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a video screencast that jesse and i collaborated on was just posted.  in the screencast jesse demonstrates the code we did to demonstrate a concept he calls "hypervideo" which is basically leveraging media metadata, and simulating retrieving related data information to display in the experience.

this concept is very similar to the experience at HSN.tv of showing "related products" using the metadata being streamed in their experience.  i hope you find it useful and if you have any questions, please let me know!

again, my goal is to try to help provide you with relevant information about microsoft web platform technologies like and enabling scenarios.  if you have a good idea (and aren't exactly sure how to go about it), send it my way as i'd love to help you and the broader community learn how to do it.

are these fully complete samples?  probably not.  they are intended to help you think and work through a portion of potentially your use of these technologies.  if they suck, let me know.


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