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Most of you who are Microsoft developers probably are aware of Channel 9 and have benefited both from the deep technical screencasts to the behind-the-scenes interviews that the team has provided with such luminaries as Anders Hejlsberg, Scott Guthrie, Bill Gates, etc. 

Tina Summerford and the C9 crew produced what I feel is one of (dare I say number one?) the best Channel 9 pieces of content yet (besides the ScottGu intro video for MIX09).  Today they present to you The Visual Studio Documentary in two parts (with full detailed interviews to be posted later).  You can view Part One and Part Two today.  I suggest you take a moment and gather the other geeks in your company, find a conference room and watch them.  Insights from Anders, ScottGu, Tony Goodhew, JasonZ about the history of what we know now as Visual Studio and the .NET Framework…and the bumps along the way.

You also get to hear about the other “Ruby” project, and how the team struggled from bundling a bunch of different products to creating an integrated development environment and platform – oh and learn what ScottGu does over his holiday breaks too.

It is well produced, has some very interesting points I didn’t know about myself.  I really enjoyed this one and hope you take a moment to enjoy it as well.

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9/30/2009 12:35 AM | # re: Visual Studio – A documentary
I've already watched part 1 and it is great stuff. Some parts made me laugh, but most of the time looking back like this can really teach us a thing or two.
10/1/2009 3:23 AM | # re: Visual Studio – A documentary
need some codes
10/1/2009 3:37 AM | # re: Visual Studio – A documentary
I will watch it now. and hope it will be great :)
10/23/2009 3:28 AM | # re: Visual Studio – A documentary
please help me
7/6/2011 7:07 AM | # re: Visual Studio – A documentary

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