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Inkscape.orgi had previously done a screencast where i talked about the tools i use to convert vector graphics in SVG format to XAML assets to be consumed in either WPF or Silverlight applicaitons.  one of the tools mentioned in the screencast is .  inkscape is an open source vector graphics editor, with capabilitis siilar to illustrator, freehand, etc and uses the SVG file format (mostly).  one of the cool things about inkscape is the extensibility already offered in the open source platform.  after having some colorful discussions with my local linux group on their discussion group, i met one of the inkscape contributors.  we 'chatted' (read: emailed) privately off the group for a while about vector formats, why not SVG, etc., etc. and ended up in an amicable place understanding the role of XAML.  through this, ted, helped contribute a checkin to the inkscape project that enables files being edited in inkscape to be exported directly to XAML format.

ted tells me the inkscape guys will have a booth at the southern california linux expo in february.  i think that they'll have a stable build of the xaml feature by then (crossing fingers).  if you are brave enough for daily builds it is already in there if you want to try it out.  if you are going to be in in southern california, you should stop by the expo and chat it up with the inkscape crew that will be manning the booth.  it's a great tool that has helped me in the past few months.  while the conference isn't free, well neither is the expo, the expo hall looks like a $10 ticket.

UPDATE: register with code MOF1 and you'll get 50% off the registration to SCALE!  thanks ilan!

UPDATE2: jon galloway demonstrates his tests of inkscape

1/8/2008 4:34 PM | # re: inkscape at socal linux expo - svg to xaml
glad you made a positive contact thru all that stuff. i'm really curious who from there contributes to inkscape.
1/9/2008 7:13 AM | # re: inkscape at socal linux expo - svg to xaml
por que consigo altulisa meu msn
1/11/2008 12:08 AM | # re: inkscape at socal linux expo - svg to xaml
Tim, I am new to all this graphics stuff (wpf, svg etc) but I do use visio occasionally. Do you know the easiest way to move a visio diagram to WPF or am I in the totally wrong domain ?
10/19/2009 1:54 PM | # re: inkscape at socal linux expo - svg to xaml
visio 2007 can export to svg, so you can just do that, and open it in inkscape, and export to xaml, and put it in yo wpf thingey.

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