have to say one thing and one thing only.....Tim I think you are Gorgeous! Wow out of all this comments the only thing I care to remember is how handsome you are.. I forgot about the copies and the price the back and forth of who does it better. If your married..your wife is very lucky and if your not what a waste you truly deserve for a nice women to take care of you!
8/7/2010 10:05 AM | # re: Kinko's and color copies
OK. I have to docs I need to print and bind. I think it's 400 pages in total.
Staples quoted over $40 and that was for black and white. I tried a couple of web sites a few weeks back but I found they offered lower per page prices but made it up in the shipping charges.

Can any one suggest a good deal?
I dont think we have a kinkos or fedex here.
10/1/2010 7:42 AM | # re: Kinko's and color copies
I just got copies made @ Kinkos they look great. I thought it was a bit high. But the last time I made copies (15 yrs ago) they were a quarter. Come on people everythings gone up. If I made the copies at work, the price of the paper and four sets of ink, and the time using the printer would have been crazy. So I went to Kinkos on a friday made copies for work since they need them moday and ever since my boss has been mad and treated me stupid in front of everyone.
11/4/2010 6:58 AM | # re: Kinko's and color copies
Okay, so I have read most of this blog. It is interesting and a place for those who don't own a print and copy shop to voice their opinions. That is good! But for those of us who are the business owners and offer copy and print services to our communities, we have a message for those of you out there that are looking for the cheap deals....Be careful what you wish for: Maybe cheaper copies are good, but when your local copy shops start closing so do the job opportunities, and the business those shops are giving to other businesses in their town. The internet orders may or may not be cheaper, but in my experience, the shipping can exceed the price you would pay locally. Plus you are supporting your local economy! Today more than ever we need customers to support the efforts of local business in all industries. Soon you will not have a choice but to buy on line...from Mexico, China or something like that, and then what will you do, when those companies really don't care about customer service and your local employment, local economy and so on. So Think about it...it is a dangerous path we are going down. Once you lose businesses, your population will fall, your schools will layoff teachers, city will lay off policeman, fireman, city employees and so on. Your Community or City will not be the same as it once was. Wake Up America...you need your local small businesses even if you are paying a bit more for it!
12/28/2010 12:02 PM | # re: Kinko's and color copies
I have to laugh when I see stuff like this. You waited to the last minute to get your stuff printed and now you're disgusted with the only option available to you and your deadline. Your lack of planning is being taken out on a company that has saved a lot of people, like you, from near disaster.
As far as the price goes, I wonder if you tell the cook at the resturant you're dinning with that you could by 8 steaks for the price they wanna charge. Of course not, we are a service driven industry where most people are happy to pay for quality delivered.
For next time, I say, stay home!
2/12/2011 2:52 PM | # re: Kinko's and color copies
Props Tim, you have managed to keep a blog active for 5 years. That is impressive.
2/22/2011 8:53 PM | # re: Kinko's and color copies
This hasn't really been covered: I have the paper but need the copies. It's for wedding invitations, lots of color-almost photo-amounts of color. Who has the cheapest local printing? Internet printing isn't always an option... I'm not going to mail the paper to a printer in NJ (or wherever) when I live in FL for .08 (or whatever) cent color copies that I can't proof in person. Color matching is imperitive here.
Local printers are relevant but impossible to find.

BTW, this blog has been really relevant. I was looking up prices at Kinkos when I found this. Thank You for keeping it going.
4/13/2011 11:36 AM | # re: Kinko's and color copies
I am the purchasing agent at a company that does a lot of short run printing such as customer newsletters and brochures. I found the online printer BestValueCopy by surfing the web. We've been very happy with them, the quality is excellent, the delivery and prices were very good. I recommend them.
7/25/2011 8:56 PM | # re: Kinko's and color copies
I agree it is really crazy how expensive printing and copying at Kinko's can be. I remember printing off 30 pages in color last year, and I could not believe what it cost. They are often the only game in town, and they are taking advantage of their customers. You can definitely save money by doing your printing and copying online. However, you do need to plan ahead a little. Read the "Steps to Compare Copy Prices" for details on how to select the most affordable copying services. The trend of going online for you printing and copying projects has really gained a lot of traction over the past 5 to 10 years.
12/15/2011 9:40 AM | # re: Kinko's and color copies
Glad to see other people have encountered the stupidity that is Kinko's printing.

Went in there today for 14 sheets of postcards (one side colour/one side B&W) on a thicker paper. Cost was 25$. I thought okay whatever I can justify that: it's pretty good quality paper & it will stand up in the mail, plus since it'd be cut in half to make the postcard, i'd get 2 for each sheet, making each card less than a buck. not bad for christmas cards.

then these jokers try to tell me plus $7 for set up. I say "7 dollars? are you joking?" the guy was like - that's the cheapest. I'm thinking 'so, 25$ + 30% of that for some half-assed part time employee to drag and drop files?' this was not a complicated operation trust me - the only reason i didn't do it myself was b/c their online uploading wasn't working.

I just hate that they took advantage of the fact that people don't know better. This was my first time printing any of my illustrations professionally, and I've learned my lesson.
12/20/2011 2:52 PM | # re: Kinko's and color copies
This blog has been great. I picked up the name of Best Value Copy from the comments. I tried them and saved over 70% vs what I was paying at a local printer in Mount Pleasant, Iowa. Quality was better and I got it fast. I love the web!! Thanks
3/12/2012 1:10 PM | # re: Kinko's and color copies
Thanks to this blog, I found online printers that beat local print-shop pricing. I ended up going with Color Prints Online after trying to go with Best Value. I cancelled with Best Value after I "discovered" they don't accept Discover for payment. I got the same price at Color Prints. Just remember that you will have to pay for shipping, which is $20 (and up) additional. Also know that Best Value charges $3 for each pdf file uploaded after the first one. Both places would be great if you lived in the area and could pick up.
7/3/2012 3:49 AM | # re: Kinko's and color copies
Thanks for sharing

Kinko is not so bad for color copies but I have good experience in BestValueCopy. Its quality printing of flyers, training manuals and booklets are so good above my expectation.
8/8/2012 4:45 AM | # re: Kinko's and color copies
This blog is such a great place to get all this info for cheap/alternative printing. Thank you Tim for ranting! Ranting is good when justified. It ALWAYS pays off to shop around. I am a professional designer with 20 years experience and I know a thing or two about printing, offset and color copy. Laser copiers are amazing nowadays, but they don't do bleed (or cannot print all the way to the edge). And that's a major put off for me. But for small quantities, it might be worth looking into it and compare with the (superior) digital printing.
9/3/2012 7:29 AM | # re: Kinko's and color copies
I'm doing research on a future printing project and looked up pricing at kinko's...but their website had no price list. I got to your blog and have been very pleased with the info found. I've pinned several of the printing websites and do appreciate that you have NOT taken down or turned off the comments section! Thank you for the assist!
9/25/2012 9:57 AM | # re: Kinko's and color copies
Just sent out a quote for a job that was about 1500 impressions and the breakdown with paper and finishing was .32 cents per color copy.

Color copies are not cheap in the least. Many above have stated why. Shop around and usually if you have lead time you can save a few pennies.

Link goes to our quote page.
10/12/2012 12:14 PM | # re: Kinko's and color copies
You guys, I just found this place is very cheap to copy your needs. Each copy just 3¢ for Black and white, 20¢ for colors. They are very friendly and helpful.
11851 Gilbert #103 garden grove, CA 92841. try it!
7/11/2013 9:27 PM | # re: Kinko's and color copies
The most interesting, and telling, thing I read in this string...the person claiming to be a Kinko's employee who wrote that you should "stop bitching..." Well. Great advertising for the customer service side of things. I too recently shopped for color copies, for a lengthy document, and was astounded at the pricing! Of course, it took a lot of searching to actually find the prices for most places - they hide the prices why? Awaiting results from an online service mentioned here. I hope, I hope, I hope it turns out well!
2/14/2014 9:16 PM | # re: Kinko's and color copies
Buffalo Press, Inc. 6348 Transit Rd, Depew, NY 14043 (716) 206-0541
We offer color copies starting at .25. The cost gets lower with quantity.
Family owned since 1983
6/7/2015 8:21 AM | # re: Kinko's and color copies
Companies typically don't reveal their pricing online mainly for 2 reasons:

1. They don't want their competitors to know what they charge. I know, a competitor can always call and find out the pricing, but at least they've made them work for it.

2. They don't want to feel as though they're locked-into anything at all times.

Or at least that's my guess as to why they don't have pricing lists visible, anyway.

Redhotprintinginc.com in Toronto shows pricing tables for all of their products, which was one of the reasons I started using them. Obviously not in any of your areas, but there are smaller printing shops around that are decent and we should all be using them when we get a chance.

It's such a competitive business these days and a lot of the smaller shops are closing while people continue to go to places like Business Depot and Kinkos. Sad.
9/11/2017 4:31 AM | # re: Kinko's and color copies
Old post, but digital printing is worth every penny in 2017
9/11/2017 9:21 PM | # re: Kinko's and color copies

Please add 3 and 8 and type the answer here:


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