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while reading the silverlight.net forums, i came across a post by mark easton where he posted some python code with a cube and photos.  he referenced an article regarding manipulating transform matrix concepts and although it is for flash, it equally applied to silverlight.  i thought it was interesting and got the code and ran it.  pretty cool to see python code driving silverlight applications!

i offered to put the sample up somewhere for mark, so here it is below.  i actually used the silverlight streaming services to post it since it was a simple enough sample.  great work mark!  the code files used to generate this are attached to this post as well, and reference the article for the background on the logic.

Code files: python.zip


7/3/2007 1:14 PM | # re: silverlight: python cube
Just FYI, I get an error when this page loads:

Silverlight error message
ErrorCode: 2024
ErrorType: ParserError
Message: Invalid attribute value text/python.
XamlFile: Scene.xaml
Line: 8
Position: 48

Might be related to not having Python installed. Silverlight is installed though.

7/3/2007 1:46 PM | # re: silverlight: python cube
josh -- you seeing this when downloading the code? python is not needed on the client machine, this message usually means the mime type is not there -- in this sample i changed the .py to .txt to get the example to work in silverlight streaming.
7/3/2007 1:58 PM | # re: silverlight: python cube
Thanks for putting this up.

Have you got the Silverlight 1.1 Alpha installed? This will not work with the 1.0 Beta. Also some samples specify the mime type as "text/ironpython" so you could see if changing this makes any difference.

7/17/2007 6:53 AM | # re: silverlight: python cube
what would be required to make this work with the beta ?
10/23/2007 9:34 AM | # re: silverlight: python cube
Got an error in the div for the silverlight:

Catastrophic failure (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8000FFFF (E_UNEXPECTED))
Exception Details: System.Exception: Catastrophic failure (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8000FFFF (E_UNEXPECTED)).

Stack Trace:

at Loaded in Code.txt, line 115

12/17/2007 3:50 AM | # re: silverlight: python cube
Im getting the same error is above poster.
11/14/2009 5:03 AM | # re: silverlight: python cube
I'm can't download too .. please repair it
thank you

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