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it's official.  at teched barcelona, soma (developer division executive) let the crowd know that microsoft will release visual studio 2008 and the .net framework v3.5 by the end of november!

this is really great news for early adopters and people wanting to get a jump start.  as to 'when can i get it' is a good question.  "RTM" or release-to-manufacturing is the process which software makers seal their bits, close out the version, whatever you want to call it and call the project milestone done.  as to when it gets into developers' hands depends on the distribution channel.  usually enterprise subscribers (msdn subscribers) will get first crack at it because they could download it usually < 2 weeks after the product RTMs.  manufacturing DVDs and product packs take a bit longer, so it isn't going to be in stores anytime in november i'm sure.  it is best to understand your personal licensing situation and contact your license representative, reseller, or other distribution channel to figure out when you can get your hands on it.  msdn is the easiest way...consider getting a subscription -- as an independent developer it was the best investment i could have ever made.

11/5/2007 8:35 AM | # re: visual studio 2008 (orcas) releases in november
Hey Tim; Great news!
Tell me, do you think we get the beta of SL 1.1 with it too?
Please say "Yes!" ;-)
11/5/2007 9:35 AM | # Silveright Update from Ireland
Hi Tim,

Might interest you to know that Silverlight software is being presented to every delegate of the IJTC conference in Dublin this week.

IJTC is a Java conference and again shows how Silverlight is gaining ground and followers cross platfrom.

Breaking down the old borders.

SL has had a great reception in Dublin.
It would be cool to tell the world that even our Java heads are getting involved.

Hope you are well.

Fergal Breen
11/5/2007 10:00 AM | # re: visual studio 2008 (orcas) releases in november
First off thanks for the last comment response via e-mail related to the Ipod.
I have actually been looking at MSDN Subscriptions, so I can do development work at home independently. Do you know the difference between premium and professional? I am looking for something that has Visual Studio 05/08, Office 03/07, Infopath 2007, and Sharepoint Designer. I am procrastinating, because I really hate talking on the phone to MS Sales Representatives. Any information that you could give me would be great.
11/5/2007 10:14 AM | # re: visual studio 2008 (orcas) releases in november
11/5/2007 10:24 AM | # re: visual studio 2008 (orcas) releases in november
becky: here's a breakdown of what you get in each level:
11/6/2007 6:50 AM | # re: visual studio 2008 (orcas) releases in november
Silly question, I know, but what's the possibility that Microsoft will give out free copies of VS 2008 Standard like they did with VS 2005?
11/6/2007 8:06 AM | # re: visual studio 2008 (orcas) releases in november
randolpho: i don't know any of the actual launch plan (27 FEB) details, but i would say if you are active in your local community and know who your developer evangelist is, you might be able to take advantage of community events where this might be possible :-)
3/23/2008 2:47 PM | # re: visual studio 2008 (orcas) releases in november
I Want Visual Studio 2008 Pro. Full Version
1/4/2010 3:42 AM | # re: visual studio 2008 (orcas) releases in november
Does it would run on microsoft system.
And it is suitable for creating a website using asp.net and c# if yes then send me otherwise send me as per requirement if you are having.

3/3/2011 1:50 PM | # re: visual studio 2008 (orcas) releases in november
How often does the visual studio come out? I'm looking at visual studio 2008 vs 2010. Are there any major differences between the both? I know some new software sometimes doesn't work as well at the older versions, (quickbooks, etc.) What would be anyone's suggestions? Recognition Awards
8/17/2012 11:55 AM | # re: visual studio 2008 (orcas) releases in november
I can't seem to locate Visual Studio 2012. I heard from a co-worker that this was much better and more featured-packed than 2008 but I can't find it anywhere. Does anyone know of somewhere I can find it? Buy Trophies SYCE

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