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Another geek musician, Bob Familiar, has decided to start working with Silverlight to revamp how he displays some of his compositions on his web site.  Bob just posted a multi-part series where he sets out to demonstrate some features of:

    • resolution (size) independent UI
    • layout
    • controls
    • custom controls
    • invoking WCF services
    • data binding, templates and styles
    • dynamic xaml
    • HTML integration
    • DeepZoom

He is including source to his efforts if you want to tag along.  I’d like to see Bob tackle styling the DataGrid a bit more…it looks “excel-ish” which I don’t think matches the rest of his efforts, that would be a good demonstration of some advanced styling effects and I think he could even encapsulate other features (like his DeepZoom view of intruments used) into a master-detail view.  Follow along with Bob…


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