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well, some pretty good news coming out of mix07 today...here's a quick recap...

    • release of 1.0 beta supporting ajax/javascript
    • release of Silverlight 1.1 alpha supporting .net programming model
    • announcing cross-platform (windows/mac) .net as a part of Silverlight 1.1 alpha
    • announcing support for dynamic languages (ruby, python out of the gate) as a part of Silverlight 1.1 alpha
    • rtm of expression studio
    • preview of expression¬†blend v2 (supporting richer Silverlight development)
    • expression media encoder preview for Silverlight
    • Silverlight streaming by Windows Live

whew, that is a lot to swallow.  i'm most excited about the cross-platform .net and support for dynamic languages.  with microsoft providing a ruby implementation, i wonder who will build a rails implementation first...ahem...hint.

4/30/2007 6:27 PM | # re: mix07: key announcements today
Very cool! Lets definitely talk when you get back into town
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