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I’ve made no hiding the fact that my blog is build on Subtext and that I’m very happy with it right now.  Lately though my wife has been blogging more (that’s another story) and she also started her own business.  Being curious about all the WordPress love, I decided to start checking it out.

Thankfully, the Web Platform Installer helped me get started on WordPress without any troubles at all and I was up and running on my Windows server (I didn’t want to start another hosting account anywhere).  I have to say, I really like what WordPress has done, especially with the extensibility points and the administration options. 

That being said, I started looking at the various plugins available and was curious about anything for Silverlight…to be able to easily put Silverlight content within a post like other plugins have enabled.  Sure, it isn’t a difficult task to begin with, but sometimes different hosts/tools make it difficult for us to add <object> type content.  After some searching in the WordPress plugin library, I found one that was built back in the Silverlight 2 beta days.  The link to the author was no longer valid so I decided to create one using that as a base.

NOTE: I totally failed my Internet duties to look via any search for one…I kept my searching to the official plugin directory.  Apologies to Peter Loebel for not recognizing he also did some work, but admittedly it was also during the beta days.  I’ve credited both Peter and Juergen Oberngruberin my readme.txt for the plugin as contributors.

So after a few minutes, I was able to get it working and created the Silverlight for WordPress plugin.  It’s simple and you basically can input into your post data:

   1: [silverlight: <app>, <width>, <height>, <initParams>, <minVer>]


  • app is the URI to your Silverlight application (XAP)
  • width/height should be obvious
  • initParams will map to the initParams of your application
  • minVer maps to the minRuntimeVersion required for your app

The only parameter required is <app> and all others are optional and have defaults which you can change via the plugin settings:

Silverlight for WordPress default settings

I’ve applied yesterday to put the plugin in the official WordPress plugin directory, but haven’t heard back yet and they don’t really have any SLA.  I’m hoping to get it in soon, because they have a good discovery model for updates, etc. and authors can install in one click.  For now, I’m also going to maintain a link to the current version with release notes on my site here: Silverlight for WordPress.

UPDATE: Silverlight for WordPress is now available in the plugins directory…just search on Silverlight.

Like I said, it’s simple (and perhaps dumb to some), but I look to your input.  Hopefully some WordPress authors may be able to use it.  I know my wife’s new photography site will :-).

Hope this helps!

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution By license.

3/28/2009 5:44 PM | # re: Silverlight for WordPress
This is perfect for me. My blog is running WordPress, and I've always thought about setting up a live lab. This will make the process a lot easier, or at least feel more like how I already management blog content. Thanks!
3/28/2009 7:00 PM | # re: Silverlight for WordPress
Great job, Tim! I really hope it gets accepted into the official WordPress plugin directory.
3/28/2009 11:18 PM | # re: Silverlight for WordPress
Very cool.
Did you install MySQL (for WordPress) side-by-side next to MS SQL (for Subtext)? how is that going for you?
3/29/2009 9:09 AM | # re: Silverlight for WordPress
Too bad I am using Blogger.
3/29/2009 9:07 PM | # re: Silverlight for WordPress
ANaimi -- yes they are runnning fine.
3/30/2009 7:38 AM | # re: Silverlight for WordPress
Subtext eh? Interesting.

I thought your blog was pretty nice looking in the past, but this latest iteration of it is really something. I honestly think it's the best blog I've seen yet in terms of both appearance and functionality. The content ain't half bad either. :)
3/30/2009 7:53 AM | # re: Silverlight for WordPress
Anything out there for blogger?
3/30/2009 8:42 AM | # re: Silverlight for WordPress
Tom -- thanks for the compliment! I really like Subtext for my needs for sure!

Hector -- I'm not sure of blogger's model, but you should be able to just embed the <object> tag in a post. Obviously you can do this in WordPress too, but sometimes we like these little helpers to make things easier.
3/31/2009 12:19 AM | # re: Silverlight for WordPress
Thanks Tim,

Looks very nice. I will install it today. I'm running a little bit old version of Wordpress (2.6), let's see if it runs on Wordpress 2.6 as well.

Mark Monster
3/31/2009 10:29 AM | # re: Silverlight for WordPress
May we have the link to your wife's site? I'd love to see it - I am a .net/Silverlight programmer by day and a photographer squeezed in there also with the photography expanding. I self-host a WordPress blog.

And congrats on the plug-in acceptance!
3/31/2009 10:48 AM | # re: Silverlight for WordPress
Ann -- we're not finished building it (of course) quite yet but will be at http://lisaheuerphotography.com
3/31/2009 11:40 AM | # re: Silverlight for WordPress
LOL - i.e. the shoemaker's children, never have shoes :)! - Mine is not where I want it either :)! Thanks for the future link - I'll keep checking.
3/31/2009 2:31 PM | # re: Silverlight for WordPress
Great plugin thanks!
And this is the Silverlight Toolkit Controls samples running on a LAMP platform: http://www.davidezordan.net/blog/?p=956 :)
4/26/2009 5:29 AM | # re: Silverlight for WordPress
nice... i am using it to my blog.
6/21/2009 10:10 AM | # re: Silverlight for WordPress
Tim, thank you for making this! I took it to the next level. Let me know what you think.
6/24/2009 10:51 AM | # re: Silverlight for WordPress

Many thanks for the plugin.

There is a bug in that the meta string is not correctly parsed if you have other meta strings in the same content, which often happens if you are using other plugins. To resolve this I replaced

strpos($content, SILVERLIGHT_META_END )


strpos($content, SILVERLIGHT_META_END,$found_pos )

Thanks again,
8/28/2009 4:25 PM | # re: Silverlight for WordPress
Hi Tim,

I'm trying to get your plugin to work for our lab blog. I found one bug preventing absolute urls from working and fixed it but its still not working. Pasting the generated html in to another page works on my dev machine, but within the context of wordpress, the browser is not even trying to fetch the xap file. (happens in both IE and firefox). The one other example I found on the web of silverlight-in-wordpress exhibits the same behavior. I'm using SL3.0.

Any ideas? Have you tried this recently?

8/29/2009 3:33 AM | # re: Silverlight for WordPress
Great Plugin. Thanks mate!
9/9/2009 5:05 AM | # re: Silverlight for WordPress
Hi Tim and thanks for this plugin !
I have used it on my wordpress app recently : http://www.valentinorossi.fr/blog/?p=53

Is it possible to put more than one silverlight plugin ? When I try to put many [silverlight ....] tag, only the first one show the silverlight app. the other tag appears as text. Thanks a lot for this contribution
9/9/2009 9:55 AM | # re: Silverlight for WordPress
BlackLabrador - looks like all of them are rendering for me...did you get it to work?
9/9/2009 12:14 PM | # re: Silverlight for WordPress
Hi Tim ! Thanks a lot for your quick answer. Unfortunately, it's not working... I'm just using a trick to do that. I used your [silverlight] instuction for the first one and then use the <object> tag for the others.... Also, I faced a new problem as soon as I started using [silverlight] in many posts. I'm running the last version of Silverlight and have all my project recompiled with it (the whole main site www.valentinorossi.fr is built in silverlight) but I have a "min version" problem... Even with setting "min version" to 3.0 (for example) I have a message in the post telling me "do you want to upgrade your silverlight version". So it's definitly working fine when you're using only one [silverlight], but I'm running in serious trouble for the all others and I have to use the old <object> tag. Perhaps I'm not using the pluging correctly... One more time, thanks again for your quick anwser.
9/9/2009 4:47 PM | # re: Silverlight for WordPress
BlackLabrador -- hmm, okay I'll have to understand how WordPress works a bit with multiples...obviously I'm missing something.
10/14/2009 2:02 AM | # re: Silverlight for WordPress
Nice Plugin, will test it in my blog and maybe I'll write a recommendation...
10/28/2009 5:01 AM | # re: Silverlight for WordPress
Great plugin will come in really handy in the next few months
8/10/2010 6:18 AM | # re: Silverlight for WordPress
Plugin only replaces the first occurrence of Silverlight declaration.

I make new version of this plugin: http://www.sendspace.com/file/0x8q2y
12/23/2010 5:24 AM | # re: Silverlight for WordPress
Very interesting stuff, thank you!knlu
2/21/2011 3:19 AM | # re: Silverlight for WordPress
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