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css call to action and IE7B2 avail!

down with the ie hacks!  have you been implementing css hacks on your site because of various ie implementation...ahem...bugs challenges?  here's your call to action. first, subscribe to the IE team blog.  hey you can use Squeet to do it: Squeet the IEBlog. second, visit this link and view the postings about the hacks that won't work so well in IE7 now that the challenges have been fixed and IE7 is rendering standards compliant. this is your call to action to get your sites working.  don't have IE7? get the beta 2 preview today: download IE7B2!!!

you see, i got a high score tonight..

...and i just wanna save my game... tags: humor, geek humor

my current favorite commercial

got squeet?

use rss? want it in your email? don’t want to install software?  check out squeet.com. i’m a newsgator user — i like the features of it.  but my friend at axosoft built squeet and i checked it out — i haven’t been back to newsgator yet. Squeet Me

i absolutely love the internet

everytime i think i've found the end of the internet...it just keeps getting longer... what is up with numa numa videos: http://video.google.com/videosearch?q=numa+numa and yes.  i watched them all.

i fought the law...and the law won

i feel like ranting. today i went to court in the afternoon to fight a traffic ticket.  i say fight, but the plan was more like to beg for some mercy on my driving record so my insurance rates wouldn't increase.  i was willing to pay the fine. so being the good citizen i am, and having utmost respect for most law, i dawned my suit, starched my shirt and went to the courthouse.  my time was already chosen for me, on the courts schedule. the first thing that made me mad was time.  i showed up ON TIME.  the judge polled the...

security developer res kit

just announced, the security developer resource kit The new Microsoft Developer Security Resource Kit brings together a host of valuable references and resources for developing more secure applications. In it you'll find: Best practices: These guidelines, how-to documents, and checklists will help you integrate security issues into the development process. Training: View webcasts and get access to loads of sample code to get you up to speed quickly on key security concepts. Developer tools: Analyze your code for security flaws, run data queries, detect errors, and test for compatibility issues. Technical articles and additional resources: Link up with online community and...

MIX 06

  Have you heard? Visit. Register.

indigo and workflow "go live"

in case you are a microsoft developer and have been under a rock today... Microsoft announced Go Live licenses this morning for WCF (Windows Communication Foundation / “Indigo”) and WF (Windows Workflow Foundation), which allow customers to use the January Go Live releases of WCF and WF in their deployment environments. (Note that these are unsupported Go Lives.) More information about the Go Live program is at http://msdn.microsoft.com/winfx/getthebeta/golive/default.aspx. There are also WCF and WF community sites, at: http://windowscommunication.net http://windowsworkflow.net The community sites are intended to give users everything needed to start using WCF and WF today.

ms research - groupshot

one of the coolest things about working for ms is seeing what the research group is all about.  i’ll be honest, for the type of money we spend on research i keep expecting the next pdc keynote to have a jetson flying car on the stage…but i digress. i’ve been playing with one of the tools for a bit now and it is now available to the public.  the tool, groupshot, allows more control on photo montages and stitching images together.  it’s a simple concept, but this demonstrates some of the interesting research msr has going on. from the site: MSR Group Shot...


i’m in the el paso airport (note: no free wireless) and the page just came across for “dorkus duttle” — that can’t be real. btw, what’s worse than using a public restroom?  when the stall next to you is occupied by someone wretching their dinner and making you gag (even more)

bill puts up sharepointforge

frustrated with various experiences, bill put up sharepointforge as “a place where you can come to and get value as a user and contributor, quickly, easily, and without jumping through a lot of hoops…” hey, that kinda looks like a new version of sharepoint ;-)

iHate when iCan't get software that is announced

if it is one thing that i really don’t like in the consumer electronics/computing industry, it is hearing about launches and product releases and not being able to immediately acquire them. present company included, i think companies need to do a better job at getting “launch” products immediately in the hand of consumers. yesterday, apple announced several new products, one namely that may shakeup hardware vendors, namely the macbook pro.  now, it must be said that apple rules the market in hardware design for me.  i think their innovation in computing hardware is solid, smart, sexy, and all the other buzzwords that...

cox buys cableamerica operations

in my neck of the woods, cableamerica is a provider of cable, internet and internet phone services.  it is one of basically three choices.  however, in my opinion, it is the best. i jumped on board with them early on and they are a relatively small organization not trying to bite off huge bits of the market — early on they resold at&t broadband basically.  their prices are great, their services is superb (read: responsive, technical, helpful), and their technical service offerings are awesome (no ports blocked, static ips, ‘we don’t care what you do’ mentality, great hd service on tv,...

asp.net profile provider fix...

okay, so it isn’t really a fix, but should be. today the team released the SqlTableProfileProvider which modifies the profile storage mechanism from colon-delimited blobs (which provide for challenging backend reporting) to a method where each property is realized as a separate column. is this the best implementation? maybe not.  a quick look at the docs shows that the table has to be created in advance.  one flexibility thing i love about the providers is just that…the flexibility.  in the out-of-box profile provider you can implement new profile properties at will, and not have to touch the database.  what this new implementation does...


a new free service from the makers of OnTime and TransferBigFiles.com is now available. hamid and team have announce Squeet.com in beta form right now.  from their site: Squeet is RSS via Email Squeet provides an easy way to subscribe to any RSS or Atom XML Feed via Email. Such feeds are available on virtually all News, Blog and Entertainment web sites and even many corporate web sites now offer various information via RSS feeds. No Software to Install! Since Squeet delivers the content you want into your email InBox, there is no software to install. Just tell Squeet the feeds you want and...

WMF exploit patch available

in case you haven’t seen, we released (earlier than expected) a patch for the WMF exploit currently getting a lot of news.  this is a “zero day” exploit, so we encourage you to install this update IMMEDIATELY to affected machines. please see Microsoft Security Bulletin MS06–001

free wifi the way it should be

i’m sitting at a paradise bakery in scottsdale, az waiting for my next meeting (i saw the “free wifi” sign as i drove by and figured i could work and stuff a croisscant in my mouth at the same time). walk inside, open laptop, connect, browse. no requirement to visit a special page, no capturing of my email address, etc. free=free here. bravo. bravo.

fix for web.config intellisense

a fix/workaround has been posted to an issue in whidbey that i had previously mentioned dealing with the web.config intellisense being lost when you use the web site administration tool in ASP.NET 2.0 applications. the workaround (Fix Web Site Administration Tool) basically has you modify a config value in the web admin files.  just a reminder to keep that change handy as any updates to the runtime would likely overwrite it until the fix is permanent in whidbey service packs. thanks to whomever posted that!


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