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want to hear from the riaa?

they spoke at arizona state (they being the vice president)...for your digestion: http://www.geekmethod.com/2007/03/30/riaa-at-asu-campus/ -- he makes some interesting comments, even disparaging walmart a bit for choosing what they want to sell. tags: riaa, asu, arizona state, drm, ipod, itunes, napster

utah code camp

the utah code camp is just around the corner.  unfortunately i won't be there due to some previous travel, but if you are in the area, it would be great to participate in! When: April 14 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Where: Neumont University Registration link: http://utahcodecamp.eventbrite.com you can visit www.msutahevents.com for session schedule, speaker profiles, etc.  check it out and attend! tags: code camp, community, utah code camp

channel 9 is wired

a colleague recently showed me the latest edition of wired magazine (something i used to subscribe to but don't anymore just because i'm more "online").  after getting past the cover, peter showed me the article where channel 9 was featured and jeff sandquist interviewed. first, i think that is pretty rewarding for the channel 9 team [for the record i'm not on that team...i wonder if they have an opening for field reporters :-)].  i know that jeff and others team members work hard on channel 9 and reaching out to the community, bringing transparency to microsoft, etc. SIDEBAR:...

rocky balboa

i'm on a plane back from seattle and the movie on the plane is the latest rocky balboa.  now unfortunately my wife and i have already seen this movie and i'm now reminded of the horrible nature of it.  i'm watching the scene in the beginning where rocky goes to his old bar and meets up again with "little marie" again. since when did rocky become an *incredible* idiot?  when little marie tells him she's sorry for the loss of his wife, his reply: "yeah, woman cancer" -- wtf kind of a dialogue is that -- seriously, does anyone (even...

apple tv

first of all, what's up with dropping the "i" brand -- no iTV...was there a company that already had that too? i recently was contemplating something a friend did lately and it made me really look at the apple tv...he's not a dumb guy, so i had to look.  i'm unimpressed.  not just because i'm a microsoft guy (recall: i have a mac at home as my family's primary computer, my wife and i use ipods, and i want a macbook), but from a practical sense...allow me to just dump my thoughts: it's an extension to itunes only.  it isn't a standalone...

separated at birth?

or at least by a letter online...got an email from Timo Heuer (www.timoheuer.com) -- i wonder if he's my doppleganger as well? anyhow, Hallo Timo! Willkommen zu meinem blog. Viel Dank!

open source web templates

open source in the design world...i love it.  i'm sitting at the microsoft technology summit and joe stagner just mentioned open source web designs...holy crap how did i not know about this. update: here's another: opendesigns.org -- this one looks more moderated hey joe (using my best borat impression): high five! tags: open source web designs, oswd, css, templates, stagner, joe stagner, opendesigns.org

team foundation server web edition...

...or microsoft acquires devBiz and TeamPlain. read about it here. download it free here. tags: visual studio, visual studio team system, team foundation server, tfs, devbiz, teamplain, vsts, team system

microsoft technology summit 07

i'm on my way to the microsoft technology summit for this year.  what is the summit?  basically it's a small group of invited guests traveling to the microsoft campus for some conversations.  another microsoft lovefest you say?  hardly...these invited guests aren't the typical microsoft flag wavers -- in fact i'd venture to guess some may not even have a msft flag :-) it's a chance to gather some influential people from varying technologies (PHP, Java, Ruby) and areas (academia, community, large enterprise) from around the world (united states, japan, malaysia, china, england).  it should be an interesting few days that...

should i cash it?

i couldn't help but laugh when i saw this in our mailbox today... that's right -- a legit check for $0.00, zip, nada, nil.  i really want to see the teller's reaction when we 'cash' it...would they just take it from me and say "have a nice day?" -- and what would they do if i asked for a receipt...

real technology heroes

well, i've been a huge fan of the budweiser "real men of genius" (renamed from 'real american heroes' after the world trade center attacks) commercials.  my personal favorite is the "mr giant taco salad inventor" ('a 12,000 calorie salad...brilliant').  it gets me cracking up every time.  sadly i have them all on my zune playlist as well. anywhoo... the guys at stupidcubicle.com put up a site for "real technology heroes" and i'm cracking up a bit as well (of course, major geek humor here...your wife will be gazing at you like you are an idiot -- much like mine is...

wpfe samples and walkthrough

what i love best about new technologies is when developers start figuring things out for themselves and providing knowledge sharing to their peers.  in the case of "wpf/e" that is exactly what dave campbell has been doing lately...and he's updated his site with some latest samples of rectangle animation, etc.  if you haven't seen some of his stuff it is a great place to learn about some of the fundamentals of some things and dave provides some walkthrough as well as tutorial type content. clipping "wpf/e" animated rectangles other code samples (click on the blue circle to start...

instantcake and 20 minutes = happy family

i'm having an excellent customer service day.  why?  well, my tivo series 2 busted last week (actually probably earlier, just haven't been in town) and i was pretty pissed as i still have "lifetime" service on it.  so i hunted around on tivocommunity.com and found that my problem looked like a bad hard drive.  everyone recommended getting a new hard drive and using instantcake to bring it life.  well, after conferring with the family cfo, i was able to procure the $20 to try it out.  why only $20 and not more for a new hard drive?  well, a while...

social hacking: no computer needed

i've always seen stories of identity theft and virtual identity theft.  and i've not been a victim thankfully.  but in those stories (the ones that make the "big" news) there always seems to be a technical hacking going on to get more information, etc.  nothing really exposes as it should the social side of hacking. the hp scandal really started to do this and added "pretexting" became the latest favorite word of journalists.  kevin mitnick has said that this type of social hacking is the best weapon that everyone seems to forget about. well, the other day i was looking...

lifetime service != lifetime hardware

when tivo first came out, i thought it was the bomb (and it was really).  sure windows media center was out there but they didn't really have good component boxes like they do now. so, when i got my series 2 tivo, i figured...lifetime service...sign me up.  well, my literal box died last week and i've been staring a "Welcome, powering up" screen thinking that if i stare long enough, it will finally go back to the home screen.  well, been staring too long and nothing is happening.  sigh.  quick search on the tivo community yields a likely bad drive. ...

back dorm brothers

a little humor today.  you may remember about a year and half ago the two chinese friends/brothers who were the famous youtubers with their backstreet boy spoof.  what?! never heard about it, well take a look:  these guys are still going strong and getting popular as ever...there are blogs and tv appearances, even a "live" show all there other videos are at http://barryispuzzled.com/funpage.html and if you read chinese you can view their blogs/site: blog official site wonderful.

vista dev: updated sidebar gadget templates

i did a quick refresh on my windows vista sidebar gadget templates for visual studio.  it is a simple refresh that accomplishes the following: puts both the VB and C# web project templates in the same visual studio content installer moves the structure around to demonstrate how to use locale folders within gadgets (see image below) i get questions on the first one (VB/C# templates) a lot.  really there is no difference between the templates, the only reason i created two is so that when you choose "new web site" it will show up under both language options.  that's...

php interop with .net

thanks to those who joined us for my learn2asp.net session on interoperability with php and windows.  i apologize for the rescheduling (if you even knew about it) that had occurred, but glad you could make it to the session.  in the session i stated that i'd post the information and sample code i referred to on to my blog so here it is :-). in the session i mentioned a few things, so i'll dump them to you here: VS.php - the editor i was using that integrated into Visual Studio 2005 from JCX.Software ADO.NET provider for MySQL...

vista: visual studio update for vista ready

the update for visual studio on windows vista is now available.  dubbed "VS2005 SP1 Update for Vista" is available for download on the microsoft.com downloads site. here's the kb article with the release notes: KB929470 here's the download of the bits: VS2005 SP1 Update for Vista note: you must first have VS2005 SP1 installed to run this.

PHP mash-up sample code

thanks to all who attended my learn2asp.net session on creating mash-ups with php on windows and using microsoft web api's.  whew, that was a mouthful.  anyway, i said i'd post the sample code i used, so here it is (at the end of this post).  in the zip file there is an index.php file describing the APIs used.  I stripped out my personal application id's from some of the services, so you'll have to obtain your own. there are plenty of other sessions going on the learn2asp.net site so i'd encourage you to take a look at them and register. ...

ajax: script references and javascript file references

do you ever wonder how some of the asp.net ajax extensions or ajax control toolkit send down their javascript code that it handles?  have you ever sat back and said, "wait a minute, i'm not adding any scripts here"?  well, if you haven't, then move along, there is nothing to see here. but if you have, read along.  i know i have as i think i've always taken for granted the feature of how this is being accomplished in both the ajax tools as well as some things that asp.net 2.0 uses as well...so let's see what's going on here....

web developer training resources

i've been participating in some online learning offerings that microsoft has going on with regard to web development.  i've been doing some of the PHP webcasts recently, but there are a bunch of other topics to choose from such as: Expression Web tutorial ASPNET Configuration and health monitoring Interop with PHP and Windows Using the Microsoft AJAX library in PHP Mash-it-up with PHP Discover "Orcas" ASP.NET for STRUTS developers check those sessions out and register here. tags: learn2asp.net, learn2asp, aspnet, asp.net, ajax, asp.net ajax, php, orcas, webcasts, microsoft learning, msdn


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