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Now that beta 2 is out and some of the features or more solid, and a majority of the breaking changes have been announced, there is no excuse to hold back anymore.  Oh yeah, and there is a commercial go-live license available now, so no more excuses :-).

So where to get started?  Well you should first head over to the Silverlight community site and visit the Get Started section.  There you will find a rather simple formula to get started:

The community feed includes some great folks like Pete Brown, Shawn Wildermuth, Dave Campbell just to name a few.  As an example…all things ADO.NET Data Services (and with Silverlight): Shawn is your man right now.  I was thinking about giving him a hard time about his “ADO Guy” moniker…but he’s holding true to it for now :-).

The Learn section of the Silverlight community site is intended to help you.  Watch the videos, download the source code, read the tutorials, try the hands-on-labs (thanks Hanu!), post feedback – and post here what you want to see.  We have a lot in production right now that will be filtering over the next weeks (including some “Silverlight for Business” content) so be sure to stay posted (and subscribed for auto updates).

Once you’ve created that masterpiece, be sure to let us know about it!

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6/6/2008 9:35 PM | # re: Getting started with Silverlight 2
Well there was a go-live license for beta1. It was just a little hard to get hold of at first, but the fine folks soon sorted that out.
6/7/2008 2:26 AM | # re: Getting started with Silverlight 2
Hi Tim,

There's an impressive list of new stuff in Beta 2 - but I still can't find a ComboBox - am I missing something?

If this is the case is there an open source alternative you would recommend?

Many thanks,
6/7/2008 2:35 AM | # re: Getting started with Silverlight 2
my own method ~ of ~ failed to corral Michelle Monaghan as spokeswoman for Silverlight... momentarily I had a ray of hope when she thought it was a remake of that Sharon Stone classic - Sliver.

hmm... sad


re: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3mYgLe8g1IQ
6/7/2008 8:00 AM | # re: Getting started with Silverlight 2
Jason, there still isn't a combo box in Beta 2 but Scott Guthrie has stated that it will be in the final release.
6/8/2008 5:53 AM | # re: Getting started with Silverlight 2
Thanks Colin - what's everybody else using whilst we wait? ;)
6/8/2008 8:29 AM | # re: Getting started with Silverlight 2
There are some thoughts out there:
6/9/2008 1:10 AM | # re: Getting started with Silverlight 2
No excuses? Well, there may be a few. monitoring the SL Forum, I've seen the following.

1. DataGrid, the key business component is VERY buggy, and the performance is still a bit on the sluggish side, and threads poorly.

2. Behavorial changes in threading is causing some problems.

3. Only one new control, with TreeView, ComboBox, and RichText omitted, though there are 3rd party and open source offerings to initially fill the gap.

In all, I like the changes and movement of the controls deeper into the system. More controls would have been nice, however, I always will take stability over features, if that's the choice.

However the DataGrid is of major concern, so I hope there is an update soon to address this problem. We can deal with almost everything else.
6/9/2008 7:28 PM | # re: Getting started with Silverlight 2
Apparently 100 controls are planned.
8/16/2011 3:26 AM | # re: Getting started with Silverlight 2
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