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Just a quick shout-out to congratulate the latest Silverlight MVPs to the program.  The Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) program is a recognition program that is in place to recognize and reward those individuals who have been identified by individuals (peers, Microsoft staff, etc.) as experts in their technology field and global contributors to the technology. 

Microsoft MVP logo

As of today (01 OCT 2009) we welcome some new folks to the Silverlight group:

All of these folks are great participants in the Silverlight ecosystem and I congratulate them for their efforts.  Be sure to check out all the Silverlight MVPs and subscribe to their blogs!  Thanks to all of you for helping make a great developer ecosystem!

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10/1/2009 11:57 AM | # re: Congratulations to Q3 NEW Silverlight MVPs
Sincere congratulations to each of you, and thanks for raising everyone's boat with your personal contributions.
10/1/2009 12:03 PM | # re: Congratulations to Q3 NEW Silverlight MVPs
Nice to see Rick the Jedi on that list. Congrats all!
10/1/2009 1:12 PM | # re: Congratulations to Q3 NEW Silverlight MVPs
If you want to push to help @ambrosesbeard get his MVP, please sign this petition:
10/3/2009 12:02 AM | # re: Congratulations to Q3 NEW Silverlight MVPs
congratulations to all new MVPs u guys were doing gr8 job best of in future i pray for me i will become Also MVP i apply to MVP i am teach Silverlight in pakistan ,Runing my blog usamawahabkhan.blogspot.com give corporate trainings
plz u guyz tell how i can become MVP
thank you Love you all
10/5/2009 3:00 PM | # re: Congratulations to Q3 NEW Silverlight MVPs
Very well deserved! Congrats.
10/22/2011 12:28 AM | # re: Congratulations to Q3 NEW Silverlight MVPs
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7/20/2012 7:43 AM | # re: Congratulations to Q3 NEW Silverlight MVPs
yeah me too. i want to congratulate to Q3 NEW Silverlight MVPs. Now I am looking forward for another mvp announcement. fiber optics

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