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Today, we posted on the .NET RIA Services forum an updated roadmap for the timing and thoughts around the product offering. 

What is .NET RIA Services?

Microsoft .NET RIA Services simplifies the traditional n-tier application pattern by bringing together the ASP.NET and Silverlight platforms. The RIA Services provides a pattern to write application logic that runs on the mid-tier and controls access to data for queries, changes and custom operations. It also provides end-to-end support for common tasks such as data validation, authentication and roles by integrating with Silverlight components on the client and ASP.NET on the mid-tier.

Here is the current thoughts around the offering…

July 2009: Updated CTP

We will have an updated build of RIA Services in CTP form.  This is still considered a preview.  The current thinking is that we’ll remove any production (go-live) restrictions, but it will be a ‘use at your own risk’ product, not the typical official “go live” support license.  This is based on feedback our users are asking for.  We want to continue to evolve the product based on feedback, but also heard loudly that people want to use it now.

This build will have the goal of getting most significant breaking changes out there and remedied.  We’ll also update better shared code, extensibility and code-gen features.  This will also bring a first pass at better integration with ADO.NET Data Services.

PDC 2009: Beta

The obvious continued bug fixes based on what we know as well as customer feedback submitted via the .NET RIA Services forum.  The list of feature enhancements at this build stage is still being determined but some things being considered include better presentation model support and deeper hierarchy support.

This stage will also aim to bring support for VS2010 and .NET 4 and move to ADO.NET Data Services as the underlying protocol.  This builds on the path being taken for the July 2009 CTP.

First part of 2010: RTW

At this stage we’d polish up the product/tooling and prepare for the version 1 release.  Localization, stress, additional security analysis, perf…all these things happen between the beta and RTW.  We’ll also keep in line with current product changes if they occur (i.e., Visual Studio/Silverlight).

These are the current plans.  At each stage we will be keeping up with the associated Silverlight builds as they are available.

Seeking feedback

Right now, the RTW is targeted for VS2010 and .NET 4 as the primary tool/framework story.  We would love feedback on this (essentially, how important is .NET 3.5 SP1/VS2008 support).  We’re also asking that based on your work with .NET RIA Services that you provide feedback of key scenarios that are essential for you in a v1 release.  What do you think of alignment with ADO.NET Data Services?  What about ASP.NET MVC, etc?

Please use the .NET RIA Services forum to give your feedback.  The team there is very active and listening.  It is the best place to communicate with the RIA Services team.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution By license.

6/9/2009 9:20 AM | # re: .NET RIA Services roadmap update
I would like to see in future versions:

Better support for authentication and authorization, caching of member profiles and roles.
6/9/2009 9:34 AM | # re: .NET RIA Services roadmap update
What version/release will work with WPF applications?
6/9/2009 9:49 AM | # re: .NET RIA Services roadmap update
Wow, VS 2010 support won't come until November? I was hoping for that in the July one.
6/9/2009 9:58 AM | # re: .NET RIA Services roadmap update
Mike in that regard we are more dependent upon VS2010 shipping an update to beta 1.
6/9/2009 3:47 PM | # re: .NET RIA Services roadmap update
Really need support for custom authentication.
6/9/2009 8:05 PM | # re: .NET RIA Services roadmap update
Data Services is a biggy for me, so that's great.

I'm also going to second Shaggygi - I'm looking at building "run anywhere" apps, please can you provide guidance on how to integrate RIA services with WPF, as this kind of overlaps with "Prism".
6/9/2009 8:58 PM | # re: .NET RIA Services roadmap update
Great that there is some announced roadmap. I was thinking that .Net RIA Services would be available by the end of the year seing that the next version will have GoLive but obviously there is more work to be done before RTM and it's good to know when deciding what to use for upcoming projects.

Is Data Services the prefer method for SL3 Apps to access data or would it still be WCF Web Services if RIA Services isn't used in a project?

Will RIA Services with GoLive also be able to target SL2 or will it just be SL3?
6/10/2009 5:03 PM | # re: .NET RIA Services roadmap update
Windows authentication. Custom authentication might work, but definitely windows auth. Have I mentioned Windows authentication?
6/11/2009 12:36 PM | # re: .NET RIA Services roadmap update
What is the timeout period for a silverlight application. If it has to work with the client side how does it have a timeout ?. If there is no timeout period. Is there a way we can set one for the silverlight application
7/1/2009 7:05 PM | # re: .NET RIA Services roadmap update
Support for Geneva and claims based security.
7/3/2009 3:19 PM | # re: .NET RIA Services roadmap update
Is there any current support for integrating with WPF, such as DomainContext/entities projection?

If not is this something to be expected from the July release? A whole lot of the benefits of the RIA framework in terms of change tracking and entity projection seem wildly useful on the WPF front for any application that communicates with a server-side .NET service.
7/5/2009 6:37 AM | # re: .NET RIA Services roadmap update
Has anyone attempted to host .NET RIA Services inside SharePoint? We are building quite a lot of SilverLight apps hosted inside SharePoint that access SharePoint data via a WCF service (hosted in SharePoint). We would like to implement .NET RIA Services that wraps SharePoint objects. We are not sure how to publish a .NET RIA Services application such that a hosted SilverLight app in SharePoint can call back and run under the SPContext similar to how it is being accomplished for WCF as documented here...


Has this been done elsewhere?
7/9/2009 6:39 PM | # re: .NET RIA Services roadmap update
One observation is that I still don't know what RIA stands for. I know it sounds funny but in every intro I've read the author forgets to spell out the acronym. Help?
7/15/2009 8:21 AM | # re: .NET RIA Services roadmap update
David -- sorry, I suppose a lot think it is a known industry term at this point. It is Rich Internet Application en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rich_Internet_application
7/24/2009 11:13 AM | # re: .NET RIA Services roadmap update
Hi Tim, can I ask Shaggygi's question again? When/would you be releasing guidance on using RIA Services with WPF?

It seems to me PRISM/CAB and RIA Services are made or each other.
7/24/2009 11:14 AM | # re: .NET RIA Services roadmap update
doobiwan - I think we will be doing some samples on WPF apps as well, yes. As to an ETA, I have no idea.
7/24/2009 11:20 AM | # re: .NET RIA Services roadmap update
Fantastic, thanks Tim.
7/31/2009 9:15 PM | # re: .NET RIA Services roadmap update
add out-of-the-box support for having auth and roles work with the navigation framework and the "views" or "Pages"

like having the same kind of Attribue on a page /view as on the data service

[RequiresAuthentication] and [RequiresRoles("")] should apply to pages
so that for example /Views/PromoteStaff.* can not be viewed unless you are in a role that authorizes you to manage and promote staff.

the nav/menu should have an option to not show the link and or not load the page if the user is not auth / or in the right role.

that way we have protection on a rouge app hitting the data services
protection on someone bookmarking a link to a view to gain access to it's function and or the data it could reveal.

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