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ie opens public bug db

the ie team opened a public bug database looks like it is open to anyone — log your bugs!

family first

Zoe and Mom i haven't been home much of march due to some conference and customer travel. this weekend was the first in a while i've actually been able to spend some quality time with my family. it made me realize again how important family is and how important mine is to me. my wife and daughter mean the world to me and i hope they know it. so here's a shameless pluf for the fam (even though they don't read this) -- make sure your family knows how important they are to you!

mobile developers

calling mobile developers!!!!  MEDC is right around the corner and the opportunity to get best price for registration is closing quickly!  it (Mobile and Embedded DevCon) will be held May 8–11 in Las Vegas, NV at the Venetian and you can save $200 on registration if done before March 31!!! If you are looking to keep your development skills current, and get a sneak peak at the latest Windows Mobile devices, then MEDC is the place to be!  MEDC offers the most comprehensive training available on developing mobile applications in Visual Studio 2005 for Windows Mobile 5.0 (including MSFP) using both...

web application projects add-in

hmm…silently released? web applicaiton project add-in for visual studio 2005: download web app projects this is an addin that enables VS2003–like features for VS2005 web projects.

mix06 day 2: better UX with Ajax

i missed the keynote due to some meetings, but had a chance to have breakfast with josh, who is the author of the PHP ajax library, HTML_AJAX.  i was glad to hear some positive experiences josh is having at the conference. right now i’m in the ‘building better user experiences” for web applications, with rick spencer and brad abrams.  first, they came out and were very “fluid” — great energy, non-technical “here is my powerpoint bullets, don’t ask any questions” feel to it.  they immediately engaged the audience on some questions to setup their discussion. rick is talking now — not behind...

codezone remix

the Codezone team has launched a new version of the site, check out the new codezone!

atlas extenders

shawn burke finally let the cat out of the bag about what he (and others) have been working on.  a part of the ‘agile team’ he and others are rapidly developing some things that are missing in the current atlas bits — highly usable out-of-box implementations of extenders and behaviors. check out his post on the various new agile things he is working on: read it here.

mix06 day 1: developing with atlas

amidst meeting people and mingling, i managed to sneak into a full session. i attended a session on developing web experiences using atlas.  shanku was the facilitator.  80% of it was stuff i already knew.  there were a few things that were new in the latest build that i hadn’t had a chance to play around with. shanku: demonstrated using atlas with php and apache announced an extender library kit (with samples and source code) talked more about the client script model overall it wasn’t deep, but there are a few sessions later that will be deeper. i figured i’d take this time to give direct links...

mix06 day 1: ie7 general session

the second session immediately following the billg keynote was about ie7, here’s some key messages: css/html compliance — working hard to comply with core web standards in these areas and more.  ie7 actually kinda breaks itself (ie6) when previous hacks were used to “fix” things in ie6.  check out the ie7 developer center on msdn for details on preparing for ie7 ie7 beta 2 preview “refresh” is available for download at http://microsoft.com/ie rss – rss is built in to ie7 and brought to the surface a lot more…showed rss developer sample of the Feeds API search providers — demonstrated how ie7 supports opensearch technologies...

mix06 day 1: billg keynote

keynote has started, billg is here in rare fashion: no powerpoint.  now clearly there is some powerpoint that *he* is reading from, but taking a step from the presentation zen, there is no visual slides that the audience is looking at — none.  none for billg.  rare.  i think he’s doing okay, but definitely getting used to it.  because there are no distracting informational slides, more attention is on bill. the message here is clear: user experience matters.  bill’s comments are rife with that tone from all aspects of meda: browser, media center, mobility, origami, etc. — i think he is...

mix06 day 1: keynote: wireless preparedness

conference hasn’t even started, but they are prepared this time.  sitting in the keynote area and wireless points are all over the keynote area.  i’m sure connectivity is important to ensure consistent blogging, etc. — this is something teched/pdc should take note of. i’ve already seen the team from Squeet.com and hope to hear some cool things from them this week.  i’m also sitting behind lynda.com right now (which is a company that one of my friends helped build) Tags: MIX06

mix06 day 0: registration: the goods

what’s in the bag? no bag. Visual Studio 2005 Standard Edition — not an eval IE7 Beta 2 Preview (build 53–something…i didn’t pay too close attention, but know it is a later build than the previous released build) Vista February CTP with activation key IIS7 Training docs “and other stuff” — i don’t have a DVD on my tablet, so can’t verify the “other stuff” label on all the DVDs. MIX06 Sandbox — a personal sandbox space to try some of the new technologies out, with SFTP access sampler of Christian’s Atlas O’reilly book — note: i purchased this, it is pretty good overview to get on top of...

customer service defined

i got the mail today and read this letter: [snip] On behalf of US Airways, please accept [our] sincere apology for the invonvenience you encountered .. with the delay of Flight 74. ... We appreciate your patience and cooperation during this unexpected situation.  Please accept the enclosed transportation voucher as a token of our apology and an invitation for you to travel with us again. now THAT is customer service.  this was in response to my recent trip where the plane was struck by lightening, leaving the next outgoing flight delayed with no options for about 7 hours. what is important to note...

desert code camp!

TOPLINE: Code Camp comes to the desert May 6 at University of Advancing Technology (Phoenix, AZ)!  Register now: http://www.desertcodecamp.com Please forward to your developer customer contacts.   What is a Code Camp?  In short, it is a free developer conference.  Who is welcome? Anyone!!!!!   To get a better understanding, here’s the Code Camp Manifesto: By and For the Developer Community Code Camps are about the developer community at large. They are meant to be a place for developers to come and learn from their peers. Topics are always based on community interest and never determined by anyone other than the community. Always...

winxp on mac - cracked?

someone may have one the $12K bounty winxp on mac cracked

build something using free tools and win $10k

 want to build something cool using the express tools and possibly win $10,000?! -- then do it:http://www.madeinexpresscontest.com

Snow in Queen Creek

Snow in Queen Creek after having 190+ days without rain in the greater phoenix area, we just finished with 24hrs+ of nonstop rain, and while not odd for most, seeing snow on a mountain that is probably about 2000 feet is a rare site.

wireless and lightening

everytime i travel i seem to find myself ranting on wireless access. i'm in seattle. they don't have free wireless. with cities making wireless more of a utility in their neighborhoods, it got me thinking about public access.  i recently switched to verizon and use their evdo data network.  now at seattle, i don’t have to complain anymore (although i found a 1xRTT spot and EVDO spot about 20 feet away from each other — weird).  no free wireless, no problem, plug in my treo with my mini-sync (which is charging it at the same time), connect w/pdanet and i have...

satisfaction, loyalty, baby wipes and $800

 if you haven’t read previously my issues with my homebuilder, take a look first.  this is a part 2 of the ongoing saga. more…

ComponentArt WebUI 2006.1 released!

componentart just released their webui 2006.1 suite. go get it now…their stuff rocks…nuff said


one of the cities closer to me has just announced completion plans for their city-wide wireless access capabilities.  the first in my state, tempe, finished last year and i think has been a success.  i think this is great how these cities are demonstrating innovation in services to their communities.  wifi is pretty much a utility in the cities now for their residents and businesses. what was interesting, i thought, was that these are not the major metro city in the state — that one is still lagging behind.  i guess the bigger the city, the bigger the role of giant,...

1 yr w/msft = crazy delicious

Crazy delicious my team got me this shirt in celebration of my first year w/msft. if you have no idea what it means, move along.

i want this.

had dinner with some folks at mobile/embedded last night and of course geeked out on smartphones. i hadn’t heard of it until last night, but now i want this as i look at the specs, it is GSM quad band — and with my recent move to verizon, i’m out of luck. verizon: please carry this device!!!

can you download me now?

i’ve been a t-mobile customer for 9 years.  i’ve been a happy t-mobile customer for 9 years. i just got a treo 700w phone about 2 months ago.  i’m now a verizon customer.  dropped t-mobile in a heart beat. why? i just completed doing an msdn webcast on my laptop, using my treo as my wireless modem.  i had outlook running, syncing emails in the background, and livemeeting open, with over 200 participants and also chose to stream the audio via internet instead of dialing in.  i had no hiccups, no wait times on repaints, etc. — it was as if i...

rant: customer service

anyone who knows my woes with fulton homes knows i hate terrible customer service — even if things are my fault, there’s no room for customer service. let me share some tag lines with you: Better Service…Get the ADVANTAGE! The Service YOU Deserve now, my check engine light came on in my car.  it’s out of warranty, but in prestine condition (that is one good thing about snowbirds ;-)).  so i have one of those diagnostic OBD tools and it tells me some things are wrong with the secondary air injection.  i know computers.  i don’t know engines.  quite frankly, the only reason i...

apple bundling

our friends at apple are starting to bundle more. i visited a site that had a .mov file on it and for some reason i didn't have quicktime on my machine.  could it be that annoying qttask.exe that is always running perhaps that made me remove that thing? at any rate, i went to download it again and noticed that quicktime 7 is now bundled into itunes6.  interesting, i thought.  i don't want itunes, i want quicktime.  i'm a fan of bundling when it makes sense...but this one didn't to me -- if apple has portions of it site that show interactive...

want to impact visual studio user interface?

the vs user experience team is looking for feedback on the visual studio look and feel. submit your comments!


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