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I’ve been doing a lot of asking and listening lately…to you, the Silverlight developers!  I’ve received a lot of positive feedback and “thank you for asking” comments and it has been real encouraging.  If you haven’t seen some of them, here’s some of my recent inquiries:

    If you have thoughts on these, please share them at the links above.  We’ve also been capturing ways of looking for feature suggestions.  One experiment has been using a ‘wisdom of crowds’ type approach.  Previously Joe Stegman (group director for the Silverlight runtime) had spelunked the forum questions, blogs, etc.  Check out what he has to say (emphasis mine) about a recent effort to collect some suggestion feedback:

Tim Heuer and Scott Barnes have established a more community focused way of tracking Silverlight 4 feature requests.  You can find their feature tracker here: Silverlight Feedback Forum.   Other than a few items that our outside our control (iPhone, bundling), you're likely to see at least a few of the top items in the next version of Silverlight. source: Joe Stegman.

Hmm…some hints to the future?! :-)

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