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I came across this add-in for Visual Studio the other day that is subtle but added some productivity features to Visual Studio for me.  It’s called Tabs Studio.

NOTE: I’m not getting a complimentary license for this add-in and have already purchased my own license with my own money.  This is an unsolicited opinion.

For me Tabs Studio does two things: organize my open content better and enables me to more quickly close/manage the open tabs.  Take a look at the before after of the same content open in VS:

Visual Studio 2008 tabs normal

In the before I have all the tabs open and can only close them one at a time (i.e., can’t selectively close a tab without first activating it).  Additionally, It is shown in order of opening.  I may have MainPage.xaml somewhere along the project, but not right next to the MainPage.xaml.cs file that I also need.  On a recent project I had about 15 files open at once and hunting to find the related ones was a nuisance when you needed to be fast.  Now look at the after:

Visual Studio 2008 tabs with Tabs Studio

Same amount of tabs open, but the “related” ones are automatically grouped for me, and the bold shows which one is open.  Additionally I can selectively close the code file without first activating the tab (each tab in Tabs Studio has a close button like Firefox tabs implementation).  This is great.

What’s the best part?  It’s all XAML!  The Tabs Studio is a WPF control that you can customize to your liking by putting your own styles in the settings pane using BasedOn styling:

Tabs Studio Settings dialog

Very cool  So far this little add-in is helping me just a tad more productive and it stays out of my way!

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution By license.

8/6/2009 3:47 PM | # re: TabStudio add-in for Visual Studio
Hey Tim!!

That's an awesome little productivity add-in! one thing that's always annoyed me about VS, though i've come to live with it, is that you have to right-click on a tab to close it.

and the grouping seems phenomenal too..definitely going to give this a go that's for sure!

thanks for letting us plebs know about it - awesome content as always, but i guess that's just the way you roll :)
8/6/2009 3:53 PM | # re: TabStudio add-in for Visual Studio
Did you know you can click your mouse wheel to close a tab where it is without activiating it?
8/6/2009 3:59 PM | # re: TabStudio add-in for Visual Studio
Philip -- you just blew my mind.
8/6/2009 4:34 PM | # re: TabStudio add-in for Visual Studio
That tip works on VS 2008 also. Looks like an pretty cool add-in.
8/6/2009 10:00 PM | # re: TabStudio add-in for Visual Studio
Apparently, it works on IE 8 as well (the middle click to close a tab). Who knew?

8/7/2009 6:21 AM | # re: TabStudio add-in for Visual Studio
This looks awesome, but when I try to install it, it says I need VS 2005/8/10 to install it. But I DO have VS 2005/8 installed. I wrote to the author for assistance, but has anyone else run across this? Any solution?
8/8/2009 3:13 AM | # re: TabStudio add-in for Visual Studio
the middle mouse click and "close all other tabs" were THE productivity fature in the feather weight category for VS 2008. :) but i dig the addin it looks pretty cool, coupling the xaml + xaml.cs together is really an improvement(in aspx as well)
8/13/2009 9:17 AM | # re: TabStudio add-in for Visual Studio
I liked it. And closing tabs using the mouse wheel was a nice surprise. Thanks.
12/15/2009 9:28 AM | # re: TabStudio add-in for Visual Studio
Things like this are precisely why I love Visual Studios. I can't believe how far things have advanced since when I started coding in Notepad. :) Great find, I am adding it in now. This should be a decent productivity gain for me. Thanks again.
2/19/2010 5:29 AM | # re: TabStudio add-in for Visual Studio
Did any one mention the little addins you can get as well, one alphabeticaaly sorts your Tabs , so even with lots open there is some logic to where the one you're looking for is

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