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I've gotten a few requests from internal local sales teams, Sharepoint professionals and developers about how to implement Silverlight in Sharepoint.  I usually try to explain that since Sharepoint is essentially an ASP.NET application it is relatively simple to implement.  Of course, that usually doesn't help :-).  What helps is some documentation and samples that show how you would use Silverlight to enhance a Sharepoint experience.

As a part of the Software+Services Blueprints series, a new bundle has been made available to download to provide guidance and source code to help provide some information.  In the blueprint you'll get:

    • A simple “hello, world” sample showing Silverlight in a Web part.
    • A Silverlight slider control as a SharePoint custom field type.
    • A navigation control.
    • A Colleague Viewer that uses lookups in Active Directory by using Windows Communication Foundation.
    • A Silverlight picture viewer from a SharePoint picture library.
    • A visual how-to center, created in Silverlight and based on a SharePoint list, for viewing videos.

A pretty great resource for those wanting to discover implementation details as well as some ideas for Silverlight in Sharepoint!

3/3/2008 11:15 AM | # re: Silverlight for Sharepoint
Where do I find the blueprints?

How can I see a sample of Silverlight and Sharepoint?

3/3/2008 11:33 AM | # re: Silverlight for Sharepoint
galen: sorry, link updated in post
3/3/2008 8:34 PM | # re: Silverlight for Sharepoint
You can also use this webpart to expose SL 1.0 or 1.1 content in SharePoint.


3/4/2008 2:54 AM | # re: Silverlight for Sharepoint
I wrote a photoviewer and a webpart template back in may 2007 for use with Sharepoint 2003, though as we know 2003 parts work in 2007.

Both of these allow multiple parts on the same page but are only for silverlight 1.1.

Photoviewer with code from sharepoint list.


and a template


3/11/2008 12:18 AM | # re: Silverlight for Sharepoint
i am not able to sucessfully deploy any of the ssblueprints for sharepoint, i am able to get the webpart in the gallery but this is the error i get "Sliverlight blueprint: web part or web form control on this page cannot be displayed or imported .The type is not registered safe" . i have checked the entry in web.config and it seeems correct
9/1/2008 5:17 AM | # re: Silverlight for Sharepoint
Hello Tim.

I hope you keep making more videos of how to make silverlight stuff for sharepoint.

I tried out the blueprints a bit

I mostly tried the 1st hello world silverlight web part but i cant make it work even though i watched the video.

Every time i try something to get around an error i end up with a new error :(

Thanks anyway.
9/14/2009 6:53 AM | # re: Silverlight for Sharepoint

I made a silverlight WebPart for Sharepoint a little while ago that will allow you to browse a document or picture library. Its written in Silverlight 3.0 and is good fun for demo's etc


Ian Campbell
10/21/2009 3:47 PM | # re: Silverlight for Sharepoint
Hey Tim, I've written several SL Controls for Sharepoint, but the one problem I still have is the SL Control will NOT take up the entire width of the Sharepoint Web Part. If the Web Part width is set at 250 and the SL Control is set at 250, it will get cut off on the right side. If I set the width of the SL control to say, 240, it will appear fine, but does not line up with the right side of the webpart. I tried dynamic widths and hard coded widths. I tried using the SL Dll to instantiate the Silverlight Control...I also tried using the Content Editor Web Part to load the SL Control...Doesn't seem to matter either way. Have you seen this? I tried Steve Fox at MS as well, but nothing yet...It's not a big deal, but my users are kind of picky about these types of things. Really appreciate it. Thanks again.
6/18/2010 12:47 AM | # re: Silverlight for Sharepoint
Can any one guid me how to start with Silverlight in sharepoint.i am a new commer.Please suggest me any link or book.

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