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ipod integration part 1

Be sure to read PART 2 of this adventure to see the completed project! anyone who knows me knows that i'm a super geek, but not gifted beyond that title :-).  when trying to hang something in my house, i've got about 18 different laser levelers assisting me, but i'll be damned if the thing still isn't hung right. so for my birthday i decided i was finally going to complete one of my desires...my mp3 player in my car.  i previously wrote about how i have an "older" car (2000) and that it doesn't have an aux jack or anything.  i...

podcasters unconference

just found this through one of my subscriptions. looks like it might be interesting to see what others are doing in that space...if you are interested (and in phoenix), come join!  more information at http://podcampaz.org. tags: podcast , podcampaz , podcamp , unconference

halo 3 launch in phoenix

thanks to those who were able to make it to the pre-launch event for halo 3 in phoenix!  i hope everyone had a great time being the first in the valley (of the sun) to play the halo 3 game and rock out to some guitar hero.  we had about 55 people for the event plus some staffers.  i know the building access was a pain in the arse, so i appreciated your patience getting in the building. we gave away 5 xbox 360 elites, 3 copies of halo 3, guitar hero set, halo 3 watches, flash drives, etc.  everyone was...

the ultimate twitter vanity

when you really want someone to follow you... put it on a t-shirt.  custom tees from reactee. maybe this one is better:

get a web invite in 5 minutes or less

remember the gmail style of invites and the days you were trying to find an invite?  you had to wait for someone who knew someone, etc.  maybe those days are over. how about a web 2.0 invite co-op?  that's what my friend scott mcandrew found.  he told me about inviteshare.com and in < 1 minute i registered and instantly got an email with an invite to yahoo! mash, one of the sought after invites (although i'm not sure why) right now.  interesting approach to broker invites among an anonymous network of friends. tags: inviteshare.com , inviteshare , yahoo mash , mash ,...

tech toys for birthday

my birthday happened recently.  i am not a fan of birthdays and i don't know why.  i'm way past any age of getting additional "benefits" or discounts, and not near any age of getting any additional benefits/discounts :-) -- i'm a tweener now i suppose in a different way.  anyhow, i digress. every birthday i seem to get gifts that tie to my hobbies.  in high school i played on the golf team.  i owned about every illegal piece of golf equipment, counters, tee holders, range finders, etc. you could have.  and i wasn't fond of any of them -- people...

code camps happening all over again!

in phoenix we just enjoyed an awesome code camp.  there was a ton of people that cycled throughout the two days amidst a flurry of technology acronyms, frameworks, etc.  it was a melting pot of bytes for sure.  i had a blast the day i went (didn't go to the second day where they also introduced refactor phoenix). as with most conference, the sessions are great, but perhaps the conversations are better.  i had a great lunch conversation and a great conversation with some linux folks afterwards (or at least i though both conversations were great).  it is fun to meet...

sIFR and silverlight = sistr

i saw over in the township of adam kinney that someone came up with a silverlight version of the sIFR concept. for those who don't know, sIFR (scalable inman flash replacement) in simplest forms is a method for using css to annotate elements of text that you might want replaced with higher-quality/different/pick-your-word-of-choice typography.  it provided a method on sites to essentially say "hey if javascript is enabled and flash is installed, replace this plain text header with some whiz-bang custom font to make the user say ooooooooohhhh yea" or something like that. filipe fortes, who apparently used to work on the wpf...

using expression for manipulating paths and points

while perusing the silverlight.net forums i found a question of "creating half circle in blend" and posted my answer (actually posted the xaml of my answer). rather than try to articulate it in text, which i started out doing and was failing in my own mind, i decided to do a quick screencast demonstrating what i did.  keep in mind i'm not a vector guy but did it the way i knew how.  i hope that someone can correct me with a super easier way of doing it, but until then i'm fine with my method :-).  essentially i used expression...

expression blend 2 september preview

the expression team has made another drop of their blend tool.  the september preview of 'blend 2' is available on the site.  i installed it yesterday and it has some nice improvements for both client and silverlight development.  some better control over keyspline animations if you need them, more properties exposed on things you would have liked not to edit xaml on :-), etc. have fun and get it!  you have to uninstall the august preview if you have it.  blend 1 (rtm) and blend 2 preview can run side-by-side (that's how i run them) fyi. tags: blend2 , expression , expression...

using silverlight, expression encoder and asp.net ajax

in my previous sample i talked about creating custom expression encoder templates.  good times.  also jesse alluded to a something him and i have been working on with regard to what he calls "hyper video" and what i've previously referred to as 'timed overlays' in an example. in going through both of these i found an issue that i forgot to write about (but a helpful commenter reminded me: thanks ernie!) with regard to using the expression encoder templates and asp.net ajax. the problem expression encoder uses a model of encapsulating silverlight and the media elements within an asp.net ajax control.  because they...

get a steal on office 2007 ultimate for students

are you a student attending a US college?  here is the deal for you.  for a limited time you can get a copy of office 2007 ultimate for $60!  i don't normally post blog commercials this blatant but this is an amazing deal for college students in the US.  check out http://theultimatesteal.com for more details!

expression encoder and custom templates

i've been asked recently why i use the expression encoder template code in my samples for media playback in silverlight.  simple: free code :-).  the templates in expression encoder provide very interesting stub code handling the simple and advanced media playback capabilities already for you.  if all you need is a simple mediaelement in your silverlight application, then sure, it's a bit heavy.  but if you are developing a media playback integration with end-user controls, you may want to consider it.  it provides all the simple play/pause/etc functionality, but also the glitz of volume slider handlers, time thumb handlers, fullscreen...

more silverlight learning opportunities

in addition to the silverlight devcamps in san francisco and chicago that i mentioned before, my friends from overseas let me know of some other silverlight madness happening. martha rotter is going to be attending the "Silverlight sparks ignite RIA" conference in dublin on 27 SEP.  yes, dublin, ireland, not dublin, ohio, usa.  apparently this is going to happen at a large cineplex as well (i've never been to dublin, but would like to!) so it is silverlight on the silver screen! you can find out details by going to the event information site here. tags: silverlight , silverlightdevcamp , silverlightdevcampsf , silverlightdevcampchicago...

silverlight and handwriting recognition

wicked cool demonstration of silverlight, ajax and handwriting recognition by lorin over at incremental blogger.  he's a tablet pc wizard and demonstrates how he modified an older activex demonstration he had a while back to use silverlight instead. very cool! tags: silverlight , tablet , tablet pc , handwriting , handwriting recognition , inkwell

windows live writer beta 3

the windows live team released an update to live writer.  get it now.  new insert video feature, upload to picassaweb when publishing to blogger, better image handling (i didn't know there was any bad because i use www.flickr4writer.com :-)). keep the good stuff coming! tags: flickr4writer , windows live writer , windows live , writer , live writer

silverlight released, go to a devcamp!

now that silverlight is 'officially' released, maybe you've been waiting for that "RC" label to go away.  okay, no more excuses, time to start digging in.  what better way to do that then cuddle up with a few of your closest unknown friends and hack away, barcamp style! some fine folks have organized a SilverlightDevCamp in two areas and they are free to attend and get some SWAG, some learning, and make some connections.  designers, developers, people with macbooks, everyone is welcome. what is a silverlightdevcamp?  i'm glad you asked.   SilverlightDevCampSF is an upcoming gathering, inspired by BarCamp, to build Silverlight applications, It's...

silverlight runs on linux and other news

wow, what a day, i'm sure you're reading all about it but here's some recap: silverlight 1.0 release to web silverlight early adopters: Entertainment Tonight, Home Shopping Network, WWE expression media encoder 1.0 release (middle of press release) and holy cow here's the news for developers: microsoft officially partners with novell to deliver moonlight as the silverlight implementation for linux.  booyah.  you can read all the details about it here. ...

nick burns and web 2.0

some labor day weekend humor.  rerun last night on saturday night live was the first episode installment of 'nick burns' the company computer guy.  circa 1999, nick knew how important web 2.0 was... forward to 3:43 for a choice commentary tags: nick burns , saturday night live , javascript , aol

office space is a drama, not a comedy

saw this from phil haack and thought it was funny...i'm a big fan of office space, but if you've never seen it, you for sure would think it was not a comedy! tags: humor , office space


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