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Tagged: May 2006 Blog Posts

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beta2: vista and office 2007

get them office 2007 beta 2 vista beta 2 tags: vista, iis7, office

iis and asp sites refreshed

iis.net just launched and asp.net refreshed! check them out — great content on both!

some reasons to choose microsoft

reg of web 2.0 central posted a recent topic on ‘Top 13 reasons to consider the Microsoft platform for Web 2.0 development’ — an interesting read! reg was an invited guest at our microsoft technology summit — and learned a lot of things that he wasn’t aware of.  while he’s still moving forward with his site in PHP, he definitely has some reasons now to ponder ‘why?’ tags: mts06, asp.net, zigtag, atlas, scottgu

first ironruby preview

wilcob is presenting IronRuby at RubyEnRails 2006. …As a result I am making available a preview of the current version… [from wilcob post] get the ironruby bits tags: ironruby

msft + shared/open source = codeplex

check it: www.codeplex.com read james’ announcement for the finer details basically — think community workspaces: source code, work item tracking, discussions, wiki, teams, security, release management. some projects that may be appearing there: atlas control toolkit; NUnitLite, IronPython. i’m working on getting feedreader up there within a few weeks (hopefully).

ot: evolution of dance

way off topic, but pretty funny...

web application projects released!

the official release of web application projects is here! download web application projects this is to maintain the vs2003 feel of web projects, but get the benefits of vs2005 (more importantly asp.net 2.0) features. if you are migrating a v1.1 app, this is for you!!!

installer pet peeves

i just got a ‘a new version is available’ when i logged into my msn windows live messenger. so being the beta monkey i am, i installed it and was immediately reminded of my pet peeves of installers: PROVIDE AN UNINSTALL LINK (not the case here, but always like to make that point — and no, the add/remove program doesn’t count — it’s not mother-in-law proof) don’t install a shortcut to my main start menu (program group okay) my quickstart toolbar my desktop THESE ARE ALL MY SPACES — leave them alone — i’ll organize what i think is important, don’t tell me what/where you think things...

code camp geek band and pics

wanted to share some pics with you more pics at desert code camp on flickr: screen saver on the computer commons and videos from the afternoon geek rockout: ac/dc’s ‘back in black’ clip super mario in electric guitar

desert code camp a wrap

just a quick shout-out to those who attended the desert code camp this past saturday! i think we had a good turnout and the resulting evaluations were great!  some of the comments that i found particularly interesting were: “Nowhere else you can find so much info condensed in short amount of time for an unbeatable price! The event is very good and very well organized.” “Really impressed how this event was organized.  Never expected such a large crowd for this event.  I met so many people.  The fact that this was not tied to any technology or platform makes it really cool.  I...

atlas control toolkit refreshed

the atlas control tookit has been refreshed – read here from shawn

all 52 mix sessions available

all the MIX sessions are now available online: Sessions here: http://sessions.mix06.com/More here: http://blog.mix06.com/blog/archive/2006/05/03/2367.aspxAnd here: http://blogs.msdn.com/mswanson/archive/2006/05/03/589692.aspx tags: mix06

consolas available for download

consolas is a pretty sweet monospace font — cleaner than courier and less ‘typewriter-ish’ — this is a font that is going to be a part of vista, and was also in the office 2007 bits…but microsoft has now made it available. get the consolas font pack once you do, you can make it your font in visual studio, as well as in command prompt windows.

dictionary search provider

i found myself looking up some words today and thought merriam-webster may have had an opensearch provider…but couldn’t find one. so i created one. click here if you want it: Merriam-Webster IE7 Search provider tags: ie7, opensearch, dictionary

msn search beats google, yahoo

according to one (albeit there wasn’t a control study done) research group, msn bested the top two search providers when all factors considered. more details here: Study: MSN Search More Relevant Than Google, Yahoo

because chickens can't code

subservient chicken? no thanks, enter the subservient programmer tags: subservientchicken, subservientprogrammer

unsubstantiated claims for the sake of desparaging

i’ve been reading a bit lately and have been a bit frustrating with some of the reading i’ve found.  i like when people put microsoft in their place by pointing out factual evidence and apples-apples comparisons…or even provide specifications for us to build upon. one specifically that has been getting some attention is the article hosted on oracle.com with regard to php vs. asp.net.  i’m not even sure when this article was written — it has no timestamp information on it to understand the comparison time frame benchmarks.  regardless, this article is being debated quite fervently in the asp.net *and* php...


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