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Tagged: February 2006 Blog Posts

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squeet this

so, i’ve officially not checked my newsgator subscription for 30+ days.  i’ve exclusively been using Squeet.  why?  well first, when presented with a challenge, i like to take it.  hamid told me to use it for a while and see if it works better for my needs over newsgator.  for me, it has.  (hopefully he’s equally taken my challenge to use search.msn.com over google for 30 days.)  second, i like it.  rss in my email, and no software — i can use my OWA to read it as well.  i define the schedule on a feed-by-feed basis.  i’m up to...

atlas january ctp and virtual earth

do you have a virtual earth app/mashup/word-of-the-day-describing-web-2.0-map-applications? read chandu's entry on the v2 map control! if you are using atlas and the <virtualEarthMap> control, you may experience some broken map tiles. heads up. what does beta/ctp stand for again? ;-)

asp.net atlas samples

i recently compiled a quick site together demonstrating some atlas features and basically the easie of implementation in already existing asp.net functionality. visit: http://asyncpostback.com to view some Atlas samples, experiences. you can even download the asp.net site as a project and play yourself.

jsp, php, or cf developer?

want a free copy of visual studio? check out at least three of the webcasts from series directly made for you. http://www.learn2asp.net/Campaign.aspx  

geocode provider

well, after doing a round of demos on atlas and having to work with the virtual earth map stuff (argh), i decided that geocoding sucked and i’m surprised it isn’t a base offering in more apis.  i guess i don’t understand why, when maps, etc. are being handed out like candy, but a simple method/api/whatever to provide the address and get the lat/long back isn’t — after all, the maps are doing it anyway. at any rate, i found a few providers, the free one of which seems to be running off of a sixth graders pda…and can only handle about...

Ruby.NET anyone?

take a look at how RubyCLR is shaping up: RubyCLR

submitting disabled controls

ever have the need to have disabled controls on your user interface, but actually need the data to be posted? well in asp.net 2.0 you can now do that, check it out: <form id="form1" runat="server" submitdisabledcontrols="true">

team system ultimate tools list?

team system mvp/guru richard Hundhausen has put up a list of team system widgets. take a look at them: team system widgets

FeedReader update

i've long been posting about distributing the source code to feedreader web part, and still haven't gotten around to it.  well, part of the main reason is that the hard drive i had the project setup on completely crashed.  i'm not talking one of those BSODs that is recoverable...mine went down hard. i've tried all the tools, etc. so unless someone is offering the service that normally costs $1500 or so, i'm not interested. do not despair, yes we used source control, so i have the source, just have to setup the project again, and get it ready for distribution...


i was just made aware of a dynamic DWP generator for a single RSS feed for sharepoint... (yes, i know that is not a grammar-correct sentence) anyhow, check out wss-rss

rant: above the law

as i thought i learned when i fought the law, that we are all equal in the eyes and letter of the law.  some events today made me quickly realize my naivity. let’s start with my commute.  i live pretty far away from our office here in phoenix…and this morning my commute in was 1 hour, 23 minutes.  now i realize in some areas this is nothing, but in phoenix, i’m going to go ahead and call that a long time.  during my commute, there is a carpool/hov lane the whole way in (must have 2 people in the car to...

.net valentines redeux

michael palermo revisits his valentines message from last year with an update to the story… .net love story 2006

atlas january update

atlas january 2006 build released download atlas

IE7 suspicious site

suspicioussite i got a spoof email today and figured i'd actually click on it to test the IE7 security settings. while it did identify it as a suspicious site, i'm wondering if it was BOLD enough? at first glance, i was looking for the detection... but after i apply the mother-in-law factor, i'm not convinced it passed that litmus test and that the MIL-factor (no, i'm not going to say MILF) fails on this user experience -- needs to stand out more IMO

web part code snippets for vs 2005

sharepoint mvp jan tielens put up some sharepoint web part code snippets for visual studio 2005 on his latest post. hey jan, why don't you put them up on GotCodeSnippets.NET?! :-)


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