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Two new resources came to my attention recently that could be helpful resources for Flash developers wanting to learn Silverlight.  The first has been out there for a bit actually, but the other is new.  Let’s start with the new one, (video).  As Adam Kinney said this week while in meetings in Redmond, “because we need another web site.”

Project Rosetta describes itself as:

Project Rosetta is a site dedicated to helping designers and developers build applications in Silverlight while taking advantage of skills they already know.

There are two articles up there now, The New Iteration and From Flash to Silverlight.  The newest article involves a Flash maestro, .  The articles aren’t blog posts, but rather more in-depth discussions of various aspects of design/development where your skills can be re-used while doing development for Silverlight.

The second resource is a blog called Shine Draw from Terence Tsang and describes itself as Your Flash and Silverlight Repository.  Terence has 6 years of Flash experience, but even concedes he is not as much of an expert as he aspires to be.  This site is great in that he combines the knowledge of Flash with the concepts of image and animation to see how things are done in each respective technology.  Terence starts with a concept/question to himself (i.e., 3D image navigation) and then goes about creating that sample in both Flash and Silverlight…with the goal of an same experience in each technology.  He provides code for both (Flash 9/AS3 and Silverlight 2/C#) as well as documents the time it took to do each example.  It’s really an intriguing read and some helpful nuggets of code as well.  Oh yeah, and he takes requests.

I hope you find these useful, or at least interesting…I certainly have.

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9/7/2008 5:09 AM | # re: Silverlight resources for Flash developers
It is time to help our Flash-Friends. ;-)
But seriously it is a good idee. It is not so ease to find the best solution for every problem.

Peter Loebel
9/7/2008 7:21 AM | # re: Silverlight resources for Flash developers
Hi, Tim. It's amazed that you have such a detalied description on my blog. I saw that you are the author of the book "Programming Silverlight 2". I am so much interested on that and I think I will purchase it some days later.

Something I didn't state in the blog is that actually most of the work in my blog are implemented using Flash first. And then it is migrated to Silverlight. The actual implmentation time is fairly the same.

That is, if one is an Flash developer, I think he can spend lesser time in mastering Silverlight.

Hope we can share much more later on~
9/7/2008 12:59 PM | # re: Silverlight resources for Flash developers
Hi Terence, I think your site is awesome...I've learned a lot myself in the samples you've been providing (I think I'll submit a request now)...thank you for contributing to the community!
9/7/2008 2:42 PM | # re: Silverlight resources for Flash developers
Hey Tim,

I have just seen that you work for Microsoft as the silverlight program manager. I hope that silverlight 2 will be a strong competitor for flash. Good luck! :-)

Cheers, Tek
9/8/2008 6:24 AM | # re: Silverlight resources for Flash developers
Still don't see why I would move to Silverlight. I've been Flexing and Flashing in Actionscript 3 for over a year. I see no reason to downgrade. Sorry :)
9/8/2008 7:13 AM | # re: Silverlight resources for Flash developers

This discussion was going very well until you made that ignorant comment. With your obvious limited knowledge of Silverlight and C# your comment is bias and wrong.

My company was a heavy user of Flash first and have been recently following and implementing silverlight with some of our clients. Both us and our clients have been more than satisfied with the results.

If you are interested in RIA technologies, you tend to respect and learn from two of the biggest technological competitors in that market in order to achieve more knowledge about RIA technologies and practices as a whole. That is the point of this discussion and I am happy that Terence and Tim are bringing this out.

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