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'cable guy' appointment scheduling

file under: poor customer service and planning i'm sure you've all had the infamous 'cable guy' scheduling thrown at you by your actual cable company or another vendor...you know the "between 8am and 12pm" type stuff?  yeah, basically the "we'll get there at some point" mentality. my dishwasher broke.  we called for a service appointment (still under warranty).  this particular service company only services my area on thursdays...no problem, i can schedule around that.  the appointment time they give me?  between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM.  ouch, that hurts.  that is double-worse.  "we'll get to you at some point, but...

bug if firefox 2 as default browser?

so i saw that firefox released v2.  i always have firefox on my machine as i think it is good to check pages i'm working on in multiple browsers (or at least multiple browsers that make up the market share).  i think it wouldn't surprise anyone that i use ie7 primarily (not because i bleed microsoft blue -- i do though -- but i think it is a great browserserves my needs completely), but i had to use firefox when ie7 was released because my online bank put up the big 'you aren't using a supported browser' wallpaper when i...

gmail mobile sucks

found another annoyance of gmail -- gmail mobile.  since gmail isn't doing a good job of flagging obvious spam for me, then i get heavy use out of the 'report spam' feature.  guess what's not available on gmail mobile?  trash/trash conversation available, but no report spam. argh. tags: google, gmail, gmail mobile, google mobile, spam

seattle code camp moved

due to a last minute change, the venue for the seattle code camp this weekend has been moved.  please update your calendars appropriately and please help spread the word! it has been moved to DigiPen (which actually might be quite better): DigiPen is located at 5001 150th Ave NE, Redmond, WA 98052 tags: code camp, seattle code camp, pacwest tech events

hey scoble: why i don't like MOV

i'm on a few conference calls today and planned on doing some peripheral learning.  there were a few interesting things over at scobleshow.com lately that i found intriguing and wanted to watch.  i went to the site and was disappointed.  why...well let me phrase this appropriately :-) i have a brand new windows vista machine.  loaded (fill-in-your-favorite-browser) on it.  visited scobleshow and clicked on a "watch now" link.  this is what it looked like: why did i get this?  because scobleshow only enables MOV format (arguably the intended viewer is Quicktime format -- which i hate).  so as a...

john lam joins microsoft

okay, now that john let the cat out of the bag himself, i'm glad to say that john lam of rubyclr fame has joined microsoft and will begin january 2007. see john's post: dynamic languages, microsoft and me for his story. i think this is a great hire for microsoft and the clr team.  will this mean ruby will instantly be a part of the .net framework and take on the roadmap of an ironpython-ish project?  let's wait and see.  i, for one, hope so and welcome john to the organization -- a great move for the clr guys. tags:...

tivo and cox aren't friends

well, back in august i knew things weren't going to be smooth with the cox buyout of cableamerica (my local provider).  i already cancelled my internet service because, well frankly, cox internet sucks (at least in my area).  qwest dsl has proved to be a better choice so far (crossing my fingers for verizon fios). well 5 days ago i got a note in the mail about having to turn in my dvr/cable box.  it was not something i was looking forward to, but i planned for it -- they let me know that on oct 18 the box would...

ie7 released

well, it's out in the wild now -- ie7 has been released.  you can read dean's (gm for IE) note on the IEBlog regarding the release. now that it is out -- and likely windows update people will start downloading it, there may be some adjustments that sites may want to consider.  why?  because even in ie7 we are more standards compliant to the point that ie7 may break some of the hacks you had to do in ie6 browsers, etc. to understand more about ie7 development here are some resources: IE7 Readiness Toolkit IE Developer Center two great...

what goes better with zune? another zune

check out the recommendations from target.com when adding a zune to your shopping cart -- the suggested 'better together' is a white and a black zune... i guess they are really pushing the community aspect of zune to the limits, making sure you can share music with...yourself. tags: target.com, zune, microsoft zune, ipod

vsts db edition coming to a city near you

don't miss out on this opportunity to view the visual studio team edition for database professionals event! visit http://www.teams-deliver.com to find an event near you and register! tags: vsts, visual studio, team system, teamdata, data dude

AJAX500 - accelerate your web development

                     Interface Technical Training and Microsoft have partnered to present AJAX500, a one-day intense seminar designed to accelerate your web development with ASP.NET AJAX technologies.  In this one-day session you will learn: The simplest, most scalable ways to add AJAX support to your applications When using an AJAX library beats hand-coded JavaScript The reality of cross-browser support (it may surprise you!) Technical concerns of file size, testing and debugging Common AJAX design patterns How and when to extend the ASP.NET AJAX libraries this is a great opportunity to hear from local experts. ...

this isn't your windows 3.11 solitaire

over 2 years ago i posted some images of how from first versions of windows to present day windows xp, the application of solitaire hadn't changed... with vista, the 'killer app' has undergone a wpf-ifying makeover.  scale graphics, high-resolution decks, new animations (i haven't won yet to see what happens). anyhow, an update nonetheless... tags: windows vista, vista, solitaire

hey feedburner, don't make me work so hard

i've been looking at options on feedburner and saw something called a 'photo splicer' that you can add to your feed.  basically your provide them your user name of a photo service and they'll add that feed into your current feedburner feed -- a feed merge if you will. cool, i thought i'd try it out (i immediately took it down because for me it just didn't make sense).  the first thing i noticed was something akin to seth godin's new site www.thisisbroken.com.  here was one of the configuration options: note the text box label: "Flickr ID or Screen...

cool wpf application

just got pointed to 'postitboard' which is a windows presentation foundation (wpf) application using flickr services. check out the result when i searched on one of my tags: very cool. tags: windows presentation foundation, wpf, vista, avalon, .net 3.0, winfx

free .net 3.0 elearning clinics

wow, i just got an email with a great deal on training.  available now are some e-learning clinics around .net 3.0.  and guess what the price is: free.  this will be free until the launch of .NET 3.0 and even after that they will only be $9.99 per collection...but that's beside the point...THEY ARE FREE TODAY. spend some time and register for these...a great way to jumpstart learnings on WPF, WCF and Workflow! the collection is 3 2-hour clinics.  here's the registration link: FREE .NET 3.0 eClinics tags: elearning, microsoft, wpf, wcf, workflow, windows communication foundation, windows presentation foundation, indigo,...

my vista upgrade test and experience

after hosting a developer installfest in phoenix and watching people go through the upgrade process (some easier than others...some very painful), i decided to give it a whirl.  I'm a bit of an operating system snob, that is to say that i'd never upgrade...i just don't believe in that -- operating systems represent the slate to me, and it should be clean. so here i go...here's the specs: Dell Dimension 4400 Pentium 4, 1.7 GHz 1GB RAM 40GB HDD Start time: 21:00 could not get the dvd to work...but i couldn't get any dvd to work...argh..something...

gmail sucks part 2 and why mobile search engines need to get a clue

a while back i posted about my feelings about gmail and the report spam feature.  well, i decided to give them the benefit of the doubt.  rather than complain i thought i'd submit a support ticket about the issue and see what they say. here is what i submitted: Problem: i consistently get russian spam and despite EVERY time i click report spam on them, they keep coming in...isn't gmail intelligent enough to recognize a pattern and see that my russian email should be flagged as spam?  can't i put a setting to say 'anything non-english is spam for me' here was...

windows deployment services rocks

last friday, we hosted a vista/office installfest in phoenix.  people were invited to bring their machines and upgrade to the latest build of windows vista.  it was an experiment to say the least.  i have to admit, the upgrade experience left me with some questions.  there are many factors involved and as dumb as it sounds, just today i started thinking that it could have been partly the dvd media.  a lot of the issues were due to the time it took to upgrade.  i wonder if better media would have helped. but i digress... the one cool thing we...

antivirus and bloatware

i'm not a fan of bloatware...i don't think anyone is.  when you install something, you expect it to be exactly what you want.  aol recently got nailed for having their latest software install a bunch of other software without the user's knowledge. two chronic violators i think for bloatware: acrobat reader and quicktime.  acrobat reader: to me that means a reader.  so why is it 20MB?  compare to foxit reader which is 3.7MB (which is about 2MB more than the previous version even) and does the same thing (reads PDFs, search, etc.).  yeah, yeah, acrobat reader can do a few...


i'm not really sure what the goal is here, but it looks like is in partnership with windows vista...my kind of humor, maybe not yours... my favorite part "is it veesta or vista?" check out www.clearification.com tags: windows vista, vista, clearification

got space?

while sitting at the phoenix developer installfest for vista and office 2007, here's something spotted on one user's machine that he brought... i told him he may not have enough space to install vista ;-)

carl franklin has competition

okay, so everyone knows carl is talented...it's clear from one of his latest entries into the mtv generation with the vista slip song. well, lookout carl, competition in the geek musical arena is on the rise.  latest entry? dan wahlin and spike xavier.  inspired by years of development, carpal tunnel syndrome, and buried in the world of technical acronyms, they bring you a new type of music, Hevay .NETal and here's the first release: DLL Hell. oh yeah, geeks unite. tags: dll hell, .net, wahlin

readyboost makes it faster -- maybe

one of the new features in windows vista is the concept of readyboost.  readyboost is the part of those demos that you've seen someone stick a usb memory key in their laptop and boom they instantly increased their RAM.  well, kinda. i needed a new usb key (lost mine) and decided to ensure i got one that was readyboost capable.  i opted for the sandisk cruzer micro 2gb.  namely because of the size and i liked the little switch-blade feature.  i decided my first use of it would be to see if could notice a difference in readyboost usage. now,...

rant: the real oprah winfrey

i'm about to generalize here, so forgive me :-). i'm married.  my wife doesn't watch that much tv.  but she does watch the homewreckeroprah winfrey show.  as a result of that sometimes i get stuck watching them in the bedroom while she's watching etc. recently oprah has been on this roadtrip across the country where...hold your breath...she actually drives.  this is actually quite a misnomer, because behind the car she's driving is a team of producers, personal trainer, make-up stylists, etc.  yeah, she's not roadtripping anything. it is filmed in a bit of reality mode (cameras/microphones in the car) and...

visual studio team system chat OCT 4

sorry for the late notice, but if you haven't heard (and are interested), there will be a visual studio team system chat tomorrow at 10:00 am "california" time (for those of us 'zonies who don't convert time really well) -- that's 10:00 AM PDT for the rest of you. come join members of the vsts team to talk about features available and features to come (database edition).  bring your tough questions! join the chat on wednesday, oct 4 @ 10:00am PDT links: chat link, calendar link, local time converter tags: visual studio, visual studio team system, team system, team foundation...

deploying office 2007 add-ins

UPDATE: visit http://timheuer.com/blog/archive/2006/10/01/13547.aspx for the link to download SnopeIt! if you've installed the visual studio tools for office beta 2 second edition (man everytime i read our product names, it hurts), you'll notice that when you create an add-in project, it automatically creates a setup project along side it for you -- great idea (since you'll need a method to deploy it anyway). when i started to play around with the vsto tools and my SnopeIt add-in, the installer wasn't working for me.  it deployed fine, but outlook was giving a runtime load error.  after some investigation i figured it was something...


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