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in a few weeks microsoft will be releasing the release candidate for 1.0.  on joe stegman's blog, he posted about breaking changes, etc.  moving forward once the RC is released, the api will be stable and should have no further breaking changes between RC and final release.  however, there will be breaking changes in the RC from beta.  if you have a silverlight application, now is the time to start preparing for what you may have to change.

microsoft has prepared a preview SDK release containing:

    • new silverlight.js detection/installation file for both beta and RC
    • breaking changes document highlighting differences between beta and RC
    • updated Visual Studio template with control embedding template
    • a EULA that governs the legal use of silverlight.js, etc. (note: the updated license makes it clear that silverlight.js code is not allowed to be modified)

download this preview SDK here.  using this you should be able to get a head start on the changes.  this SDK does NOT contain the RC of 1.0 itself, rather guidance for when it is released...but the breaking changes document, etc. should be extremely helpful for your preparation.


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