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scottgu just announced microsoft is providing a ruby implementation for .net...nice.

before mix i had a chance to sit down with , a program manager at microsoft working on the dynamic language runtime that was announced at .  i went to seattle and carved off a moment to talk with him as they prepared for .  i've put the recording up on my *cast site for you to view/listen to.  some interesting things he talks about and how happy he is to finally break his silence.  in the middle, the small edit you'll see is when his office-mate, tomas matousek, comes in and joins us -- tomas is working on the ruby implementation on top of the dlr.

i've put it in my *cast feed link (note: there is an mp3-only feed as well) as well as on channel 9 for people to watch.

4/30/2007 11:01 PM | # re: mix07: ruby for .net and an interview with john lam
Hey Tim, this was the best content I've seen for today's announcements. You asked alot of really great questions. Thank you for posting this interview!
7/28/2011 8:57 PM | # re: mix07: ruby for .net and an interview with john lam
Your progress report on HDTV - part 3 is interesting as it seems on trial and error methods. This is how success is achieved. I am waiting for its full version. Thanks for the information.
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