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The Encoder team has updated their Silverlight Streaming (SLS) plugin for Expression Encoder 2.  On the surface pretty much nothing has changed, but it essentially updates the ability to use the plugin to publish Silverlight 2 templates to SLS automatically without getting the random error that you’ve probably seen if you tried.

Since the new Silverlight 2 player templates are completely parameter-driven, which is awesome, it did present a small challenge for the plugin.  When you use the new plugin with a Silverlight 2 player template, you’ll notice that the resulting application uses a bootstrapping method to launch with initialization parameters.  This models (in fact I modeled my information) the bootstrap method I outlined in a previous post.

With the new plugin, for media applications at least, you don’t have to mess with creating your Javascript files or manifest files…the plugin does all that for you now in the pre-processing before uploading to the SLS service.  Because all of this is in there now, my process of making the SL2VideoPlayer a one-click template in Expression Encoder is now complete!  I’ve chosen to stick with my “minimum” fork of the template (no markers or caption support) because that’s the scenario I use mostly, just a player.  You can get the template files here.  Just unzip into the Encoder templates directory and it will show up as an option.  When used, the SLS plugin correctly translates all the settings into initParams for you.

Here’s the download links:

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1/15/2009 7:49 PM | # re: Updated SLS Plugin for Encoder Available
Thanks Tim for the update- You saved me with the earlier stuff on using the parameters. I have been working a personal garden site for a high profile client that didn't have a clue on even how to operate a start/pause control and the ability to use the SL2 standard player was the prize. The plugin update release and the one click ability is perfect timing as I am starting to reencode the wmv files tomorrow to add plant name captions. Thanks again for posting it, I would have missed it...
1/15/2009 10:19 PM | # re: Updated SLS Plugin for Encoder Available
why I cant download your updates.why I go on to your website Its so complicatd I cant figure it out.plus when I do get to your site nothing downloads.please stop being crap microsoft....give me something
1/15/2009 11:27 PM | # re: Updated SLS Plugin for Encoder Available
James where are you having trouble downloading?
1/16/2009 2:48 AM | # re: Updated SLS Plugin for Encoder Available
Really liking your SL2Video player - any plans to add a gallery/playlist component?

Download problem mentioned by James may be a Codeplex issue; I have been having trouble downloading other files from there this morn. Indeed, I can't get your player at the mo; luckily I grabbed it yesterday...
1/16/2009 4:19 AM | # re: Updated SLS Plugin for Encoder Available
Hi Tim,

Thanks for the link and the templates - look great.

However, I am getting an error stating I have en expired version of Silverlight installed when I use the templates though, even though I have 2.0.31005.0 on this machine. Is anyone else seeing this?



1/16/2009 11:10 AM | # re: Updated SLS Plugin for Encoder Available
Ian: I've just uploaded the correct files (thanks for pointing this out). I accidentally re-compiled on my beta machine :-). It might take a few hours before the cache of my download machine is refreshed, but they are uploaded now.
9/23/2009 4:42 AM | # re: Updated SLS Plugin for Encoder Available
Great post! I’ve been very interested in Updated SLS Plugin for Encoder for a long time.
11/10/2009 5:51 AM | # Tyre
Good post, but have you thought about Updated SLS Plugin for Encoder Available before?
11/10/2009 6:15 AM | # re: Updated SLS Plugin for Encoder Available
The SLS service is being depricated. No further development/release will be happening for the plugin.

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