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looks like the flame is making its way to the other side of the coast...the east coast.  looks like in a week (15 DEC) the silverlight firestarter will be happening in the philly area (malvern to be specific).  you can find the agenda here at dani's blog.

it looks like a great line-up of speakers as well.  although i've not met pete brown in person, i've 'conversed' with him via e-mail and he's a sharp dude.  peter laudati -- well, if you are in the northeast, a microsoft developer, and don't know peter...what's wrong with you? ;-).  and then there is dani.  don't stand too close or his energy might be infectious.  seriously, he's a fun guy to be around.

the topics are spot on for a well-rounded discussion of development of interactive web sites using with topics on expression, core xaml, media, and the future of silverlight.  looks like some giveaways will be provided as well!

what a great opportunity for a day of silverlight in that area.  be sure to spread the word about it and make sure you register.  since it is the east coast (and on the day of my wife's birthday) i won't be there, but hopefully someone can live blog so i can be there in spirit and see how it is going.


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