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I’m a little late to the game posting information about it, but there is a plethora of Silverlight stuff to do this week in the Seattle/Redmond area this week.  Sleepless in Seattle…definitely not – Silverlight in Seattle baby!

Allow me to interpret Adam’s vector goods…

  • 14 Sep (tonight!): Jesse Liberty is presenting at the .NET DA user group meeting on .NET RIA Services.
  • 15 Sep: Nerd Dinner!!!  Just a casual gathering of people who speak in acronyms and like food.  Bellevue Crossroads food court (awesome choices for anyone).
  • 16 Sep: I’ll be presenting (thanks to David for the invite!) to the Seattle Interact group on styling/templating interfaces for Silverlight as well as some on behaviors.
  • 17 Sep: Seattle Firestarter event.  ScottGu and friends.  I’ll be doing my best to demonstrate some of the key scenarios for Silverlight and hope to inspire your thoughts.

With the exception of tonight, I’ll be at each of these events and am looking forward to spending the week in sunny Seattle with you folks.  Be sure to stop by and introduce yourself!

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