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silverlight: who needs inertia, introducing lt. bennett

UPDATE: for international users, the team is aware of this limited functionality...and the current build works with US English keyboard layout and US English regional settings.  sorry about that, but it's a lab project that will evolve. for the past few weeks i've had the pleasure of really seeing this whole designer-developer continuum really work.  the team over at Terralever have been working on a little lab project using silverlight.  first let me tell you about the Terralever team...they rock.  i figured there would be a ton of questions, etc., but from our first initial meeting, their team was already spouting...

silverlight: base class changes coming

over at the bcl team blog, the posted a great post everyone using silverlight 1.1 should read.  it's about the removal of some non-generic collection from silverlight.  take a moment and read it...they've been marked obsolete, but will be completely removed from Silverlight so make sure you are taking a look at these removals.  there is also a link to a post on details of how and why to convert your non-generic collections. tags: silverlight, bcl, base classes, collections

silverlight: get 40 controls for free

UPDATE: okay, so i dug a little deeper, it looks like these are implementing on a windows form host, so your mileage may vary.  getting interaction with other silverlight DOM/canvas objects might be tricky... well, i have to admit that i only spent about the last 2 minutes looking at these, so this might be an irresponsible post :-), but what i saw was impressive. netikatech just announced on their site that they are releasing 40 controls for silverlight for free!  the product, called "GOA Winforms" describes itself as an implementation of the standard System.Windows.Form class library for rich internet...

silverlight: creating video with timed overlays

just yesterday tim sneath posted a video on creating video with overlays.  as i saw that come in my reader, i was just finishing testing my code for a screencast i was recording on creating video with timed overlays.  i figured, what the heck, you can never have enough tutorials, and mine was demonstrating a different method for accomplishing the same thing. the scenario i was thinking of came to mind when i was lazy and watching television.  i saw a commercial where the person in the commercial said "if you call the number that is at the bottom of your...

silverlight: snack on some tutorials

the master of design, celso gomes, has done it again.  i got an email today about his new site, built completely in silverlight for silverlight tutorials.  check it out: http://www.nibblestutorials.net/.  it really was a good demonstration to me of something entirely built in silverlight.  well done, celso. tags: celso, celso gomes, silverlight, nibbles

food, rss, and photography == digigeek heaven

i have an unfortunate love for technology (or so my bank tells me). i have an unfortunate love for food (or so my scale tells me). i wish i was a good photographer (nobody is telling me i am, so i keep trying). while browsing some local groups, i came across chowdownphoenix.com a new site in my area combining the power of the 'blogosphere' (is anyone tired of being forced to use buzzwords?), good photography, and yummy food.  i spent a few minutes on the site and i'm going to make dinner now. cool idea i thought and i'm very curious...

virtual earth and population growth

want to see something interesting?  how about the growth of the area where you live.  or las vegas. or anywhere. take a look at trulia hindsight, which shows growth over time using presumably census data or something.  the map is virtual earth presented in a flash application (rumor has it they are working on a silverlight port). fun stuff: http://hindsight.trulia.com tags: virtual earth, trulia, hindsight

silverlight and safari on windows

UPDATE: if it wasn't obvious i'll state it here...silverlight supports a specific matrix of browser and platforms (current released versions of Firefox/Safari on Mac; current released versions of Firefox/IE on Windows).  microsoft is continuing accepting feedback on platforms and take that feedback into consideration when adding new platforms/browser to that supported matrix.  the description below and others are workarounds that may result in other issues. since the immediate release of safari (beta) on windows, people are noticing (and asking) about silverlight support. well, you may notice that you'll see the default install image for silverlight when using safari for windows...

safari on windows, developers and choice

well, apparently there is a new browser in town for windows ;-).  if you haven't heard (then shame on you if this is your only source of information!), apple released a beta of safari for the windows platform. my initial reaction was..."hmmm" like any card-carrying geek member, i downloaded and installed.  yep, looks like safari.  so what.  on my mac i don't even use safari.  i'm not a fan of it.  people don't extend it very often.  (extend means different things to different people, what does it mean in the context of your situation tim? -- good point, i'm talking...

scottgu roadshow: coming to phoenix

scottgu recently posted about his june travels.  if he's anything like me, he's sick of bischoff cookies.  at any rate, one of those stops is in my 'hood, in phoenix, arizona.  we call it "the valley" but not like "the valley" of mountain view/san jose in california...ours is the "valley of the sun" and when i came home yesterday my thermometer was reading 111 degrees farenheit.  blech. where was i, oh yeah, ScottGu is coming.  it's a free event.  stefan schackow is coming too.  it's the same event.  it should be fun.  when? june 27th.  want more details?  go to...

arrington bashes himself?

i saw this post on techcrunch and read these comments: I’m on Apple’s side on this one. CrunchGear is simply spreading fear, uncertainty and doubt about this revolutionary new product. huh? when i look on the footer of CrunchGear i see: © 2007 TechCrunch wtf?

sharepoint and firefox

a while back i wrote a post about sharepoint and firefox...i saw a trackback to this in a forum indicating a lot of rant for microsoft not including this support.  in my original post i made reference to a partner that was enabling this for firefox users.  the link is in the post but i'll make it here again. telerik and cross-browser editor for sharepoint 2007 done.  get it (free btw) and install it.  they have a doc to help you configure/install. there, so no more complaining :-) tags: sharepoint, telerik, radeditor, moss, moss 2007, firefox, rich editor

msdn search gadget updated

thanks to mike ormond for prodding me about updating the msdn search sidebar gadget.  i had found this issue as well myself when i realized it wasn't working anymore.  well, it was because msdn went through a redesign and their urls changed...so much for scraping :-) well, i updated mine and i'm sure nikhil is swamped and may not have a chance to update his (and i didn't want to redist his code, but here's what i did). on mine you can just download the new one here: MSDN Search Sidebar Gadget when i say "mine" it is just a...

eulas, express, and lawyers oh my

a friend of mine send me a note today asking my thoughts on the whole testdriven.net situation.  i was surprised in anyone asking me about it (not because i'm a snob or anything, just that it had been all over the place).  i then realized that the register and /. picked it up finally and that's were it is getting some rebuzz. if you don't know what i'm talking about, basically the author (jamie) of TestDriven.NET (a great tool btw) had been enabled for visual studio express. The Express Editions are an expansion of the Visual Studio and SQL...

winning an xbox couldn't be easier

one of my homies just posted a note about winning an xbox through blogging.  what?! surely you couldn't be serious...ah but he is. now you might consider it shameless promotion of events, and you'd be right, but there is a purpose here.  often times when we (as those field geeks with funny position titles) organize events there is certain targets that we are trying to meet (read: the people who pay for the events want to make sure they can direct some things).  if it were up to us, we'd always make everything free and always invite everyone.  but utopia...

enter the touch

loke pointed to a new device from htc being announced today for the uk market.  it's called the "touch" and is a new windows mobile 6 device.  probably my only huh moment is looking at the specs and not seeing support fro HSPDA/UTMS (3G) for the networks...odd i thought. but it is going to come in a wasabi green color :-)  they have a new UI they call TouchFLO that you can see on the main product site at http://www.htctouch.com -- their advertisement on the main page of htc.com right now is a pretty good one i thought -- hits...


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