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Mithun just posted that the videos are now available online from the Silverlight Firestarter Seattle event.  You can view the videos here in WMV form, but I also took a quick stab at putting them together in a playlist using the Silverlight Expression Encoder templates.  Here they are:

You can click the little icon in the upper right to see the playlist option and to navigate. 

NOTE: The offline mode doesn’t seem to work and likely because I didn’t populate the playlist option with the sizes of the videos, sorry about that, but just wanted to put these together conveniently and quickly.

It was a great time and I was sad I didn’t have time to stay for the QA panel for participation.  Thanks for all of you attending in person at this and the other Seattle area events…as well as those who attended online!

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution By license.

9/29/2009 5:58 PM | # re: Silverlight Firestarter Seattle videos online
Nifty idea Tim! Unfortunately the video 6101_str.wmv "could not be opened." :-(
Can't wait to try out your out of browser video playback app!
9/29/2009 6:33 PM | # re: Silverlight Firestarter Seattle videos online
Dave -- the offline/OOB won't work on these because I didn't put enough information in the playlist. I just wanted to organize them better in one place. Yes, you'll get errors if you try the offline feature. This template I used, however, does support it if you put the appropriate information in it. It is one of the Expression Encoder 3 templates which has all the features you could want.
9/30/2009 12:42 AM | # re: Silverlight Firestarter Seattle videos online
but it doesn't work too when you play it without using playlist !!! please tim, repair it !!!! Is there a way to download the wmv files?.
9/30/2009 1:55 AM | # re: Silverlight Firestarter Seattle videos online
Tim, please make these available for downloading.
9/30/2009 4:02 AM | # re: Silverlight Firestarter Seattle videos online
The problem with this video is that the code in the Tim's demo is unreadable, making the the talk a little bit more difficult to follow, I am not sure that a downloadedable version would fix that.

Given the number of examples, I think it may be difficult to put together a code download package, but if you have managed to make a code download available then please let us know.

Any plans to upgrade AdventureOps to SL3/Blend3?

9/30/2009 8:26 AM | # re: Silverlight Firestarter Seattle videos online
Miguel/David -- the links to the videos directly are at here (per Mithun's blog) http://www.msdnevents.com/firestarter/. I just tried to put them all in one player for you guys.

Luddite -- yeah, we (presenters) should have remembered to really bump up the font levels. I know that they didn't record in the highest quality, but I'm glad that the organizers of the event decided to make them available. Most of the stuff I showed at least is available on my blog or on silverlight.net. Re: AdvOps -- I am planning on rebooting that app soon.
9/30/2009 9:26 AM | # re: Silverlight Firestarter Seattle videos online
Can we atleast put out good quality videos? Silverlight VC1? Come on!
9/30/2009 9:47 AM | # re: Silverlight Firestarter Seattle videos online
I don't get to download them. If a I try it I get a 186 bytes wmv file that connects using mms protocol with the online videos but I can not download the full ones. I share the same opinion that the quality is not very good and when code or for example Expression Blend is displayed it is very complicated to distinguish the text/fonts.I remember that the videos for the first Silverlight FireStarter they had very good quality.
10/4/2009 9:06 PM | # re: Silverlight Firestarter Seattle videos online
All videos from http://www.msdnevents.com/firestarter/ if we download, it will be in KBs! If we run.. it will stream from servr. Can we download the full videos from somewhere? I want to share it with team!
10/5/2009 9:44 AM | # re: Silverlight Firestarter Seattle videos online
Pooran - i think they are putting them up on Channel 9 soon is what I'm told.

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